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karl marx failed fo consider pee pee poo poo
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @patrickklepek I want this on a print all over shirt @melissagira It's funny they made a graphic about government adherence to a policy rather than any observable outco…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @smugladies I had a period after I saw Cloverfield where I got really obsessed with unexplained sounds and signals like the bloopIt's not that I'm opposed to polyamoury on principle it's just that: 1) I don't have enough experience with relatio… went thru my okc likes (yes I bought a list for a month like a damn fool on a particularly lonely night) and r… most beautiful thing is the world is watching vic's lawyers leak the goddamn depos on their livestream WITHOUT…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @Ice_Cream_Jones Ur so fucking valid sis @CBTJalter Ears count! The ears count!I glow pink in the night in my room mfkin Sadu respecting hours @chirithee Pinnacle of the seriesToxic viewer; "hOw mUch toO lET mE sEE yOUr fEEt". Me;
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamLike all jokes aside I would litterely beat the brakes off you
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @truongasm Unlimited. There are some features that aren't available to trial accounts to help cut down bot spam though.When ur nonbinary lesbian
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @quadspawning Size of my ass @hideous_pizza Oh THAT kind of picturesAnd a new RoV collar pin set! So difficult to take a nice photo of these girls, I'll try again later I think…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamMaybe my favorite way to wear my hair now, do I have the deal for you, for only 50k gil a bottle, I am selling some Girl Adventurer Bath Water, for a…
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@ostolero Oh right tbh I just got used to the monocle when I was leveling in this gear @ostolero @ostolero Shire perceptor's hat maybe? I imagine you've looked at it already @ostolero No hat or maybe a different hatNice @DangOlWill Clearly you are the prime Will @mattgcn Wow🎶✨💖♀️Wendy Carlos♀️💖✨🎶
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamYou can only RT this today nerds
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamI thought this was a like "my husband laying his head down on the desk out of exhaustion" joke but like that's an u… u r a hot Latina customs officer 👮🏼‍♀️
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamBernie making the case for Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign in 1988, using the same theory of political change…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamOn one side: the expert, the scholar, the intellectual on the oth'r side: the gamer, the foot lover, Society's outc…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @patrickklepek This is the worst thing I've ever seen @beetledrinks International @Pizza_Suplex It's palm oil"I don't have a racist bone in my body — and I'll prove it with these calipers."
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamThat's not very epicEpic deleting free games from your account if you uninstall them because "they're not tied to your account" while d…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @beetledrinks Like the bojack introAsexual Ezra Koenig moodboard and it's just the lyrics to Oxford comma edited down to "why would you . . . fuck"New NH poll: Marianne Williamson ahead of Booker, Gabbard, Gillibrand, Inslee, and O'Rourke.
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamStrolling around very confidently only to find out later that my fly was down the whole time..Because I couldWhy did I do this are not ableist, but Amazon is. Take a look at how they handle disabilities:
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamWho stocked this shit? MF Doom?
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamListen to @memorizecast. You have 420 minutes. Fail, and face erasure. ~Luxord
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam令和に0083歌うニナ・パープルトン最高過ぎんか??? #京都ジオン祭
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamWow, a sad day for democracy.
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamListen we like to have fun here but it's a stone cold fact that ATP is incredibly visceral and that these special c… President and CEO at Goodwill defended her decision to pull paychecks from disabled workers: "It really was n…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamthis one instagram post is proof wealth just fucks your brain up completely
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @hideous_pizza Epic @Ice_Cream_Jones @nataliewatson Legends onlyI guess I'm doing this now @PalantirTech has tried to distinguish its work with ICE from deportations. But internal emails prove ICE ag…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamIf you are still working at Palantir, look at yourself in the mirror this morning and ask yourself: Do you want to…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamToday we shall eat at breakfastHungiesWHAT IS THIS AD I'M SCREAMING
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamIt's been like two dang yearsI wanna play mysterium!And in the dead of summer, don't even get me started.Cold comfort is still comfort if you need it bad enough.Getting zombies songs stuck in my head again. Idk why it's always them.So, this is a notoriously anti gay priest. In front of like 50,000 people. In São Paulo. This person is a hero.
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @ostolero I have only ever used steam link for local multi-player and single player stuff. I even played like the l… what you will, #IceBae is gonna rock the hell out of her Nuremberg trial fit 💅
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamI saw the food chain episode of adventure time for the first time and I was just like wow this has a very mind game… @hideous_pizza Hell ya broThis is the last one until I move I swearBack on my bullshit of devising more wall shelves @ostolero The finer thingsHere's a clip from my performance of Waiting On A Ghost at @kexp. I definitely almost cried lol WATCH THE FULL PERF…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @diefugger I can't believe I put over 200 hrs into that game and didn't even fucking know nomura had anything to do with it.fuckin there ain't enough umihara kawase merch fangamer get on itTrue gamers squat to shit*crosses the picket line for this*
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamdo you know what a fursona is, brendan it's like if you were an animal but also yourself it's like an art thing or…
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Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam:(
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamAs we celebrate Prime Day, don’t forget the ultimate sacrifice that was made.
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam125,000 rapes are reported in the US each year. And in 49 out of every 50 cases, the alleged assailant goes free, o…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam @boocanan I listened to it for the first time like a month ago and idk I've never thought lemon demon in general wo…’m terrified at the existence of these mysterious jinjo videos. they’re uploaded in separate years by different u…
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriam'm still gonna post pics on social media though because I need validationI think I'm never gonna use an AR filter again.Evan jelly inTfw u don't know if ur gf is alive or a ghost until u see them feethey speaking of yas remember how he drew this
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Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamI guess cafe yumm finally changed the name of their "secret Asian man" salad to "ginger miso" so I can actually order it nowBiden’s 2020 strategy is shaping up to be “cynically lie to old people, repeatedly, using rightwing talking points”
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamare you FUCKING kidding me
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamAlcaida
Retweeted by xion genesis evenlauriamHappy Prime Day everyone!!!
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