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Cute propaganda. In reality Bezos's mommy and daddy gave him $245,573 to stop Amazon from failing in 1995, but you'…
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶colonialism in palestine - thread
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@_jackhy Do it man we need more radical teachers (you might hate yourself for it but fuck it)I’m sorry that you as the shitty writer that you are not only fails to understand metaphors but on top of that also… ordered 💕’s funny the more I watch this the more obsessed I become because where are all the transphobes who say “BUT SCIE… Vaginacentrist the new way to say trans exclusive rad feminist???? @charlie_sci @alrightPET @sarahditum Maybe cos you both lack any depth @AshleyRaksu 🐍 oh my sixth sksksk @AshleyRaksu 😭🥴😍😘👅 very on brand for meWhere can I buy a really good set of roller skates 🥺 (UK based) @diegojorhey @pslweb NEEDD THATBritish socialism is a stained overall. I thank god for putting the organisers I know in my circle bc whewwwThe SWP is shameful stain on british socialism and has nothing to do with the PSL @__keyrah My nails have grown so nicely and strong. Hate the look of acrylics nowI have never had such an terrible experience with a bank till @BarclaysUKHelp how have you credited the funds I’m e… are ppl who share my identity whose politics I align w/. There are ppl who share my identity whose politics…
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶Open a faction in the UK pls I am pleading @pslwebHARRY POTTER AND THE how am I noticing people who have never once mentioned Black trans lives but really are upset…
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶 @Uwnayna You’re loud and wrongRose was the second last worst. DOCTOR DONNA COMBO >>> @louise__lit It’s actually facts I’m never playing again @iraqicalli @migrantsoul I haven’t read it I just wanted maryam to think she ruined it for me skskskمساء مملوء بالخير و النسمات الباردة على قلب العراق و أهله.
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶 @migrantsoul I just started this bookMy God. They are saying her name: #BreonnaTaylor
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶Americans: Cubans are dying of hunger! Their markets are never stocked! Actual Cuban markets:
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶 @FacundoXXII You’re a smart man 🤝This woman spoke truth about this UK. Nice that it’s coming from her so raw
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶 @Glamrou MIC DROPSarah. Thanks for saying I look like a mermaid. What a compliment! Though I'm not a man. What you saw was a thought…
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶Why are you on Epstein’s flight log
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶We are delighted to present you with Silverspace Studio B. Our new 2nd option studio fully fitted with an infinity…
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@FacundoXXII What??I’m gonna kill the other teams :) @Lumos7 Oh my god!!!!! 😰Is this serious!? @ashindestad Nah apparently GoFundMe still have it pending BLM publishing their expenditure YTD
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶I’m still not over this 😭💕£10 away 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺People that can’t be honest with tact have poor social skills.
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶Thank you @Glamrou ! Graham (KT) “When I first went to Arsenal and I knew I had to rebuild the club, those [players like Tierney]…
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶It is also worth remembering today that by 1945 around £446 million of Britain's total sterling balance was from Af…
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶 @LaveGalo @aisforactivism Thank you so much 🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕💕Support this amazing socialist book club turned grassroots organization by a group of radical youths in the UK. I’m…
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶😭😭😭😭 I just don’t have the time at all! Unless I quit my job but pls podcasts won’t pay my bills to an audiobook and I think after 25 years of living and suffering I am now learning that I am an audio learner 😰😰 guysWe are £85 away from reaching £2000 for the @aisforactivism fund! Which will be used to deliver vital community sur… you sir
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶Belarus lost like a quarter of its population under Nazi occupation, this is Goebbels tier propaganda.
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶They’re cussing him in the responses (and good) @KamilMPoet @Ruariam Me 3 @redspecter00 You have a beautiful ass smile don’t make me punch you smile moreNever felt so proud’s not dancing he’s channeling Spirit.
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Since when was 5’10 short!?’ll be talking this Thursday about the Saudi/UK arms trade and Yemen. Feel free to hop in:’m getting a train tomorrow pray for me‘Your eyes are like Baghdad. Beautiful even in sorrow’ (Image & translation: @bitterarab )
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶 @JoshinSFU @AliSilva7 LOOOOL exactly @OnlyDunke @ztsamudzi We don’t deserve this!!! @AsifRj03 What chill LOLWhilst the world is in chaos you want to laugh at this mans happiness!? great number 2 💕💕 so proud @Kieran_B91 Inshallah @Tazztoozi Bitch it’s a JOKE get over it @clockendcarti HOW DO YOU MEN LIE SO BRAZENLY scored but at what cost 😞 will he end up staying at the club !? @nowtvhelp hi money is coming out my account but I can’t remember what email I made account withIf you’re in need of a bookmark 💕
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶 @clockendcarti I love my husband but you’re right 😞 @clockendcarti We’re talking about YOU right now okThis was 9 months ago
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶 @clockendcarti I’m so glad you understand your guys time in the team is doneProper inconsiderate innit 😂 few photos I took at the Mount Rushmore protest yesterday, ones I didn't get time to post among everything.
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶I LOVE U SAKA 😭😭😭he did it better
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶Chants at New York’s Palestinian protest 💕 is something I’m happy to keep that way 🥳 week of year 7. Amy fucking Bentley held a sign to me that said terrorist. Still remember the stupid bitches… @peachy_taylor So you want to make an enemy out of me @__oluwaaat The way I laughedI have been doing so much things on top of my nine to five and working on so many different projects but also juggl…’s the eagle of Saladin u dumbass
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶 @TheEyeOfJA Stripes on the side should’ve been gold the white looks out of place I think I just like this season kit way morePls what idiot employers are you talking about this will definitely not work with all 😭 the second kit but other two are slyly clapped is wrong with you weirdos
@ik_chino This is your voice? Wow @mamxcitx Sis I’m at hookahs you’re missedLETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO white men by being myself >>>>>
Retweeted by Acab Rocky 🇮🇶 @kytytsi Drop ur pin Rhys!!Going to travel to North of England to punch Rhys in the throat guysAINSLEY!!! THE MAN HIS MONEYYYYYYY’t heard anything about Red Fightback so fingers crossed they’re promising but 🙅🏼‍♀️ if I’m not seeing brown and black majority