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The Raptors outlasted the NBA’s best regular-season team to earn their first NBA Finals appearance and validate the…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsCongrats Toronto!!!Kawhi’s Corner - unbelievable. Cannot get over that one. He has a 25-16-7 right now BTW.Oh my God Kawhi over Giannis as Marv screams “FACIAL!” ... that would have been the greatest moment in Raptors hist… Middleton gets going this is a wrap. Freak isn’t a good enough shot maker to save this by himself.Milwaukee’s halfcourt offense for about an hour fans must feel the same way about Ibaka’s crazy Game 7 last round that I feel about Jeff Green’s last 2 ECF games in 2018.Signs of life from Bledsoe! Good God!!!!! desperation 3 by Middleton to bump lead from 5 to 8. Bucks have had a couple of those in this game... Raps ne…’s halfcourt offense has been spectacularly bad 2Q and 3Q. I can’t believe they’re up 5. And that’s cuz of… was an unequivocal train wreck tonight but that 3 to make it 49-44 = absolutely massive. Freak’s FT shooti… is the best definitely-moving screen guy in the league but Siakam is way up there. If they’ve stopped call…’s crazy that Bud didn’t plan on playing Giannis 44 mins in this game. Take him out top of the 2Q/4Q that’s it. I… fact that Bledsoe is +5 right now tells you how stupid plus/minus is. Bud just benched him. He can only count on 7 guys in this game.Just gonna tweet on this thread. Bledsoe is unplayable in my opinion. His defense isn’t worth how bad his offense is.Perfect 1Q for Milwaukee — took the crowd out, Middleton made 2 threes, Brogdon/Hill/Ilyasova went 7-8, no non-Kawh…’s 3 missed threes definitely shook the crowd. I like Connaughton in this game. He won’t be scared. He’s my wildcard guy tonight.Not sure who looks more nervous — Bledsoe or Giannis. Slight edge to Giannis so far. Tough look so far.I’m genuinely excited for this game. Would say.... 55% chance Toronto blowout. 15% chance Toronto wins 20% chance…
At the 1:52:40 mark of the latest BS Podcast, David Epstein explains the concept of the Marshmellow Test and it tur…’s @JonathanTjarks on Milwaukee adjustments heading into Game 6. I think Bud should strip down to 7 in Game 6… watching the talking head shows all morning waiting for... “The Bucks were never the same after Aaron Rodgers… 9-year gap for LeBron between his best 2 playoff seasons is jaw-dropping. 2009 was tainted by the Orlando loss… bad — 3.4 APG for Kawhi. This is a pretty fun list though: 12+ playoff games, 27 PPG, 8 RPG, 50% FG, 25+ PER (a…’s 2019 postseason is climbing the ladder historically. Offensively it’s up there with any playoff run by a… these the last announcing days of Marv Albert? @bryancurtis looks back at the career of the legendary announcer:
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsNew NBA Desktop co-starring our new friend Emmy BS Podcast!!!!!! KD in Finals limbo, All-NBA arguments, Bucks-Raps and favorite crazy summer trades w/…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsGame 5 was an all-around Kawhi game. He dominated offensively, defensively and showcased his playmaking ability.
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsKemba Walker has been named to the All-NBA third team and is eligible for a supermax worth $221.3 million over five…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsHey @JalenRose do you think Bucks-Raptors is turning into the ultimate “Open For a Reason” series?
New BS Podcast!!!!!! KD in Finals limbo, All-NBA arguments, Bucks-Raps and favorite crazy summer trades w/… kept our promises, we gave you the Seven Kingdoms. But just like #Daenerys our reign has come to an end. Join…
Retweeted by Bill Simmons.@AEWrestling is days away from its massive inaugural PPV, #DoubleOrNothing. If you're still wondering what the hel…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsMy shakiest All-NBA vote was Mitchell - but they make you pick 6 guards. Candidates for 6th spot: Mitchell, Lowry,… couldn’t vote for LeBron as discussed on multiple BS Podcasts. I think he’s the 2nd greatest player of all time… I thought Embiid and Jokic were both spectacular this season and this was a fair way to reward both of them. Jo… voted Jokic 3rd for MVP — Embiid didn’t make the top-5. I interpret MVP as “most valuable to their team” — Joki… teams get announced today. Here were my votes: 1st: Embiid (C), Freak, PG, Curry, Harden 2nd: Jokic (C), K… was the wildest highlight from Magic Johnson’s appearance on ‘First Take’? @BillSimmons and @ryenarussillo dis…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsThe Rewatchables 1999: ‘The Insider’ — me, @ChrisRyan77 and @SeanFennessey break down one of our favorite Michael M… Kimbrel had 7 blown saves on May 22nd we’d be freaking the F out.You may know @davidchang as a chef, but his show goes beyond just food. He talks to @robertasmithnyt about the simi…
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LET US KNOW @SDinwiddie_25 🌶️🖥️
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsMy bad — this is coming TOMORROW at noon. 24 hours away on @ringer. Long Offseason is upon you, New York Giants fans
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsThrone Game: the final episode with me and @ryenarussillo ... I’m gonna miss the 1300’s so much. BS Podcast w/ @ryenarussillo —What’s happening to the Bucks? —The re-lovable Warriors + their amazing 5-year r…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsNew BS Podcast w/ @ryenarussillo —What’s happening to the Bucks? —The re-lovable Warriors + their amazing 5-year r… went to the NBA combine.
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Pretty sure Kobe was the last guy to play 4K mins in a season. 2008: 3192 reg season, 863 playoffs ... 4,055 total… case I fall into an open sewer between now than then (it could happen!): Next week I start as a staff writer at…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsYeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh making 5 straight Finals in the West is pretty special. Going 5-0 without KD was ridiculous. I’m ju… Looney is genuinely good.#Daenerys has some thoughts ... #GameOfThrones
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsThe Emmy Award for Outstanding Long Sports Documentary goes to @HBO's Momentum Generation @MomGenFilm. #SportsEmmys
Retweeted by Bill Simmons guys!!
Here’s me and @TheCousinSal playing Throne Game for the final GOT episode. We’ll do one more of these with… Warriors’ Original Big Three Still Has No Equal by @JonathanTjarks via @ringerBill Hader, Sarah Goldberg, and Alec Berg walked me through the making of the second season of BARRY.
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsLast summer after LeBron agreed and Paul George fell through — Magic signed Lance, Rondo, KCP and Javale, let Lopez…’s hard to believe that Magic, while running other businesses and being “in and out” of running the Lakers, could… actually said on First Take that this Lakers job was a big commitment and he even gave up going to the movies… BS Podcast w/ @TheCousinSal —NBA Round 3 Overreactions —Where is this GSW/KD saga heading? —Brooks was here /…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsNew BS Podcast w/ @TheCousinSal —NBA Round 3 Overreactions —Where is this GSW/KD saga heading? —Brooks was here /… beloved direwolf and gambling odds are the series finale winners as chosen by your Mother of Dragons,…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsI liked some parts of the finale! However, I felt rather differently about one key development.
Retweeted by Bill Simmons"Uncle? Please sit." —#SansaStark #GameOfThrones
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsThanks to our #talkthethrones crew for making @ringer proud since 2016 and especially this season (our best one). A… on Fairway Rollin’ today to discuss Brooks Was Here and the PGA Title with @HousefromDC ... the BS Pod w/…𝗔𝗹𝗹 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘄𝘀 𝗺𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗱𝗶𝗲. #GameofThrones is officially over but #TalkTheThrones continues! Join @ChrisRyan77,…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsYOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME DOUBLE OT I WANT TO WATCH THRONES SOMEONE END THIS IM NOT LOOKING AT TWITTER BYEIT'S HERE. The final episode of #GameofThrones is upon us. Immediately following tonight's episode, join…
Retweeted by Bill Simmonswrote about Brooksy (and MEN IN BLACK II!)
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My whole family loves “All American” - it’s streaming on Netflix right now and exceedingly binge-able. Pieces of Fr…“Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back!” —@Money23Green #JohnWick #StrengthInNumbers
Retweeted by Bill Simmons Warriors are 5-0 in the playoffs when Swedish Larry plays at least 5 minutes. He’s already played 8 tonight.… is the Draymond from the 25-game winning streak 3 years ago... just incredible. Didn’t think he could get to this level anymore.
My John Wick power rankings 1. Wick 2 2. Wick 3 3. Wick ***There are no losers on this list — everyone’s a winnerThe Rewatchables: John Wick 2 w/ me, @SeanFennessey @ChrisRyan77 - With a Pencil: a 6-Epis… say albums are dying, but @Beats1’s @zanelowe disagrees. Listen to his full conversation with @BillSimmons
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsPeople say albums are dying, but @Beats1’s @zanelowe disagrees. Listen to his full conversation with @BillSimmons
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“What the fuck is a Pelican?” slayed me. This is excellent. @netw3rk and @MalloryRubin explore what role #BranStark will have if there is no Iron Throne for someone to…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsIt’s a Game of Thrones extravaganza from @ringer heading toward Sunday night... Links to our latest pieces:… piece about the Pride of Baltimore @MalloryRubin aka the Mother of Ringer Dragons aka one of my favorite people! Episode 2 of #ToughChef with @CharlesOakley34 ... the menu includes: 🍽 Grilled lamb chops 🍽 Skinny on NBA car… BS PODCAST —2019 Zion hype vs 2003 LeBron hype, what if Zion asked for a trade, fake NBA trades + PGA title stu…
Retweeted by Bill SimmonsOh - Zane and I made guesses for the final episode of Game of Thrones and defended the storytelling for Dani’s powe… BS PODCAST —2019 Zion hype vs 2003 LeBron hype, what if Zion asked for a trade, fake NBA trades + PGA title stu… a delightful Warriors/Blazers game. I’m so happy for Seth Curry - that dude paid his dues.
Oh boy here we go the Jets are dumb! many NBA franchises would cause the parent of a #1 pick to say, “You accept the things that you can't change an…