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Juan Uribe's Cup @Billywires logicville in the Chicagoish

I once saw a man take a bite out of a used urinal cake. Dedicated to solving Ivan Calderon's murder! Bedazzler, competition dancer, and washed Dad/ #108ing

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@kdgg09 @MrDelicious13 @soxmachine_josh Washington slop hogs @SouthsideZo The rest of his natural life he will be reminded of this more than once a day if she decides to keep him @KenWo4LiFe @KingMac1129 Fully agree here @MrDelicious13 @kdgg09 He hates children , old people and puppies @ChiSoxAnthony27 Love itMy commute home is better than yours’s a song for you… Fever To The Form by Nick Mulvey @realDonaldTrump @achitownfan A+ @RegionRat14 @bearstown19 Snelius every morning covid-19 causes one less #Whitesox game @MrDelicious13 @ChiSoxStokes @RegionRat14 Bullets, and corn fed milkers , aggressive Friday morning Brandon @SoxGarden @BenDiehl4 @ChiSoxHaze Stealth peen @ChiSoxStokes @RegionRat14 @MrDelicious13 Holy shit @JRFegan Today is going to be a good day, James your attention to detail is why I subscribe to @TheAthleticCHI @steelergirl97 @tom_paints Yeah they are phenomenal @JRFegan Pants on or no? @MailmanJack65 Tossed prison salad! @tom_paints I'm going to be really honest with you. I can't @ChiSoxHaze Subtweets get no candy room in your backdoor for the arrival of what we're going to give you. #prayersupforthebackdoor @ChiSoxHaze @Wet_Bandit_ @MrDelicious13 @BarberSox @SenorSox @BillVickers8 You are on your fucking game today Sir @bearstown19 @MrDelicious13 is how we're going to start this working day fam Here’s a song for you… A Change Is Gonna Come by Los Coast @ChiSoxStokes @RegionRat14 @MrDelicious13 @ChiSoxHaze @Wet_Bandit_ @MrDelicious13 @BarberSox @SenorSox @BillVickers8 You saw the struggles I had with my tech… @MrDelicious13 @bearstown19 @Thunderdunk53 @MrDelicious13 @bearstown19 @BarberSox @realDonaldTrump This is what your presidency has looked like
@moderndaygrswld @BarberSox @ChiSoxHaze @kdgg09 @SoxUnprotected And sex appeal ? @moderndaygrswld @BarberSox @ChiSoxHaze @kdgg09 @SoxUnprotected I'm intriguedWow @ChiSox17 I'm going to go out to the garage and turn on my truck and sit in it for a while now until I erase America @moderndaygrswld @BarberSox @SoxUnprotected @ChiSoxHaze @kdgg09 I wonder if she flips the strap forward when she go… @SportsByRick @SoxUnprotected @BarberSox @ChiSoxHaze @kdgg09 Whole family is looking at me right now as I'm laughing like a fat hippo @_AlohaMrHand @ChiSoxHaze I've seen @BarberSox and @SenorSox dick @_AlohaMrHand @ChiSoxHaze Will the team mascot be an anteater? @ChiSoxHaze @_AlohaMrHand I'm interested, go on @BarberSox @SoxUnprotected @ChiSoxHaze @kdgg09 Sure make fun of crocs all you want @BarberSox , meanwhile thousands… will always remember me because Alex Snelius never made it home! #inmemoryofUrsula @ballerlibrarian It's the most whitesox on brand possibility @Kevbo_ @NickShepkowski They could be too busy to see this out on their front lawn with their sidearms doing freedom @BarberSox @ChiSoxHaze @kdgg09 @SoxUnprotected Actually I prefer reef sandals over anyting, don't tell @SoxUnprotected @Tigresa_de1910 @BarberSox @ChiSoxStokes @TheBennettK This is a fair question @Wet_Bandit_ @MrDelicious13 @kdgg09 @Aussiesoxfan @Wet_Bandit_ @MrDelicious13 @kdgg09 @Aussiesoxfan @LiamMenus Up in your nostrils too @Tigresa_de1810 @LGio27 Good find @r_chartrand22 Very special day @thisdanstevens @SoxUnprotected @LiamMenus @thisdanstevens @SoxUnprotected Sure fucking have @thisdanstevens @SoxUnprotected Yesssssss @ChiSoxHaze I do not have the mental fortitude or capacity to maneuver two accounts @SoxUnprotected I Appreciate Where this is going, like Gonzos nose later @SoxUnprotected I can't wait for the "Big Green Slop Hog" episode @ChiSoxHaze Pork butt for the win @FutureMoncada @ChiSoxHaze Stay out of my bedroom then Sir @SoxUnprotected @ChicagoBeerSnob @ChiSoxHaze Pieces of* I CANNOT FORM LEGITIMATE SENTENCES @SoxUnprotected @ChicagoBeerSnob @ChiSoxHaze It's one of the most iconic piece art in the western hemisphere.… @ChiSoxHaze You will take my political rants and like it @ChicagoBeerSnob @ChiSoxHaze @ChiSoxHaze @ChiSoxHaze @ChiSoxHaze GO fuck yourself @Billywires @TheBennettK @Southpaw I thought I had already answered this question?...
Retweeted by Juan Uribe's Cup @Southpaw @TheBennettK Can we talk measurements now or have I gone too far? @TheBennettK @Southpaw I've been pushing for this for three years it's an incredible day in history @TheBennettK @Southpaw 100000% @Southpaw @TheBennettK My BFFToday history is made we made it happen! @stevestone against the virus will be job 1 for all the major league teams as they deal with up to 60 players for a…
Retweeted by Juan Uribe's Cup @TheBennettK @Southpaw A+ @TheBennettK @Southpaw reveals it's sex Herm Schneider reveals Fupa is long carried unborn fetus White Sox build 1/… @fromthe108 @SouthsideZo I'm queuing this up tonight @HawksJake1 Feels like we're on the verge of another very big shit show @BigCelio I don't think Barr meddling last week was a coincidence at all more interesting when you think what Trump and Barr did a week ago re SDNY and failed to get the exact outcome…
Retweeted by Juan Uribe's CupThis could be fun @BryanJFischer You're completely taking this out of context and forcing your own narrative into what they're trying… @SouthsideZo He really was a thingThis is the epitome of Evangelical Christian love! He's a Christian radio host for Focal Point "America family radi… @ChicagoBeerSnob @BarberSox @ChicagoBeerSnob @BarberSox @SoxGarden Somewhere @SoxUnprotected heart breaksUnderrated tweet
@MikeMoodie13 Hate those fucks @DiscoDemolished @fromthe108 @Wet_Bandit_ @rowena42 Hahahaha @ChiSoxStokes @ChiSox158 @BenChiTownKid98 @Billywires Me opening Twitter at the precise moment @Billywires tweets.
Retweeted by Juan Uribe's Cup @rowena42 My sincerest apologies friend