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@elektro_puan something about these department store ceiling also makes me unpleasant.... as a kid n now.......
Retweeted by ppy @elektro_puan I FUCKING HATE 2000S MALLS THEY ARE LIMINAL SPACElike.. what’s so funny madam and sir???laughing mannequins is one of the earliest creepy thing im unpleasant of as a child.. also why they always have tho… aren’t britpop bc theyre not gay enough
Retweeted by ppy @xxxalinger @traggot99 icil: @sabiellar happy birthday! ✩°。 ⸜(* ॑ ॑* )⸝very love seeing shady ass ppl i know from school succeed in their social climbing game.. as you should queen xx @Internerdgoat this is apr*l😳😳😳😳tp belinya uda 4 tahunan yg lalu!thinking @Taula_ iyaaaa! mika ninagawa kalo ngedirect detil bangett, udah nonton helter skelter blom kak!! bagus bngt juga i… @Taula_ :( aaaahhh.... iyaaa lucu bngt yaa stylingnyaaaa🥺🥺🥺🥺sukaaaramadan pertama tanpa SOPHIE
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Retweeted by ppyno more hot takes. I've put flynn in jail.
Retweeted by ppybabe we have guests get the fancy china
Retweeted by ppy“lana I cannot keep defending you” lmaaoo
Retweeted by ppythis is official pulp merch from 1994 and it looks like those weird disney couple shirts
Retweeted by ppy @xxxalinger hæh @xxxalinger ‘hAh’ @lailatucuddle bitch👎🏻no🧍 @raymancrybaby @Internerdgoat 😳😳😳😳it’s my work attire (tee n skirt so i can sit comfortably for hours)🤲🏻 @woosexuals damn!!! @baksorexia BIGGEST FEAR HAPPENED untung org kantor w chill . @baksorexia PENGEN KUBUR DIRI @elektro_puan bagus baguuus if u like shibuya kei😳😳💞 @CLlTORYVES nina mikagawa goat!!! @baksorexia @bigreputacion HMMMMMMM POTLAK LG PUASA PUASALAKthe mirror selfie in question vs the aftermath sent (mirror) selfie to work gc . i will never be able to recover from this . we had to backtrack every single episode (at 1am half sleepy) searching for that one scene with dnb in the bac… watching followers last night, im so happy with the selection for the soundtrack.. cornellius, cibo matto…
Retweeted by ppy @bigreputacion boleh bestie!!!! feast dendeng bikinan mamanya yayapa👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Retweeted by ppy @xxxalinger yuMMMMmmmm😭😭😭
Retweeted by ppywanna ask for pempek too . but im in my **** so i cant eat too many fried foods😫tiba tiba kangen dendeng balado bikinan nyokap... been years since last time i ate hers.. 2? 3? 🤔💭 i miss my parents so bad .parents asked what things i want for ramadhan n i asked for dendeng n woke up to this text from dad today 🥺 @lailatucuddle
“The worst they can say is no” okay but that like devastates me when it happens
Retweeted by ppy @korvi4 @bigreputacion @bigreputacion @korvi4 @korvi4 @bigreputacion you sleep well? me :
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Retweeted by ppy @sguggyn coffe milk ice bar FROM CHATERAISE they also have the white milk one but i like this one better!!! so yum not that sweet also😳 @elektro_puan GATAU REVIEW TEH GMN tp ga terlalu manis dan ada ‘mint’y feel gt(?)))))) IDK @sashymymahal enak hahahahah👩🏻‍🦯we also had (takeaway) earl grey dolce peach tea😫 so good . haw @bigreputacion national holiday today #bigreputacionCOMEBACKstage @bigreputacion FINALLY . @elektro_puan jam 2 w mo lunch di luar:( next week aja kalo begitu w ikutannya... bi/weekly swim yuk kita🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️ @elektro_puan ingin bngt AAAA @elektro_puan HMMMMM INDOOR YAAAAA.... baru liat tadiiiiii!! 🤔🤔🤔 @elektro_puan keknya bole!!!! sama sports shorts gtttI am a strong independent woman I gaslight myself
Retweeted by ppy @elektro_puan T_T ayo berenang
Retweeted by ppyshay galla
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@lactocide WHY IS IT SO COMPLICATED....! @lontemporer MMMM😳😳🤔 @depressionbery i dont even use it but i kinda kepo how it works,,, too tech for me i think👩🏻‍🦯me and the besties at the mall food court
Retweeted by ppy @6666LACK pov of me looking at discord👩🏻‍🦯wtf i still dont get it ....!!trying to understand how discord works to SWIM so bad . i cant even swim @clemrebora @pvberty2 @TRRELLY @patheticggirl43 this one hehe
Retweeted by ppy @grrrlinred amin !!!!!a woman calling out your bro with 800 followers and a failed clothing business for sexual assault is not “clout chasing”
Retweeted by ppyrip prince philip u taught me it’s ok to constantly look like absolute dogshit ❤️
Retweeted by ppymelon soda float sea slug...
Retweeted by ppywow she is LITERALLY me !🎀🤍
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Retweeted by ppy @zimbulanbim CONGRATULATIONS 💞💞💞
@xxxalinger me after intm grand final: “IM FINE. DUA DUANYA DESERVE” also me: will be my villain origin story .watched intm grand final
Retweeted by ppy @lactocide TRUE @kalengsardien @plushpon OMGGGGGGGGGGg want✋🏻😳😳😳😳e*ting celeries for dinner (currently craving deep fried food) @byeoIge Uler Rawit?(?)prince philip trying to avoid diana in the afterlife
Retweeted by ppyI love these ultra-romanticized Vibrance set to 100 Disney aesthetic travel photos of villages that were probably t…
Retweeted by ppy @sguggyn Sorry cant be her😔✋🏻 @kodakheartzz MMMMMM!!! im wet @sutureys thats what i thought at the first tome i saw this brand.... Why It Doesnt Sounds Korea!!!! @boywithalaptop ok why did i typed it twice (was searching for the emoji) @boywithalaptop nihilist matryoshka matryoshka 🪆 @sutureys korea beb!omg so excited . heard it’s good