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Bryan ISD Career and Technical Education

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9th graders at BHS touring CTE programs @BryanISDSup @BryanISD
Hammond Oliver EMT students learning real life skills
Sneak peak of @RudderHS_BISD new cosmotolgy lab @BryanISD @rudder_ag @BISD_CTE @herbertoneiljr @jazzae99
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CTE teachers accessing student data to prepare instruction
Proud to have VATAT Administrator of the year-Area 3 our one and only @BennieMayes
Retweeted by BISD CTEToday Wilsey competed at the junior fed beef challenge and was named the reserve champion. She won a total of $3,50…
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Thank you to @bswhealth CS for letting @HOliver_Social tour your facility! @LaneBuban @BennieMayes @BISD_CTE
Retweeted by BISD CTELots of smiling faces volunteering at the blood drive today! @BISD_CTE
Retweeted by BISD CTEFilming their pilot episodes of "Rudder Talks"! #rhsavp @BISD_CTE
Retweeted by BISD CTEMrs. Noyes' Hospitality classes outstanding work on their restaurant projects this week! @BISD_CTE @bhsnorseman
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I can't wait to see these shirts around school! Lots of students donating today!! #commitforlife
Retweeted by BISD CTEHad a great November meeting tonight. Even left some surprises for some of our wonderful BHS Staff! #BryanFFA
Retweeted by BISD CTEBlood drive sign-ups are rocking!! Have you reserved your spot yet? Tomorrow is the last day! @bhsnorseman
Retweeted by BISD CTE @HOliver_Social in @bswhealth microbiology lab viewing staph culture. @LaneBuban @BennieMayes @BISD_CTE @BryanISD
Retweeted by BISD CTESeniors tour Scott and White Medical Center Pharmacy @BISD_CTE @LaneBuban @RudderHS_BISD
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HO seniors visit Baylor Scott and White College Station Medical Center. @BISD_CTE @LaneBuban @RudderHS_BISD
Retweeted by BISD CTEThanks BHS culinary for serving at the Grand opening of the BISD performing Arts Center @BryanISD
Hammond Oliver students dissecting sheep hearts at the Health Science Museum @BryanISD
Erin Benedict with her 3D digestive system model. Carmeans vet med class @RudderHS_BISD @BISD_CTE @BryanISD
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Big TY to @BryanFD EMS Chief Matthews for equipment donated to @HOliver_Social EMT-B program. @BISD_CTE @LaneBuban
Retweeted by BISD CTE48 students volunteered over 165 hours to the Baylor Scott & White NICU Reunion this weekend! Great job!! @BISD_CTE
Retweeted by BISD CTEThe deadline for turning in entry forms and entry fees for San Antonio and Houston Livestock Show is November 11th (Friday).
Retweeted by BISD CTE#SkillsUSA district 7 fall leadership! #rhsavp #rhsanimation @BISD_CTE
Retweeted by BISD CTEWhy Investing In Apprenticeship Makes Good Dollars And Sense via @forbes
Retweeted by BISD CTESTEM Education is Critical to a Vibrant Manufacturing Future via @IndustryWeek
Retweeted by BISD CTEChef Becerra's class working in the kitchen preparing chicken stock. @BISD_CTE @BryanISD @timothyrocka @bhsnorseman
Retweeted by BISD CTEWhy #careerteched? 81% of dropouts say that more real-world learning may have influenced them to stay in school.
Retweeted by BISD CTEProud of all these kids for competing in FFA LDEs. Now to wait for results!! #BryanFFA
Retweeted by BISD CTERen Fest for AV Tournament of Champions! #rhsavp @BISD_CTE
Retweeted by BISD CTEMore from Chef Beccera's Culinary 2 class. @BryanISD @BISD_CTE @timothyrocka @bhsnorseman @ManSchulzBHS
Retweeted by BISD CTEMrs. Kerr's Principles of Business/Marketing class receiving BISD grant to start a school store. @BryanISD
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@BennieMayes @BISD_CTE
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Thx @BryanFD & @BryanPolice for #1 keeping us safe #2 teaching our 8th graders great lessons at the BV Youth2Career…
Retweeted by BISD CTEThx @KBTXWeather for showing our 8th graders your cool weather vehicle today! @KBTXNews @SFA_bisd @Rayburn_BISD
Retweeted by BISD CTEBryan ISD 8th graders learned valuable info about college & career possibilities at the BV Youth 2 Career Fair toda…
Retweeted by BISD CTECareer fair fun with these gals. #jlmscounselors
Retweeted by BISD CTE8th grade career fair at the EXPO center. @BryanISD
Retweeted by BISD CTEMoving on up! Round 2 here she comes! @LaneBuban @timothyrocka
Retweeted by BISD CTEAccepting Alternatives: Career and Technical Education Should Be Embraced via @harvardpolitics
Retweeted by BISD CTEShe did it again! Round 3 up next! @LaneBuban @timothyrocka @sydney_morgan00
Retweeted by BISD CTEShe's bringing home Reserved Champion Natural Resource! Way to make #BryanFFA proud! @LaneBuban @timothyrocka
Retweeted by BISD CTE8th graders receiving Career info today at Expo for Youth to Career Fair. @BryanISD
Way to go Wilsey! Reserve Champion with her pen of heifers at Brazos County!! 🎉
Retweeted by BISD CTECareer presentations continued today with Ms. Martinez, PTA from Traditions Home Health. The students are learning…
Retweeted by BISD CTEPeople with sheep and goats remember about validations tomorrow!
Retweeted by BISD CTEWilsey did great at the sale tonight! Way to make #BryanFFA proud! @LaneBuban @bhsnorseman
Retweeted by BISD CTE @hoanatomy Check us out!
Retweeted by BISD CTEFormer HO student Cindy Barron from @CHIStJoseph spoke to our juniors about nursing pathways and working in the cat…
Retweeted by BISD CTERudder FFA members bringing home $96,600 in sales & $2,500 in scholarships. A HUGE congratulations to these members…
Retweeted by BISD CTEMrs. Besa is doing a great job emphasizing procedures w/ her @BISD_CTE students. @LaneBuban @WallisBthe1
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CANDLES ARE IN! Pick up in Knox's room 1116 TODAY: after school until 6pm. Spread the word!
Retweeted by BISD CTEStudents are reviewing for their bone practical tomorrow. "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.…
Retweeted by BISD CTECheck out the awesome setup for our #HOHS adv comm mtg! Thanks to #BHS Culinary for our lovely meal. @LaneBuban
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Another photo student earning @lionsclubs award @StevoGonzalez I am proud of this young man. @LaneBuban @bhsnorseman
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@BennieMayes @BISD_CTE @RudderHS_BISD #rltw #rudderffa
Retweeted by BISD CTEBeatrice Garcia from @CHIStJoseph is visiting with students about careers in hospital labs during Ms. Hodges' class…
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Congratulations Lauren Hillert on your 2nd place goat in class 5 at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. Good luck at…
Retweeted by BISD CTECongratulations Reagan Thurman on your Class winner at The State Fair of Texas in Dallas! Good luck in the sale of…
Retweeted by BISD CTECongrats to Rylie Philipello for not only making sale with her Market Swine but also making it with her 2nd place s…
Retweeted by BISD CTELauren 1st place individual ($750) scholarship ). Reagan 6th high. Cierra 8th high @ Heart o Texas Livestock Judgin…
Retweeted by BISD CTE @rudder_ag @BennieMayes @BISD_CTE
Retweeted by BISD CTEWe are set up & ready to compete at the State Fair of Texas Agri-Science fair! Good luck to our three girls!…
Retweeted by BISD CTECongrats to Katherine & Olivia Fazzino first place in both their divisions. On to the final round w/ chances for sc…
Retweeted by BISD CTERudder FFA brought home two division winners and two $1000 scholarships! Good day @ the State Fair.
Retweeted by BISD CTE @BennieMayes @BISD_CTE
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CTE teachers getting into spirit day at BHS. @BryanISD @LaneBuban
Ms Schuler's shop class working hard today. @BISD_CTE @WallisBthe1 @bhsnorseman @BryanISD
Retweeted by BISD CTEArea colleges see record dual-credit enrollments via @newsjournal
Retweeted by BISD CTE#BryanFFA had a great meeting and pumpkin carving contest! @LaneBuban
Retweeted by BISD CTEOSHA certificate #2 from Joel Coppernoll! Way to go!! @BISD_CTE
Retweeted by BISD CTECongrats to Tre Mathis for being the first student to complete his online OSHA training!! #safetyfirst @BISD_CTE
Retweeted by BISD CTERudder Ag students hard at work learning Skills.
Ms Love teaching skills in our new EMT program @BryanISD
Rylie and Will Philipello with their game faces on!
Retweeted by BISD CTERudder FFA is well represented today at Washington County Fair!!
Retweeted by BISD CTEThe Bryan High Bistro Team. @WallisBthe1 #teamwork #GreatCooks #RockSolid
Retweeted by BISD CTEFirst meal served in the new #BryanHighBistro @WallisBthe1 #delicious #GreatFajitas #ThankYou!
Retweeted by BISD CTEChampion simbrah steer at Washington County Fair exhibited by Rylie Philipello!
Retweeted by BISD CTEHannah Greensage exhibiting at Washington County Fair!
Retweeted by BISD CTELove that we are offering an EMT class at Hammond Oliver! Talk about authentic engagement! @WallisBthe1 @BISD_CTE
Retweeted by BISD CTEAt the new #BryanHighBistro, you can expect great food served by friendly faces. @WallisBthe1 @LaneBuban #RockSolid
Retweeted by BISD CTEDelicious fajitas. Thanks to the student chefs for a great meal!
Retweeted by BISD CTEProud that BISD CTE is part of these discussions @BryanISD @Wallis_BeTheONE
Judging BHS FFA Salsa contest
Excellence is only achieved with support from the top. Thank you @BISD_CTE @Wallis_BeTheONE @timothyrocka
Retweeted by BISD CTELike father like daughter @astrojack @BISD_CTE #rocksolid #rhsavp
Retweeted by BISD CTEThe BHS Bistro is Ready - Are you ready to try a meal in this state of the art #Bistro? #RockSolid #cooking #food
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CTE Excellence Award to the Rudder Ag department. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #beyourbest #rocksolid
Retweeted by BISD CTECareer/Technical Education in Bryan ISD is going gangbusters prepping students for careers @BISD_CTE #RockSolid
Retweeted by BISD CTE @BISD_CTE planning for the new year! We are #RockSolid @LaneBuban @BennieMayes @BryanISD
Retweeted by BISD CTECongratulations to @RudderHS_BISD Riley Webb, Casey Carmeans and Larry White who won the CTE Excellence Award.
Retweeted by BISD CTE @timothyrocka encouraging @BISD_CTE for 2016-17. We are #RockSolid in CTE! @LaneBuban @BennieMayes #camouflage
Retweeted by BISD CTE @Wallis_BeTheONE @CoachWCompton @lisamperky @Coach_Montalvo @SwishMom313
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@rudder_ag Cooking hotdogs for our guys rock @BennieMayes @Wallis_BeTheONE @RudderHS_BISD
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