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BBG bjor @Bjorlulu Minneapolis, MN

Valorant pro for @builtbygamers Best Killjoy to ever exist Back to back valorant world championship silver medalist Business things:

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@ShoT_UPcs @Dark3stVal its just jeans @vanitycsgo Lol you coulda just used me as the blanket lol @Critical_Val vouch
@Average_Jonas LMAOOO shieeet @Subroza we gameI was able to check out the new agent and will be showing you how a Valorant mastermind plays her tomorrow on stream at 4pm est >:) @WedidOfficial 😔 @WedidOfficial Today I was the nut. Tommorow I am the squirrel @HarmonVAL1 Ur deagle is gonna give me nightmares thanks man... Ggs ❤️ @ScrewFaceVAL Ggs man what you did is illegal in the lower 48 @MinnesotaBurns True0-2 and we're out of VCT hehexd @ScrewFaceVAL @SpacestationGG @rocazor @BoostioFPS @pr0phie @sSef_tv @inskyfps tabarnak...
@vanitycsgo goodluck anthony!!! @Keeoh All four 😈 natural born gamer @KOLER1337 this guys gonna fuck i can already tell @phoFPS You really sent the assassin's...Back in the saddle for Day 2 of the @nerdstgamers Open Qualifier. 1st Match of the day, we take on the squad at…
Retweeted by BBG bjorShort stream before VCT perhaps even shorter than BBG pho? who knows find out only at ttv/bjorlulu I am aspiring to be the killjoy dasnerth
@TicSteel @Cloud9 90 degrees at all time @vanitycsgo such a virginian for trying lmao cringe @Glorinsz u might be onto something...Imagine trying to stream snipe and you have to look at this handsome man in cat ears the whole time @SaburoEdits just dont pay taxes lolOMG its game day!!! Nothing but wins and the crowd screaming: Bjor! Bjor! Bjor! today @phoFPS @vanitycsgo 24 😈 @phoFPS Edgar Allan pho?? @WedidOfficial mfs got two cars... we get it ur rich bro
@JoshNissan @Hiko Now ur titles are getting good @T1BcJ @notseab this all natty?👀 @vanitycsgo penny @vanitycsgo At the end of the day no matter what happens in our games as long as I have the companionship of my goo… ELO assassin: B0M. Chat banned, spammed invites, griefed me when I didn't join. Surely this is Perma bannable r… and vanity sitting in a tree k i s s i n g. SIKE ranked is the only thing that matters. radiant NOW!!!! @builtbygamers @GODRX @CaseyPandur @KiSMET6_ @Pentagrxm Let me lay out a situation. Map 5 of the series. SND final… @robwiztv
@ggbench ur followers 📈 @kinklekock u r the problemHaha yeah let's just accept that people are absolute freaks and not acknowledge the problem at all! You are definit… of the highest tier, best gamers in the world go fight against the tyrannical reign of the ranked demons @vanitycsgo Stop talking about me lol
@phoFPS noti @FoxA_R6 Lil foxA x Bjor collab on the tiktok? @FoxA_R6 I hate it :) but goodmorning! @FoxA_R6 Miss Vicky tho 😩 @Glorinsz @BellBopper I had a guy try to do the out of the map mollies every round and failed every time. Good effort out there @BellBopper @Glorinsz LOL @Dark3stVal U r good attitude and good shoot + rep @Vansilli @XSETGAMING i need 2 see Wedid in the bucket hatGOATAsuna fr had enough of Chat cooking him
@ink6h so clean what the @OfficialAproto @Immortals Manifesting 1 deags for you
@plooful @TwitchRivals @PlayVALORANT @acesu @ItsFearItSelf @MoczyTV @QuarterJade @sonii @TheRay_C @Tiffae @TwitchRivals @PlayVALORANT @acesu @ItsFearItSelf @MoczyTV @plooful @QuarterJade @sonii @TheRay_C @Tiffae @Justinovah How did I just see this LMAOOOO fuck it's too real @TwitchRivals @PlayVALORANT @acesu @ItsFearItSelf @MoczyTV @plooful @QuarterJade @sonii @TheRay_C @Tiffae Team C lo… @vanitycsgo Dm me the solution plzty yung calc for the ideaWinning a ranked game on stream is harder than being a navy seal @saburo2k Get some biggins @phoFPS @CODLeague @SpringLane_ Spring has the clutch gene @st9llar Going to the horny penitentiaryLord have mercy on my teammate @Critical_Val @starlovesuu @FoxA_R6 ON THE TL MAN? @Critical_Val @starlovesuu dont even think of touching alcohol you will die instantly @WillFPS This guy fucks! @theKingFPS_ So cracked holeeeeeee
@rocazor wtf? only on icebox? @robwiztv @VellyCasts @PlayVALORANT HELL YEAH @WedidOfficial ok yeah i fuck with this @lucasVALORANT LMAO @Scrounge_ Listen to this guy!!Whats this????? the haven guide!!!!11! god i am so lonely someone duo Q with me. I am almost out of top 1000 ;( HAHAHHA SIKE never giving up and pu… @nurfed25 All ur getting out of me @nurfed25 Pick em up @nurfed25 I played on a team with this guy! @SpringLane_ @builtbygamers @harmfoo as the mental coach and co spiritual advisor @flexinja oh you'll be receiving something @flexinja will do 😈😚 @flexinja
@jakenbakeLIVE @boomtvesports @LudwigAhgren yo :D @Gio_The_G @lovisualz Goes hard @lovisualz new skin is a fan but kinda just looks like a big club @TommyCronin6 🤯 @caalqulus everyone has their own opinion smile :DHot take. Fan ugly. @vanitycsgo Ur not wrong @vanitycsgo Hehe me throw smoke hehe me can't afford anything hehe me die planting bomb @Average_Jonas Ur not allowed in this thread sorry @robwiztv U need to be a developer @vanitycsgo Please man i dont wanna soloReturning from my 52 mile run just in time to dominate ranked games and achieve Radiant for the 16th time @Dronecsgo @Guiiimond @_PLAYERR1 Just 1 stolen joke man... Let it slide @Phazahp 😐 @_PLAYERR1 @Guiiimond True @Guiiimond @_PLAYERR1 Yoinked the joke since u left me for another duo the other day @_PLAYERR1 I'm bilingual. English and facts