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read carrd byf, my tweets r weird

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@anticristul_ do u wsnt me to draw u roaches @EmmaMartinezCr1 white people be doing the worst things known to manthis reminds me of that one serial killer that mummified girls bodies, i can't remember his name grandma is so colorist n prejudice like girl how u gon hate me bc my skin colour different wth!26 🪳there r 26drawing roaches for oomf @Therapistkiller it has happened to me for a while and 90% of the time i try 2 read write watch something etc it happens it is annoyingthink it migjt be nystagmus mayb, i have an appt with the optometrist soon so ill tell my doctor i keep forgettingsometimes when i try to focus on things or just randomly when im looking at something my eyes shake and i cant control it, 🤔🤔🤔hmm @Therapistkiller understandable, i assure u it is HORRIBLE @Therapistkiller it is so ugly @urmom46820098 i will make sure 2 do thisthis us how yall on light mode be seeing my pf? this shit is so ugly like this @sojudreaming light mode sucks @CH0K30NMY910CKK agreedif u use light mode i hope ur straw has a hole/slit so when u try to drink something u cant suck it up that well.what the hell tjis is so ugly phone in light mode rn🙁 @anticristul_ agreed i have some that r comfy which im happy abt but my sensory issues b KILLIN me w jeans frim fine w jeans tho i think theyre ok on the plane i hav a flight in 2 weeks and i will b wearing jeans fr @CH0K30NMY910CKK @lunasgf_ LMFAOOOOim not allowed to wear anything else 😕 @lunasgf_ lgbtwriting a love letter 💌 @RDNK23 @Therapistkiller ... @flagoomp WILL ISNT 17 @flagoomp ANDHAHAIAKWJC STOP @goawaymadlen 😟😟😟 @goawaymadlen me @goawaymadlen babe❤️either u text me like this or u dont love me @goawaymadlen i love u worse❤️ @goawaymadlen mwah baelook❤️ @bIoodybabe i’ll write about my love for u
Retweeted by ❥lex @goawaymadlen ok❤️❤️❤️ @goawaymadlen anything u want bae @goawaymadlen we r penpals🤞❤️ @goawaymadlen OMGGGG AW YEAH @goawaymadlen hey hi 👀 @PissSlutt 👀 ok bff🙏🙏i would like to write some1 a love letter @only444u WOOO YEAHGH @yiggy45726740 u 2 bffgirls r so hot @Therapistkiller 🙁🙁 u right"I watch TVD for the plot" the plot :
Retweeted by ❥lex @kiwilovesyoux god i felt PAIN when i saw this I NEED YHEM AGAIN I MISS THEM @Therapistkiller 👀 @Therapistkiller LMFAOOOOO I CANNOT DO THAT I AM UNDER AGE ass is NOT fat idk who lied to me and told me it was @CarterHeenok @pegalexzia u aint rockin wit da last text⁉️⁉️ @ih8may yes. @ih8may i see that @gays0up agreed AGREED IT MAKES IT WORSE BC MINE MAKE FIN OF ME FOR ITHDHSJD @pixIaffection @gays0up OH MY GOD @only444u yes @sixfootsiren i heard that its very gamey and has a similar texture of fish or shrimp i think shrimp probably
2021 @saIukls 10 10.5 @zerocalsgiven ok ok fine @Therapistkiller i would assume so @LynnxV2 tired hru jim afab (assigned fag at birth) @Deitriq heyyy bae hey asf @yoRhoshy have a bonerim not mean but.. @Therapistkiller does it taste bad @zerocalsgiven yes i did @zerocalsgiven i rarely say crisps but i call all of them chips💔baking a cake 4 my dad bc today is his birthday :3 @flagoomp @ChancTheHokage 😭 @sixfootsiren i think u dont feel anything and then feel sad for a day or 2 and then feel no remorse idk @tuesdxys i am proud ily :) @1120908k YEAHHHH OMGOGMGLGMG @1120908k OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG kira is so cool im talking 2 him abt anime boys i simp, i love bonding w them fr, i love him sm @1120908k sexiest sofa everme and oomf talking abt anime boys 2gether @1120908k WAIT I HAVE THESE MEME IN MY PHONE AND IDK HOW IT GOT THERE BUT I FOUND IT A COUPLE DAYS AGO AND SBDHSKWJ… @1120908k this deserves a rt @bIoodybabe morinozuka.... ❤️____❤️
Retweeted by ❥lexi will NOT download yubo.all i do is tweet abt girls and boobs @1120908k SOMETHING IS A LITTLW FISHY HERE??? but yes i am also a mori senpai simpshe asked me 2 move in next to heri want to write her a love letteri miss her so bad i want her so badi want her to hold me in her boobs and tell me i am ok @1120908k UES like he is adorable but 😕😧!!?????? @1120908k GKSIKA GOD the whole host club could WHEW, except honey im not into the loli shota thing 😟 @1120908k i am inlove with the twins. @sojudreaming THIS IS NOT FUNNY STFU @tuesdxys STOP IT @tuesdxys @MagicEightBal fck u!!!! @tuesdxys d1e @MagicEightBal @tuesdxys unlike this