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Bilmuri @BilmuriTweets Columbus, OH

Dethcore/ambient/post-jazz/hard rock band from the UNITED STATES OF 🇺🇲 Created by @Johnny_Franck 🦀 with @BoketoMedia Booking:

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Don't miss out on these @BilmuriTweets vinyl records! Two albums in one double-sided,12" press... What more could y…
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@lauruuhhh_ Sorry dude :( corona has slowed everything down a bunch. It will get there, as of right now they are saying 6-8 weeks.
@TonyVelella Go for it!
@A_fucking_R @OLNband @iamblackbear You can use Bilmuri! Also, let your other streamer friends know :)
@koopahermit @Bostoncore_ What a cool way to found out about a band haha @Bostoncore_ @BoketoMedia Actually it’s not from boketo, if you email me at johnnyfranckmusic at gmail dot com I will take care of it haha @Bostoncore_ Really? Contact @BoketoMedia they will get it sorted! P @SHOONSMIND It’s beautiful!
@joshbestill I appreciate you too. Your kindness helped me to see the critique of my post. Thank you for that. @joshbestill Yeah man that makes complete sense. I want you to know my eyes have been opened to the extent of polic… @joshbestill Yeah man. I knew no matter what I posted, there would be aspects of it that I didn’t get right. I felt…
Much love. Ur boi ❤️9. I do charity in private. I will never disclose about donating or anything like that. It doesn’t feel right to me… I will never speak out on social issues on this account again. I am not a thought leader. I make music about inn… brutality that I didn’t know the severity of. Im learning. 7. It hurts to see people “calling me out” becau… Talking about social issues with my business attached to it doesn’t sit right with me. It’s indirect capitalism… will be my only post: 1. It’s not time for my voice to be heard 2. This isn’t about me it’s about George. I do…
@garrettwade4202 Like I was thinking. You bout to tear up watching this right now?I just seriously got emotional as I watched two humans being shot into space on a reuseable rocket. Man that is incredible to watch. @Link42192 A powerful realization! @SpencerHartson Not offended at all my dude! Just explaining my point of view on it! @SpencerHartson It seems like you care more than I do! @SpencerHartson I didn’t say whether I cared or not @CradleMilf It’s a Portuguese version!
It seems like the world was in need of a shakeup and 2020 was the year it is happening. The future seems very scary at the moment. @cooliocaptin517 They def did not copy me lol @violetvalorieee @midnightkuiper @Stepdad_Central @KaiserKaese Thank you for understanding. @midnightkuiper @Stepdad_Central @KaiserKaese Thank you for understanding. @Stepdad_Central @KaiserKaese Thank you for understanding.
@lavenderbaylive Haha it’s tru!I will be heavily copied. It’s already begun. @pair2wear WOOHOO! Thanks for listening man :)
@Egiiim hahahaha @ogflexecutive It's so obvious when people do it just to make themselves feel better.There are few things that piss me off as much as people using big words to try and sound smart. FUUUUUUUCK. @uknwoownku Spotify makes that one!
Just copped these BEAUTS today! @tree_rot Just bought these bad bois today! the greates shirt ever made! stains on your Nike air monarchs. @xSambo716x They are getting shipped to the distribution place TODAY! @willdolan728 I was thinking the same but honestly I’m not gonna throw tracks on unless they deserve it @The_Honestyy @tilianpearson Thank you sir!I will probably release EGGY POCKET a bit later into the year this year. I feel like my favorite bands are releas…
During our live show I’m gonna wear shorts and a shirt sometimes.Rustle.Sometimes you gotta just rustle you’re friends up. Just gotta rustle em up. That word fucking rules. Rustle.This tweet is brought to you by a dude who really wants to meet you all and play music for y’all but there’s a fuck…
Guys I’m warning you the second brands start knocking on my door, I AM GETTING FUCKIN PAID aight? This tweet was… love that we all bought into the idea of wearing clothing with a certain name on it makes you more valuable than… @thepunkrockmba @LeftOnRed2 *writes the fully grown man in his late 20s*During quarantine I power washed my gravel driveway. It looks exactly the same.
Pop punk from 2011-2016: 🎶🗣 women bad 🗣🎶Was wondering why the new @BilmuriTweets merch looked like a post from r/the_pack so I went there and lo and behold
Retweeted by BilmuriDuring quarantine I learned to run with a pack of raccoons. They have accepted me into their family and we spend ev… tryna slam shitty beers in front of a campfire. Cause I’m fuckin down.
During quarantine I learned how to eat an entire sausage without chewing. @dtreeves we will have them soon!Whose the best person you know?Night water > Morning WaterWhat is a video on YouTube you watch a couple times a year cause it remains funny for you?WHAT PART OF LIVE LAUGH LOVE DONT YOU UNDERSTAND MFER?! Purchase at @GalaxyGodMatt Me too! @_lord_8th Exactly! @erikbrattset 🌟We should start callin hampsters hamps. @DiveBombDom Thanks man! @Dshaddows13 Hahaha powerful! @erikbrattset ❤️ @tony_pesina2 Thank you man! @vandyman04 Acceptable!
@Aquasundown haha now's your chance! @au_st1n haha I didn't make it so 0 minutes! Jarrod made it! @SSR_John haha thank you sir! Right. Here. Is the best fucking shirt design. It came to me in a dream. I knew it had to happen. Greatness… people’s only personality trait is based on politics. I just ain’t gonna spend time with ya.Rain is nice because is doesn’t make you feel bad for not going outside. @passenger37 Thank you man!I give good life advice.
@TrashdaddyAlura I always try to name it something dope while I’m writing it haha @TrashdaddyAlura I would say about 50 percent of the time that happens. @Kidding_Coopa Nailed it!Please use my talents I beg you! @KonsolenKonsuln Um cause I litterally have bro.THIS THREAD is for you to post your New Years tweets below so we can all laugh about how niave we were!Releasing one of my favorite Bilmuri shirts of all time tomorrow. I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!!Tracking vocals for EGGY POCKET first week of June!Smash like if you had an LG chocolate. @seanmatthewx @mattie_rogers 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️Smash like if you used t9 word 😤
HAD A BLAST makin this jam! weights is the only thing holding me up from being super depressed. Thanks lifting weights. Ur nice!Keep your ear to the ground. Actually don’t, the ground is pretty gross sometimes.Hahahaha wtf is this!!!! @dustin_baribeau @Johnny_Franck Oh heck yes dude! Thanks for listening! @djbazinet0614 Same bruh.
@ashleymacc_ Please do! @coleafranco bruh it's invaluable at this point. I love it! @LoganLavo Can you link me?