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🌊 BJSquirrel 🌊 @BJSquirrel Native Lands of my Ancestors

Old squirrel ready 2 retire/garden/make peace w/cats but .... Our world turned upside down by hate/racism/greed-Coincidence? Squirrel Think NOT! TIME 4 ACTION

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Nestle' has been robbing, stealing, not paying for the WATER they SELL back to the people they stole it from!!!!! D… Thread. 👇🏽
Retweeted by 🌊 BJSquirrel 🌊 @GreatTammie Good morning Tammie!!! 😘😘😍😉STRONG...STRONG enoughThere are no words string enough to convey my disgust with her AND the entire body of the GOP @funder ✋✋✋✋🖐👋👇👏✊It’s been a minute since I’ve done a speed tag round, but in light of the Republican LIES, there’s never been a mo…
Retweeted by 🌊 BJSquirrel 🌊 @ResisterForever #ConvictTrump will trend soon....cause yeah Dems have conducted an exemplary investigation! GOP ar… @realDonaldTrump Must have fallen on your head again...slept thru GOP attorney's "defense" you deme… @realDonaldTrump You clearly showed your stupidity and instability - you are a complete disgrace so you are correct… @USDANutrition @USDA If you're working to ensure a #BlueLandslide2020 then CONGRATULATIONS you heartless A$$hats....I don't know who needs to read this today, but here you go: Democracy is being threatened in new and dangerous way…
Retweeted by 🌊 BJSquirrel 🌊If you didn't get to see this, and you need a laugh, here ya go.😅
Retweeted by 🌊 BJSquirrel 🌊 @CherylMorrisW Wonder what 2019 stats are.....or is that even a question after these last few days.... @GreatTammie Word...... @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump It's totally clear #GOP has nothin, zip, nada, nothin to defend tRumpleThinSkin but…
MORE evidence that tRumpleThinSkin is working for PUTIN! He's NOT even listening to his own party!! Coincidence?… @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @NATO If this is true you are more brain dead than we thought You… @safeagain1 @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump I ask every one of his GOP sycophants this question often-a valid non-r…
This is remarkable language for any Judge to say about a DOJ brief, particularly from a judge as well respected as…
Retweeted by 🌊 BJSquirrel 🌊 @TrumpSuxPutins @ThomONeil1 @HollyHuntley3 @GDThor1 @62WalterP @GreatTammie @poppij @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @RepMarkGreen @realDonaldTrump @POTUS This poor man is caught between watching his people die on the front and the…
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@therealfeenxc @BonJS0370 @Lessafetoday08 @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @therealfeenxc @BonJS0370 @Lessafetoday08 @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @therealfeenxc @BonJS0370 @Lessafetoday08 @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @therealfeenxc @alenesmiles 😢😰 @politiolyc @kristyshl @FinFox2 @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @GreatTammie @usernewm @kristyshl @Beleafer1 @62WalterP @GDThor1 @BonJS0370 @Valerygirl67 @therealfeenxc @politiolyc @therealfeenxc @BonJS0370 @Lessafetoday08 @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @BonJS0370 @therealfeenxc @Lessafetoday08 @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @therealfeenxc @BonJS0370 @Lessafetoday08 @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @CunningSq16 @BonJS0370 @therealfeenxc @Lessafetoday08 @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @aspiringinvntor @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @GreatTammie @BonJS0370 @therealfeenxc @Lessafetoday08 @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @politiolyc @kristyshl @aspiringinvntor @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @GreatTammie @robinandriver @alt_ramsey @Aprylsmithts @AntiGOPActivist @model_daughters @WertherGreene @BEyedWoman @rigel2020 @usernewm @yolalindayola @Beleafer1 @kristyshl @62WalterP @GDThor1 @BonJS0370 @Valerygirl67 @therealfeenxc @GDThor1 @Beleafer1 @zazzybritches @StaryStaryNlght @BodhisattvaKat @KnowledgeGeek @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @MzNiteBird @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @GreatTammie @aspiringinvntor @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @GreatTammie @therealfeenxc @Lessafetoday08 @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @kristyshl @politiolyc @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @Ldogls @nyltak2015 @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @GreatTammie @MarciaBunney @politiolyc @zazzybritches @Beleafer1 @vaato5455 @yolalindayola @GDThor1 @62WalterP @IMundebo @jeanlibby5 @politiolyc @zazzybritches @Beleafer1 @vaato5455 @yolalindayola @GDThor1 @62WalterP @IMundebo @jeanlibby5 @Ldogls @GDThor1 @zazzybritches @Beleafer1 @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @MarciaBunney @BlueTsuni @StaryStaryNlght @vaato5455 @yolalindayola @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @62WalterP @IMundebo @zazzybritches @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @politiolyc @MarciaBunney @IMundebo @GreatTammie @BlueTsuni @KnowledgeGeek @BodhisattvaKat @jeanlibby5 @GDThor1 @TrumpSuxPutins @Ldogls @MarciaBunney @jeanlibby5 @GDThor1 @StaryStaryNlght @BodhisattvaKat @KnowledgeGeek @RamonoSergio @IMundebo @politiolyc @GrowlinAtTheSun @TrumpSuxPutins @milliemadden @Beleafer1 @BonJS0370 @GDThor1 @vaato5455 @yolalindayola @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @62WalterP @IMundebo @zazzybritches @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @MarciaBunney @GDThor1 @zazzybritches @Beleafer1 @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @BlueTsuni @StaryStaryNlght @62WalterP @vaato5455 @yolalindayola @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @62WalterP @IMundebo @zazzybritches @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @vaato5455 @yolalindayola @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @62WalterP @IMundebo @zazzybritches @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @vaato5455 @yolalindayola @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @62WalterP @IMundebo @zazzybritches @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @vaato5455 @Beleafer1 @yolalindayola @GDThor1 @62WalterP @IMundebo @zazzybritches @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @vaato5455 @yolalindayola @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @62WalterP @IMundebo @zazzybritches @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @GDThor1 @zazzybritches @Beleafer1 @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @MarciaBunney @BlueTsuni @StaryStaryNlght @62WalterP @zazzybritches @CatsRule1226 @Ldogls @BandieraNancy @TaggartRehnn @yolalindayola @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @BlueTsuni @GDThor1 @zazzybritches @Beleafer1 @jeanlibby5 @BodhisattvaKat @MarciaBunney @BlueTsuni @StaryStaryNlght @62WalterP @Ldogls @CatsRule1226 @BandieraNancy @TaggartRehnn @yolalindayola @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @BlueTsuni @BonJS0370 @Ldogls @BandieraNancy @TaggartRehnn @yolalindayola @Beleafer1 @GDThor1 @BlueTsuni @BonJS0370 @TrumpSuxPutins for some Soooo.... the people I've been blessed with meeting & myself are the exception to the rule? A…'ve even had the opportunity to meet many in real life! LOL....I always seem to be going to one area or anoth…, it's possible to form fairly close relationships I've found....over the years I've been blessed with seve… bring us a look into ourselves if we just stop-be silent & watch-My hope is that my grands/great grands w… Well our long weekend is almost but it was good, as I caught up on some sleep - ahhhhh sleep… @yolalindayola @TrumpSuxPutins @IMundebo @MarciaBunney @kristyshl @BlueTsuni @GDThor1 @StaryStaryNlght @62WalterP @MarciaBunney @BlueTsuni @jeanlibby5 @GDThor1 @StaryStaryNlght @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @TrumpSuxPutins @Doh_Doh_Burrd @realDonaldTrump Blah blah blah ditty blah Private BoneSpurs!!! Using our troops as PR props one more time as you… @GDThor1 @IMundebo @yolalindayola @BlueTsuni @StaryStaryNlght @BodhisattvaKat @KnowledgeGeek @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @yolalindayola @GDThor1 @StaryStaryNlght @BodhisattvaKat @KnowledgeGeek @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @BlueTsuni @IMundebo @yolalindayola @GDThor1 @StaryStaryNlght @BodhisattvaKat @KnowledgeGeek @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @BlueTsuni @MarciaBunney @yolalindayola @GDThor1 @Doh_Doh_Burrd @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @TrumpSuxPutins @RonniLaurie @IMundebo @yolalindayola @BlueTsuni @GDThor1 @StaryStaryNlght @BodhisattvaKat @KnowledgeGeek @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @BlueTsuni @yolalindayola @GDThor1 @Doh_Doh_Burrd @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @BodhisattvaKat @TrumpSuxPutins @BlueTsuni @MarciaBunney @KnowledgeGeek @BodhisattvaKat @jeanlibby5 @GDThor1 @StaryStaryNlght @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @BlueTsuni @ThomONeil1 @BodhisattvaKat @MarciaBunney @GDThor1 @Doh_Doh_Burrd @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @TrumpSuxPutins
@BlueTsuni @yolalindayola @GDThor1 @Doh_Doh_Burrd @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @BodhisattvaKat @TrumpSuxPutins @TrumpSuxPutins @therealfeenxc @GDThor1 @StaryStaryNlght @BodhisattvaKat @KnowledgeGeek @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @BlueTsuni @yolalindayola @GDThor1 @Doh_Doh_Burrd @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @BodhisattvaKat @TrumpSuxPutins @GDThor1 @StaryStaryNlght @BodhisattvaKat @KnowledgeGeek @62WalterP @BonJS0370 @TrumpSuxPutins @Doh_Doh_Burrd