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✨nathan✨ @bIoodtear f(x) • shinee • bts

23 • he/him • ojibwe • canada • fish farmer/artist • alt art acc @freshyoungbIood

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real mad lmao as iffffWe need to have a conversation about how, Native fans will make threads and tell people the early signs of appropri…
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨everyone: NATHAN SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE * COME @jisudoII UM TRUE LSMSKSBZ im a shit disturber @eIijahcore Chief Dances Like The Wind @leyifag LMMFMOSAJJSJS @broken_dawg im unalive @jisudoII im so sorry to link this eye..... @jisudoII OH-' OH NOOOOOOhow could u forget jimin come on KEEPS CALLING HER JANET LITTLE FEATHER IM LOSING MY MIND LMMMFOAJSJDKD forget mc mong..... thats my indian boy PFOTBDJA @SBnb21 cute :0 iont even think i have any circle shaped lenses!! these ones are my favourite :B @SBnb21 i wish they were bigger and more even, the glass was damaged when i bought it but i didnt care LOL novelty glasses are my weakness
@baashkaapi HELL YEAH I WOULD @SBnb21 just proving once again im a reptilian and always will be @junqtw_Ieo I WAS THINKING IT PFFFFTTJLASJSFD I WAS LIKE OMG NEW GIRL VIBES BWAHAHAHAHHAHA @junqtw_Ieo omgggg a baby!!!!!!! @yoonglossd iont even have a nice pinned yet just a psa that i moved 😭YESSSS I WIN for an account rating 🛸 layout: ☆☆☆☆☆ user: ☆☆☆☆☆ bio: ☆☆☆☆☆ pinned: ☆☆☆☆☆
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨fuck dem kids suhyun fancam 😋
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨ @nunaraq MY BRAIN POWER OFF THE CHARTS TODAYgonna lose my mind @bIoodtear came up with "sungo" which is suhyun + mango combined 😭
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨true amber runs everywhere at any given moment @dartbreath @dartbreath LOL NANI LAMODDNKS @dartbreath nathans unalive:/ @dartbreath nathans dieded:/i bought these stupid fucking glasses LMFOAJDJDKA i die iont want nobody logging into my account to tell my followers, omfg.... getting a hit tweet outta my death… tried so hard on my assignment last night, was up til ass oclock in the morning, submitted it, and got a 56% in my eyes
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨reminder 😃 please stop telling ppl you won’t fb if their pronouns aren’t visible... they could b trans or r nby 😃 esp cis ppl Please Stop
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨k right before i tweeted this i realized i wrote jeans instead of genes TFFFF LMMAOOOu ever see a pic of ur cousin and they look good so u get the urge to fight them.... tf u hogging the good genes for bitch SHARE anything out of this thread please listen to in the fog i love it so much!!!!!!!!!!! anyone listen to mitsume??? god i love them so much... i found them like 6 or 7 years ago... the vibes are off the charts...
🐮✨it costs $0 to rt my art! ✨🐮 i’m a queer, full-time college student paying for school, please consider supportin…
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨F UUUUUU SKJDJDJAJSHAHAHAHA are settlers who don’t give a fuck about bipoc and are ugly so idk what you’re trying to accomplish by this tw…
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨My friend was like the 2nd person to order from my shopify and got hers in the mail today😭😭😭
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨f i s h
and imagine getting ratioed this hard and trying to convince everybody that you dont care when u clearly care soooo much PFFFFFFTin all honesty... this sounds like she read an amazing 70k slowburn fic and got salty bc she's paid thousands of do… my dad told me he would help w whats left of my tuition n then jus,,, never did or told me about i…
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨ @fIwrjoon my mom is 44 :0 we're like 20 years apart @swanbutblack fanks im watchin his videos rn :Bi need a better skincare routine but iont even know anything abt skincare ERMmy bad i didnt realize my url was typed wrong sdhjsdjsedited!! hello since i have new followers lately everybody go check my carrd, byf info is important and my tw lis… @zeroksjin you can add them below the table and i'll organize them myself, too, i check it often enough :0 @junqtw_Ieo I HEARD HER SCRATCHING THE WALL IT WAS GROSS @JustWannaFreeFx i was so shocked i didnt even laugh i just gaspedthats a new onelike bartholomewmy cousin just called me natholomewim just all paranoid smackin my legs thinking smth is crawling on me but its just my leg hairthe situation was handled tho spider so i was almost asleep but i heard scuttling in my closet. i get up n look in the corner n find a BIG AS… had perch for dinner btw 🤩 i love perch whewi told my sister to send me a video of her.... shes absolutely vibing @reveluvdreams IM CRYING AGAINNNNNNNN NOOOOOOOOOMY GRANDMA VISTED MARBZ IM SOOOOOO SAD BROs-- @reveluvdreams my sister told me she waits by the door for me to come home BUT I NEVER COME HOME WHAT IF SHE THINKS… @allanngorartoq IM GONNA PAINT MARBLES SPOTS TMO WHAHDHDKSKMY GRANDMA BOUGHT ME A CAT CUP BC I MISS MARBZ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🦋weekly donation raffle🦋 this week we are donating to JL castillo's gofundme ✨ send your donations to…
Retweeted by ✨nathan✨
SHE KNEW I NEEDED IT @allanngorartoq got 2% smarter luv dat @eIijahcore "cigarettes cause bladder cancer" but basically yes omfgmy mom said this is her meal of the day 😭 @CHERRHlBOMB me after my dog tweet @gfrwrld ever cute bwahaha :'> @CHERRHlBOMB PPPFFFFFF WHATS HIS PROBLEM being my highest match made perfect sense i admit 😭 i guess in a more introspective sense i feel like patrick… my what a mess i kinda dig my singing then i think Hm but what if im actually a good singer? so then i record my singing… @yoonglossd episode 2 is up!! :^)okey!! so!! episode 2 of trickster!! who wants to watch it with me in abt a half hour!!only some of my tweets are sending this is bullshitWAIT DID I BREAK FREE LIKE THIS IF U CAN SEE IT
@keebIerelf wow that tweet was butchered @keebIerelf i commissioned an artists n went to bed n when i woke up i looked at my email to see if she send the in… @keebIerelf i paid somebody in my sleep once 😐 @triviafall im confused as to why youre shitting on a charity that helps indigenous people? elaborate on that, mayb… @Kueez1 if someone made a big mess all over the table just to spite a server they deserve a fuckin slap!💕 who the f…