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Thanks to everyone for the support and concernUpdate: Cat is finally safe and sound. I ended up leaving our vacation spot to drive home (4 hours round-trip) to g… you're on vacation and your pet sitter calls to let you know one of the cats escaped the house and hasn't come back.🤦🏻‍♂️#youhadonejob
@beardlyandrew @paulhardware 10/10 would shave againAwesome Hardware is ON for tonight. I will be on the flying trapeze while @paulhardware makes his debut as the huma…
If you know someone who has gone the extra mile to help fight COVID-19, your nomination could win them this insanel…
@austinnotduncan @LinusTech @luke_lafr That was a great trip.
If you could only have five apps pinned to taskbar, which would you choose? @brady_spoores @drdisrespect Off of twitch, that is. @brady_spoores @drdisrespect He died.F to pay disrespects to @drdisrespect @hardwarecanucks @MKBHD @LinusTech @paulhardware @SuperSaf No one: YouTube: Gossip > Technology @anshelsag @lewisaward That's a great guide but I might be biased
Your setups disgust me! 🔥 well can you build a PC from scratch while eating really, REALLY hot wings? @bitwitkyle finds out, using our Pu…
Retweeted by Kyle @aervosadream keyboards on acid. nice. @scottwasson LOL throw a voodoo gpu in there and you can almost construct a full t-rex @_Lienshi 😬I think it's time I give my on-camera setup a refresh. Ideas?? What monitor config do you like best? What do you want to see back there?
@AdrianWarner777 @paulhardware I wasn't that bad! Here's a twitch clip: Gaming PC Is SPECIAL.....honor YOUR hero with it. ➡️ RT to get the message out! 💕…
Retweeted by KyleOur Hot Ones inspired PC build is now on YouTube!! Was supposed to post next week but sponsor needed it up sooner s… @austinnotduncan I just watched your video and it gave me PTSD. I need to drink milk now.
@tartDesigns Thanks for the feedback Tina! Hope you and your fam are safe and well in these crazy times. 💙 @btrjamin a wutMy parents are looking to buy a new SUV and are torn between the Acura RDX and Mercedes GLE 350. They're in differe… Hardware is on for tonight! 🥳 Starting in about 2 hours with @bitwitkyle
Retweeted by KyleNew video on Floatplane 🔥
@BPS_Customs @YouTube @ytcreators A few things it could be: -Those videos were shorter or received less watch time… @austinnotduncan You've summarized the problem beautifully. CTR and watch time are GODLIKE factors but retention %… @randomblahblah7 @YouTube @ytcreators GREAT QUESTIONViews for the Tiny Hand video. For the first few hours it performed WELL but the algorithm nerfed it cuz it was get… @AdrianWarner777 @wifeysauce We plan to! We mainly need the hotspot for streaming music along our hikes, at the cabin, etc. :)Will be in the mountains for five days without internet during 4th of July week. Good mobile hotspot recommendations?!? @MarLngeo @LinusTech @ToastyBrosTech @KosherTechMedia @Thermaltake That psu will be perfectly fine for those specs @SmurfetteSims That's the one! @DanielR42407053 Looks fantastic! That case is pure insanity. @JGrayBKK WC is generally quieter than air, but you can still build a super quiet air cooled PC with the right parts (for a lot cheaper too) @jp54con_ Awesome, congrats! Looks pretty sharp! :D @eurbuttcrack @LinusTech @hardware_pauls @hardwarecanucks Looks great to me. Will be a beast of a rig!
@paulhardware @MrsPaulHardware 😂I was bored @paulhardware @MrsPaulHardware you have a huge cock
@anshelsag Lol we added a lot more designs recently just to make your life harder 😅 @anshelsag Thanks man! 🙏👊
@V1Tech @PcjunkieMods @Ensourceddotnet 😍The poll results were close but we've decided to remove any text on the Lyle shirt. His face is iconic enough, righ… Shooby Build is COMPLETE!! Huge shoutouts to @PcjunkieMods @V1Tech @Ensourceddotnet for all the amazing custom… the final form of The Shooby Build in a few minutes. Get ready.
@Andro1dQ still figuring things out but we'll update everyone asap?Understandably some peeps are hesitant to wear the Lyle"Herro" shirt in public so here are two alternatives. Take t… @281str09 Just signed up for it a few days ago. Powerful too! Now I just need to learn how to best analyze the data lol. @cj_stew That's so cool! This is probably the best way to go - Creating your own product. Creating your own prices,… @defaultday oof. yeah competition is fierce between amazon and other private labels. seems like diversifying your p… @rockyfennell That's awesome. Check your DMs :) @xJawz Sounds like what people say about making it on YouTube nowadays. It's definitely harder than it was, but it'… @rockyfennell so he's doing wholesale then?Anyone have experience selling on Amazon FBA? wholesale/private label/etc. Worth?
@MarcAll70643948 Looks amazing sir! Loving the joker color theme 😁Awesome Hardware will return next week! U know @paulhardware and I are worth the wait 😘 @badseedtech 🙌🏽 @badseedtech I wear a shirt with planets on it that flat earthers find offensive but I'd never wear it to a flat ea…
@reanaddy we'll give it a shot @newtnewtriot i think these will be machine washable + air dry. just don't use hot water and should be finePick one.You loved the pink & blue desk mat but wanted different versions too SO HERE THEY ARE!! Vote on your favorite @T0BeBlunt Tis an honorAgainst my better judgement, Lyle shirts are now available for pre-order! Offered in high quality tri-blend or cott…'ve teamed up with @ASUSUSA, @iBUYPOWER, @randomfrankp, @bitwitkyle, and @hardwarecanucks to give you the opportun…
Retweeted by Kyle @TheUnkown57 B550 officially launches tomorrow!Blessing your Monday feed. The B550 Tomahawk looks great. Definitely in a different league than the B450 model. Tho…
@V1Tech Dude... @Dstrbdmedic167 @luke_lafr 👍 @luke_lafr Lol I live to anticipate your needs! 🧡 @MostMuffin yes @OwenSchulz1 working on it @SioboyGamingTV Super clean! Awesome job!! :D @Ruloalvarado Well then! @W2Connor It's a work in progress. We'll announce when it's liveYour mouse and keyboard want to know your location
@KeithPlaysPC done. they'll be overclockable for fun @Unreal_Engineer Thanks! That bottom run just looked awkwardly short without the elbow arrangement. There was more… kind of techie product would you like to see us add to our merch store?
@bookofelie Fr! @Lenticular67 @TheManicGeek i don't think that's how it works. samsung pay, not physics. that's exactly how physics works XD @TechYESCity exactly, it's like burning man for us nerds. sad it's cancelled this year but then again all of 2020 is cancelledthe herro we deserve. thoughts? intense fears and concerns? @Ifixstuff83 @JayzTwoCents to be fair, jay's celeb pc's had tons of fully customized parts and i know at least one… @TheSean1234 in a week or soThe final reveal of the Shooby Build just hit floatplane. Lmk what u think
Can anyone confirm if this is really a #PS5 announced PS5 stream while listening to police reform stream is making every game look horribleThis isn't the video I just tweeted about, but it's NEW! Watch this one with caution... you sub to me on floatplane watch my latest video and let me know if I've lost my mind. And also if it should go on youtube