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Iz || She/her || 27 || There is no better example of my bisexuality than a scene between Hannibal Lecter and Bedelia Du Maurier

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The episode where Walter is super h*gh and tells a 1930s detective musical RPF of all of them is one of the best ep… just remembered this is a thing @anxiouscowboy I'm so excited for you. There was a scene that was so gay I started yelling and turned it off and di… @bat_faced 15 seconds in the microwave and they were slightly melted 🥰 @anxiouscowboy Oh my god buckle the fuck up. Season two is a RIDE. @anxiouscowboy YES I watched it a few months ago and god. It was a lot.The brownies I made last night are very fudgy which make them very good in my book.2 good pals bonding over...consuming their opponents #HANNIBAL
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!The hologram thing is weird and I hate itImo a lot of babygays would benefit from understanding that "the LGBT community" is essentially a political coaliti…
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Only 3/11 kids are sleeping today 😩Harry's outfit in that last tweet is the exact bisexual vibe I strive to emulate.Imagine coming home to find out @Harry_Styles' car broke down outside your house and he's been in your room, feedin…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck! @lindsaygoddamit Happy happy birthday love! ❤️ I hope you're having a good day. @gothspiderbitch Wait what the fuck???The watering down and simplification of Libra placements really irks me sometimes. Just say you don't get it and go. @benwyattfanclub I totally get this @gothsithlord The woooorst but I bet it will turn out great! @gothsithlord Dude I made brownies tonight that didn't turn out for some reason and I had to bake them twice and they're still not right 🙃Not me remembering I didn't email someone back about a work thing at 11 PM.🚨Homelessness is not a personal failure it is a societal one 🚨
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!Mood of asking someone why they’re so dressed up ask yourself why you didn’t wear a better outfit
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!We don't talk to children that way and I had evaluated him on those skills for his report card multiple times. His… I once had to tell a parent during a conference to stop yelling at and berating her child in front of me becau… @grandmashleb Or probably had it, rather @grandmashleb I'm always here! I know what it's like to have it click and make sense and know that it's not some fa… Folks just don’t understand what schools have to deal with on a daily basis.
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!I cook, I don't bake thank the gods she figured out her voice is meant for rock
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!Anyways I made brownies tonight for the first time in ?????
@EugeneLeeYang To be honest that's why I'm a teacher. I have way more patience for kids than adults because adults should know better.DO NOT mail any more ballots. Carry them in or use a drop box. We are now 1 week away. Some of my mail has been ta…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck! @grandmashleb Oh babe! I hope it gives you a sense of closure and really validates for you that it's Not Your Fault. @rahbeccis has been my favorite part of Julie and the Phantoms so far. The "no" gets me every time. is not into this milquetoast literally 99/100 look like him white boy who wears a hoodie, jean jacket, and fe… plant nook in Julie and the Phantoms is my dream.This is intentional. Do not put your ballots in the mail any more.
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!So...Sunset Curve on Julie and the Phantoms is supposed to be modeled after 5SOS right?Maintenance just left after (hopefully) fixing my heating 🙏🏼
waiting for ppl to discover that 'shipping' means "i am interested in the dynamic of these two characters and want…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!Abortion is healthcare Abortion is healthcare Abortion is healthcare Abortion is healthcare Abortion is healthcare… @Notsogreatnate Oh heyyyy there! Love the haircut. @chrissyteigen Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been thinking of you and John so much, having had friends g…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!marie antoinette never said let them eat cake but kimberley kardashian sure just did
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck! @PresidentPat Everything? pay attention to how your councilperson voted. If they voted in favor of keeping a multi-million dollar co…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!I'm very excited that you can be on Netflix and other apps at the same time now. But it's also really bad for my attention span. Haha.BREAKING: The Denver City Council just killed the $25 million contract for Allied Security. Story in a bit.
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!I'm gonna need California to ban taking pictures or videos of yourself with a ballot because the celebrities are being obnoxious again.Long before Justice Brett Kavanaugh considered "late arriving" votes "illegitimate," lawyer Brett Kavanaugh labored…
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Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!Goodnight Twitter. I can't be here right now. Go take care of yourselves, y'all.Under DeJoy, mail delivery in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are among the slowest in the nation, sometimes t…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!Reprehensible. don't like horror movies but I 10000% want to watch Freaky
I'm gonna eat posole and drink some wine and hope that helps?I need to lesson plan so I can clean my room so I can shower and wash my hair but....Energy. Motivation. There is none.I'm Nicole, overdressed and pissed to be at the end of the line @aenewby I love you ❤️❤️❤️If you're visiting a polling place in person this election, please remember that clothing and accessories with poli…
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Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck! @peebuggy YEAH dude! I realized it when he was yelling. 😂 can't believe I just now realized that Bill Hader is Mickey on Bob's Burgers.Just a friendly reminder that the electoral college is voter suppression. I live in the most populous state in the…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!The single choices and music videos from Fine Line have been so good. Thank you. We deserve it all from the trash 1… now I want lace glovesLike, I have too much shit. That's just the truth. And having less and having a smaller space might help me to keep it clean better.Warming up more and more to the idea of downsizing and moving into an apartment much smaller.Lizzo advertising Harry's new music video is that shit I like to see. Friends supporting friends, musical greats su… I'm mad at lesbians who are mad at someone for calling themself a bi lesbian because they're nonbinary. The gatekeeping is astounding.Elphie in her box bed is 10 times cuter than I thought it would be. I can't get over it., you like slow burns? Have you watched a ship for 2 seasons and they almost kiss only for her to later get kidna… Olivia protecting and comforting Baby Olivia because no one protected and comforted Baby Olivia gets me every time.An AR-15 and a Prada bag cost roughly the same amount, so if you see a guy with three of them he’s probably not economically anxious.
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Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!Two coworkers trying on some magic coats
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck! on Tiktok made a video on Colorado colleges and said UNC is where all the gays are at my experience...they aren't wrong.Not a 21 year old calling themselves "old."he's Pabu
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!We did get one! I'm thankful for the snow and also not having to drive in it. don't know how to feel the waking up at 8 AM IS sleeping in because I normally wake up around 6.Today is also the last day to mail back your ballot. After today, you must drop it off at a safe and secure drop bo…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!❗❗ Hey Colorado, TODAY is the last day to register to vote and still receive a ballot in the mail. Although you can…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!#EastTroublesomeFire A HUGE toast to @MeekerFire #1446 tonight. We got your note. Inside the burn line and saved.…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!cw racism, "race riots" and #Colorado! My 2020 Voter's Guide is OUT NOW!! Read here: Subscribe here to…
Retweeted by amuck! amuck! amuck!Anyone else got this? @ActuallyShadae Oh WOW I'm so sorry! Is your car okay? @ActuallyShadae Also yikes. That's not a fun place to get stuck at. @ActuallyShadae Neither does Denver??? It's so gridlocked they don't have anywhere to put the snow apparently. @ActuallyShadae I hope so. A drive that usually takes me 15 minutes or less took me 35 tonight because the roads were so bad. @stings_ @stings_ I'll be thinking of you and sending you the confidence of a mediocre white man who thinks he's always right!