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Recording the @BYMPod shortly with special guest @SugaSeanMMA Any questions for him?You underestimate the amount of pain I’m willing to endure to satisfy my ego. is back, this time commentating a failed mountain bike ride.!!! Absolutely terrifying and incredibly beautiful at the same time. he could just be a dickhead protesting naked in front of children. Guess we’ll never know. I hear ya though, Monday evening. @FINALLEVEL Appropriate action Ice. Fuck em.making a fool of myself comes easy’t wait
Feel very sorry for bob. to not have another knee replacement.’ve been proven right time and time again! It wasn’t about your ancestry now was it? Collect the data! Package th…
Retweeted by michaelBest press conference moment in UFC history 😂 @bisping
Retweeted by michaelDavid Attenborough spotted lots of activity at my pool recently @cbdmd_usa hyper popular 1500mg CBD Gummies are back by popular demand. Originally introduced as a limited time onl… Mayra Ramirez became the first American COVID-19 survivor to receive a double-lung transplant — and she…
Retweeted by michaelPretty strong alban.’ll be making an appearance in a few weeks :) and ends with the Raid for me.
Reminds me of my youth episode is available at the link in my bio. We discuss Brunson vs Shabazyan, Colby vs Woodley, Pauli Maligna… White Contender Series returns tonight on @espn+ at 8pm ET!
Retweeted by michaelThanks for the write up.'s a quick summary of what's happening in lebanon, why, and how you can help
Retweeted by michaelPlease retweet and share 👍🏻, retweet and share! Thank you. Hope you like it. Feedback always welcome...... go easy 🤦‍♂️ blows....... at rhyming.
2300 miles an hour! forward to seeing the dentist back at it. finished another @BYMPod released tonight on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes and where ever you get your podcast. 9pm… safe. Wear a mask. Maintain a safe social distance. And have a great workout with us at UFC GYM UK!…
Retweeted by michaelI already have 2. One half blind (like me) and one very idiotic, also like me. this doesn’t make you smile then you are in fact a miserable bastard. the @BYMPod shortly. Any topics you want covering?Shame on rob 😂 Hope you’re well Simon’s newest hot prospect out of Dubai @mounirlazzez who had a tremendous debut against Abdul Razak Alhassan sent m…
2020 but sound call from herb dean. Brunson was just gonna punish him big time. No need for a young prospect to take unnecessary damage.Huge second round for Brunson. Mixing things up nicely. Almost ko’d shabazyan at the end.Brunson taking his time, which is great to see as his all out first round style would cost him the fight sometimes,… I conceive, believe and achieve I think I’ll take him. @DRkneevil You’ll be back and as always I’ll be watching.Haha appreciate it alban Giles is well. Was looking forward to that one. Rest up my friend. glad you like it 👍🏻 seen it, but I’m Chris rock in this 😂😂😂 man, he’s proper. Hey congrats on a great win. Ramos is no joke and you made it look easy. Looking forward to…
Drinks on the house all night? Ok I accept. Thanks. he was proper mate. 😂 the movie? And yes I’m bored by the pool.’s happy now. Shahbazyan headlining a UFC event at 22 years old.. Me at 22 years old:
Retweeted by michaelCheers up you miserable bastard. What we all doing today?Listen to the latest episode of the Believe You Me podcast. Link in bio. Luis and I talk Fight Island with Jack He… @myorthodoc is the best in business. Thank you for the care of my family and I.’ll take a look season 2 coming soon. I guest star as the character Dolph for an episode. Thank you to all the people that… @SameeraKhan Preferred the pre wipe @AngieOverkill and @SugaRashadEvans killing it on the pre show. @MeganOlivi of course as always. Don’t steal my job… Guy ....Hi Mum
Retweeted by michael
Great success for the team behind the upcoming @BispingDoc Congrats fellas!’s what separates you and your team. @gmacallum down to the @rvcasport HQ today. He got a few rounds in with some of my old training partners. Here… @calpolkidSF sparring my old sparring partner one @EddieHearn is awesome. Editing team have played a blinder! 👏🏽
Retweeted by michaelScorchio a year ago. Congrats my brothers. @clayguida diegonightmaresanchezufc @sugarashadevans
This young black filmmaker got into Film school but can't afford it. All donations appreciated - The inaccessibilit…
Retweeted by michaelLet’s think about this? You took a test? You paid for the test? XYZ company used a large data base of your data & o…
Retweeted by michaelRecording the @BYMPod with special guest @jackthejokermma joining us for a bit. Any questions for jack, @luisjgomez or I?Ok, a lot of diet experts came out the woodwork with this tweet. Which I do appreciate, however, I’dont ctually fee… too hot to eat.... on a keto diet for a few weeks now. Haven’t been the strictest though. Anyway, lost almost 10 pounds but never… @gmacallum through some pad work. Been a while so we are both a little rusty. @sanabul
The girl was sat down you fucking bully., never heard that before. Still elsewhere you kick a ball with your foot hence “football” either way th… training earlier with my son @gmacallum Sorry cal, he said not to post 😂🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ news for 🇨🇦 MMA fans. This year's Dana White Contender Series will air on @TSN_Sports!
Retweeted by michaelHaha I know. Just having a laugh cool. there buddy right back at ya 😂 regardless of where the game is played, it’s still the same sport. Like with ou… football is cool, got no problem with it, Americans call it football, all good. But euro football? the hell is euro football? You mean the most popular sport in the world? Football/soccer?, watch subscribe and share the @BYMPod
Thanks David. recovery my friend. got moves be another great season is wonderful news 🐯🐯
Retweeted by michaelFind out on the show 😂’s a good one. Please retweet and share. We discuss till vs Whitaker, ufo’s, the fights, mma awards and more… to expand on that?