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Juan Uribe's Cup @Billywires logicville in the Chicagoish

I once saw a man take a bite out of a used urinal cake. Dedicated to solving Ivan Calderon's murder! Bedazzler, competition dancer, and washed Dad/ #108ing

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@HWMNBN1988 It's the best kind @HWMNBN1988 My wife is a 6-month pregnant nurse in PEDS E.R, I'm a supervising electrician at a large Chicago traum… @HWMNBN1988 Also your hate support is greatly appreciated @HWMNBN1988 Evangelicals are the anchor weighing down our democratic societyMe looking over the day deciding who to offend. South Korea is first country to report more #coronavirus recoveries (4,811) than active cases (4,523). South K…
Retweeted by Juan Uribe's Cup @MailmanJack65 Well playedThis is how you do it. @sam_mendelson @MailmanJack65 We will rope in wet weather supplies of you need them, just call @Mickeys_Liver7 We've got Fritzie on the line to talk about a night of passive racism, misogyny, and black athletes who should stand @MailmanJack65 Stay warm and unwetIf Covid-19 had a face. this were any other country every American news channel would be using this video to argue that we should overth…
Retweeted by Juan Uribe's Cup @sam_mendelson Maybe I'll drop this on the gram tonight @sam_mendelson Oh man you're going to be disappointed my friend. That side is fairly tame. @LiamMenus Well played @pkells21 @CoveysBurner @fromthe108 @LiamMenus Now show us your peen @CoveysBurner @fromthe108 @CoveysBurner @fromthe108 Playful * fml @deadfewl @GasMoneyBob Heading to my closest to dust off the Taylor @deadfewl @GasMoneyBob Agreed @FlipFlopsnBrews @GasMoneyBob @deadfewl @CoveysBurner @fromthe108 Team Travis motherfucker, I like tall, sexy playing, and someone who shares their mind openly @GasMoneyBob @deadfewl anteater pizza is the greatest pizza @GasMoneyBob @deadfewl So like an uncircumcised penis then?American imbecile @RepThomasMassie @StuDoesAmerica You're an irresponsible and heartless imbecile @chrislhayes ending, happy birthday to you son. Lovely family. @moderndaygrswld Atta boy#sexcada on the team @richardmarx I'm balding Richard so this is a welcome affectIf you only knew Paula! If you only knew! 🚪🚪🚪 @KRamos25 @MrDelicious13 You magnificent little mammal, you look healthy and mischievous. This is a good sign but… @KRamos25 @MrDelicious13 This is more of an anxiety builder than a comforting reaffirmation. Right now he could be…
@drinovsz Incredible song writing @Mickeys_Liver7 @MrDelicious13 Trunk...hahaha @SoxofWhite @drinovsz Fuck me in the ass because I love jesus @SoxofWhite Whatever @chorizy Treme for a series or gfy @nickdambrosio56 @Whitesoxgirl202 @ChiSoxHaze @chorizy 1. Forest Gump 2. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind 3.The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou 4. O Brother Wh… @MySoxSummer 1977 for life Homie @papamoon92 @aliwhitesox I saw tiger
Retweeted by Juan Uribe's Cup @KenWo4LiFe Same @aliwhitesox And premium underwear @SoxofWhite @MySoxSummer @buehrlecat With older brother of rose bowl northwestern RB and Arizona cardinals Damien Anderson @SoxofWhite @MySoxSummer @buehrlecat I didn't expect the next 30 years either @MySoxSummer @SoxofWhite @buehrlecat A freshman Cup @MySoxSummer @buehrlecat @SoxofWhite In Santa Monica @MySoxSummer @buehrlecat @SoxofWhite I will buy you a new life @MySoxSummer @buehrlecat @SoxofWhite Father of mine @SoxofWhite Not much of a personality but pretty low maintenance @SoxofWhite This was me in high school Jeff @aliwhitesox Strap it down for a ride that forces you to look at the very worst of our DNA us access to your back door, give us joy.
Retweeted by Juan Uribe's Cup @ChiSoxHaze Now go fuck yourself @ChiSoxHaze The friendly atheistAlso for new followers realize this is me being sarcasticFucking liberals man @Tigresa_de1810 @Whitesoxgirl202 @ChiSquatch @BarberSox @LodiDodi17 @MrDelicious13 Thank you my friend, also you're a tough mama @Tigresa_de1810 @Jason1Goff @vonmar10 @TorchysBar @AndrewYang 2008 banksLet us get into the place where everything comes out Paula, open the back door!"[Trump is] so attentive to the scientific literature & the details & the data. I think his ability to analyze & in…
Retweeted by Juan Uribe's Cup @atrupar Credibility instantly lost @RecoveringProf Prayers up for meth and big cats @RecoveringProf I appreciate you friend, incredibleI'd like to apologize publicly to @jlynn43xo , I was out of line with an aggressive reply yesterday morning that hu… @AJEarley4 @soxmachine_josh Consider it done @gotcha_images @gtconway3d Well this is it game over, best assessment to date. Wow! @kcox343 He's a thinkerI've contracted wind mill cancer. #TrumpMadness @kqskqs @fromthe108 @aliwhitesox Thank you @Mickeys_Liver7 I realize I’m 48 years old, but there’s this guy on Tik Tok who will stan for you fam. He’s always trending,…
Retweeted by Juan Uribe's Cup @OHeirican_Dream Mustache game is fireNow do Biff next @BigSexxy_75 @MrDelicious13 @chorizy @MySoxSummer @_AlohaMrHand @RicoJR16 @SumerOfGeorge @SouthsideZo How'd I miss this @Krich1119 @MichaelGRubin @Fanatics @MLB @Phillies Wow @tlines2 @Weave1036 @ithrow88 Love! @ChiSoxHaze @emm528 @FutureMoncada @ChiSquatch @BenChiTownKid98 @MattKlug33 @BarberSox @SoxUnprotected @zsoxwood @jimmybanta But man you can take a Rig like a 21st century sprained anus @kdgg09 @Wet_Bandit_ @Wet_Bandit_ @whitesox Ya pulled it off! I saw spatula......and spatula saw man. @SoxofWhite @BigSexxy_75 Look at how small that ball looks in your hands, that's not going to make our peens look big Jeff @jimmybanta But that Rig garage though @jimmybanta I'm not sure Dickens would have been a fan of Trump @sheamom68 Jesus loves youMight be time to shut her down for the night. More shit coming at me than Joe Exotics face on a Friday night sittin… @guimond94 @Brasilmagic Valid point I understand @MSM_Madness I don't think Paula would call someone a dumb ass. #BeBest please