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Fantastic fight. Well done to both men.This could be Fight of the night.Hard to enter an arena as the consensus underdog, against a guy that is riding a massive wave of momentum and perso… 5? Those are rookie numbers. question. To which I do not have the answer. out the @BYMPod great times catching up with @bisping
Retweeted by michaelIt's a Brand New #BelieveYouMe with @bisping and @TheMHarrington with special guest @kennyflorian on to discuss…
Retweeted by michaelJust posted a photo Holloway returns to action tomorrow night against Calvin Kattar, who wins? Oh and follow @mmabisping 👍🏻👊
Look what just showed up at my house! Thank you @ParadigmSports @NoelClarke @AshleyWalters82 @UnstoppableLtd @vertigofilmuk @skytv CongratsPlease retweet and share the fuck checks the page of every person that tweets. Even though I have 50 percent less vision, I am considera…
Just been informed this is a fake account!!! Thank god haha @bisping @BYMPod @kennyflorian @TheMHarrington @BMacKayIsRight @bisping if ur seeing this please retweet this if u…
Retweeted by michaelJust finished recording the @BYMPod with the great @kennyflorian and @TheMHarrington with @BMacKayIsRight at the he… the best @TerryStone @sportoffight a follow on here and Instagram please. are looking for 50 people aged between 19-25 who are unemployed in Merseyside to do a free customer service dipl…
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Mission MK001 space collection is now available! The first capsule launch features three different designs of NASA…
Retweeted by michaelWell done. Bloody well done. piece of elitist shit. Thinks he’s being smart with his answers but he just dug himself deeper. Well done… out bob! Give him my best mate. @bispingdoc coming soon! Back in the hot seat real soon. you think Kevin? of the Fighter: @bisping 🇬🇧 Now Streaming 🎬
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Won’t work haha. Good try but there’s no way to cheat. Very cool tech involved. people say I’m blind 😂 the Xmas secs are still up. My wife needs to get her affairs in order. have to pick up massive amounts of dogshit every time. And always outside the same house in the neighborhood. it easy. Get an Iwatch if you can. I just did and it makes running way more informative. Take it nice and easy… it’s not. I’m not putting my name to bullshit. It’s very real and legitimate. as hell. All the steroids he has to take. Eats like crazy, we both on a hard diet and exercise regimen haha this is gonna be huge. You get paid for being active. It measures activity through your smart device and pays… for @btsport today. @bisping @bisping please check this out it mean alot to me u rock
Retweeted by michaelGood luck mate. specifically told I am allowed to run with the way he did my knees. #builtdifferent to be running agains. Big thanks @myorthodoc and Dr Duke Hasson’s go!!! flow than most adults. training for Lucas, running for me. Thanks @Sanabul
We try and stay away from politics. absolutely riveting and none mma topic suggestions for the @BYMPod which we record shortly. Got anything?Thanks Lewis. Glad you liked it’t insult me by suggesting workouts before coffee, first “proper” Monday of the year. Happy new year all. Kids back at school, diet fully in check, workouts galor… sir! day for a walk with the dogs and to mentally reset. Kids are back to school tomorrow so my new year start… really is gonna be a game changer when it kicks in. You get paid for moving basically. The more you move, the…
Another fun night at my old office.
Sign this kid any Hollywood agent 😂 looked at the site. Some great designs. Might have to have a go it once I’ll say it again. @bisping vs Silva
Retweeted by michaelSorry to hear that. Wishing him all the best. posted a photo retweet and share.
Capitol Police arrested 180 disability activists for protesting efforts to repeal their healthcare, they arrested 1…
Retweeted by michaelHaha love you bro 😂😂😂 Stu's your 2021 prediction?
Retweeted by michaelIt’s a necessary move at this stage unfortunately. rocking 42bpm according to the machine here in the hospitalBest dressed man of the year 2020. About to go under again, wish me luck :) love whoever made this 😂😂😂 the man adam. Thank you brother and happy new year. Hope to catch up soon. was just brought to my attention. She’s holding a god damn onion in her hands and wiping her eyes with it. Som… for the best mate and happy new year! @Sanabul from one old man to another......I beg to differ 😂😬😬 @luisjgomez thinks he can beat @calpolkidSF in a boxing Match haha. Come on bro!!!!! With your 12 followers that will be massive haha. Good luck on your journey mate the cage warriors belt back in the day.
Is he actually retired? Anyone know? Good suggestion. I wanna clarify though. the @BYMPod shortly. Any topics you want us to discuss?What about those that are consistently wrong? watched this far too many times and laughed as hard every time @WonderboyMMA mate. I’m trying haha fair point mate 😂 little thing 😂😂😂 a look at all the people that stormed the building. happy new year my brother
Hmmmm not sure what to tell you. Just crack on as usual I think., just a really bad sense of style and you probably stink as well. never realized duck hunting apparel was so popular.Seriously question. What exactly are these protestors actually trying to achieve?Morning mate I don’t miss having numb feet at training due to a freezing cold mat. to hear you’re well big man. Happy new year and get well soon brother. gloves from @Sanabul have been my go to for many years. haha’d be broke in no time 😂 Fizzy pop with @luisjgomez on the @BYMPod yesterday. teach my dogs to Twerk. you liked it Ben. #QuittersNeverWin
Try and get the chicken shit to finally agree a date to your fight 😂