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15 | Part time simp full time comedian | #RideTheMob | @harrybutaverage is my biggest fan | Leader of #DuckGang

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@ELPWSwastaken @fvckwill @endeylol @Gokinoo You gonna need some practice if u canโ€™t even kill jazzyko ๐Ÿ’€ @KingEmail0 @Gokinoo Emil u punched ur wall cause you died to twitter user bisonpog @fvckwill @endeylol @ELPWSwastaken @Gokinoo Fuck you im going to bed @Gokinoo No Iโ€™m saying that Iโ€™m so smart and know we DONT got a chance @Gokinoo Call me Albert Einstein thenDoin some research
Retweeted by Bisonim scared
Retweeted by Bison @AlexK1_ shut up childMy make a wish finally came true
.@KingEmail0 You good?????/ (dont mind the spotify ad LOL) wannabe vs chaselyons mod
Retweeted by Bison @100TJackiee Endeybbe like, Byezon @endeylol @BigFnDawg00 CAUSE HE CARRIED @BigFnDawg00 @endeylol u bought a girl a pc and she didnt even message u back @JoeyPrivateJew bro im so sorry in advance for my game LMFAOOOO @JoeyTheSuperJew @JhbTeam SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP @endeylol @ELPWSwastaken @notchaselyons sounds good @endeylol @ELPWSwastaken @notchaselyons u 2 hopping on for scrims? @MoH4_hhh @CrypticNo u are 36ill pay for someone to write this essay @sockshoptweets @Attqcks go back to retweeting, retweet robert @harrybutprivate trying not to get first rounded in the tourny @Attqcks HELLO???? @fvckwill Ratio'd by mcchicken
Retweeted by Bison @fvckwill Ratio'd by mcchicken
@BigFnDawg00 The writing in The Last of Us Part 2 is fucking DOGSHIT. They completely ruined the entire franchise oโ€ฆ @BigFnDawg00 is this because of last of us 2, bro it was months ago get over it ๐Ÿ˜‚ @jordaaaayx @OnTheFlyTwitch wtf man @BigFnDawg00 @LyonsClips LESSSGOOO JON @cyphersimp @Boy1drr ok. ๐Ÿ™‚ @cyphersimp @Boy1drr I CAN MAKE THAT HAPPENYou open discord and see this, wyd? @Pro_SakaiTama ratio'd by dota 2
Retweeted by Bison @Pro_SakaiTama ratio'd by dota 2
@BWAMatt @Pro_SakaiTama @xLambo_ @OnTheFlyTwitch PLS DONT SAY THAT IM ON HIS TEAM @xLambo_ @Pro_SakaiTama @OnTheFlyTwitch dont listen to him, he plays dota @BWAMatt @OnTheFlyTwitch bro that dude getting first rounded ez @HarryButAverage When you didnt stream @BWAMatt @OnTheFlyTwitch thx for quitting to watch me win๐Ÿ‘ @oFabz @OnTheFlyTwitch LETS GO NOT FIRST ROUNDED @Boy1drr the fuck is going on?
Retweeted by Bison @MoH4_hhh @fvckwill Ratiod by server muting moh @BigFnDawg00 @shivisdumb This you?
@MoH4_hhh Go to sleep man please
@GrahamaPriv DO IT DO IT DO IT @GrahamaPriv IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHWhen TikTok is getting banned in the US but you live in America @MoH4_hhh 177ms reaction but 0 (zero) hoes @Pro_SakaiTama idc come in discord
@Pro_SakaiTama @MoH4_hhh its rover can u not read @Blankzy_ @JakeSucky @Classify @JoeyTheSuperJew u seein this? @KyleTheGod_ @100TJackiee wtf man @BigFnDawg00 @shivisdumb ur kickedive been in call with @BisonPog for three hours and he says he wont go to sleep until he wins a game, im never goinโ€ฆ
Retweeted by Bison @Gokinoo NAME IT BISON PLS @fvckwill Ratio'd by milkshake
Retweeted by Bison @fvckwill Ratio'd by milkshake
@Gokinoo damn @Pro_SakaiTama u gonna get banned.@HarryButAverage 's inner conscience @Pro_SakaiTama Yo mama @harrybutprivate SAKAI SAID THIS HAPPENED TO HIM LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOUse Code "Average"
Motto motto likes you @HarryButAverage @itsKursed @Connugh @Pro_SakaiTama Dm @BigFnDawg00 ayo this mf tweeting about baseball @Pro_SakaiTama @Connugh bro im pretty sure "The Sun" knows how hot it is cause they are the one making it @Pro_SakaiTama @vysowiewie Arenโ€™t you the mf who listens to Hamilton all day
@HarryButAverage @Leafy I know your ass cut the vid mid kick cause you fell ๐Ÿ’€ @WaddlesPrivate Yesplaying minecraf minigames wif @100TJackiee and @BisonPog
Retweeted by BisonIM LIVE PLAYING GROUNDED WITH @BisonPog !!!
Retweeted by Bison @VeesAQueen @HarryButAverage nah its free when u buy the xbox gamepass for $1 on the microsoft store @HarryButAverage If ark and bugs life had a baby, why dont we? ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ @Pro_SakaiTama Pls never tweet again I beg of you @optiuh @itsWaddles_ LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Coma_boyy ARE YOU GOOD?
@xLambo_ @BigFnDawg00 Iโ€™m speechless.@BigFnDawg00 This you? THIS MF SPENT $300 ON THIS GAME (audio bugged for some reason) @oFabz @BigFnDawg00 nows ur chance
@Connugh @Pro_SakaiTama freestyle, i was forced to do it @SkreetMan @Pro_SakaiTama flyroh i dont associate with this man hes just on my team @Pro_SakaiTama i was paid to sing in this @Daymeeein Bro i literally just bought a $150 wireless headset last weekIโ€™m a top tier comedian, such as, so youโ€™re telling me a shrimp fried this rice? @DmJackiee
@BigFnDawg00 @Froste THIS MF PLAYING FIFA ๐Ÿ’€ @BigFnDawg00 @OnTheFlyTwitch @Gokinoo @Pro_SakaiTama Yes u will coach us to lose @Pro_SakaiTama @TheBozoClub FRIntroducing DUCK GANG! some of them have an interesting past... โžก๏ธ @Gokinoo @BisonPog @Pro_SakaiTama โฌ…๏ธ
Retweeted by BisonThereโ€™s 2 types of people in this world... really took the picture with this
@AbbyTheMS @BigFnDawg00 @oFabz damn thats a nice header i wonder who made it @BigFnDawg00 @Logic301 100 Gecs @dxukkaj Happy birthday nerd @OnTheFlyTwitch @AbbyTheMS @100TJackiee Twitter for Android? We know itโ€™s you tweeting waddles