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@Shokio_YT @SoulComet WTF......@SoulComet said I have a big ass head is this true?I'll be participating! I look forward to getting to know everyone and having a good time! 💖
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡I don’t think her tweet is used to bash anybody in particular but it’s to spread awareness on women’s issues in gam…
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡why are most people equating this to smash twitter online specifically? like cmon we all know this happens in irl t…
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @banjoplaysbanjo So annoying & embarrassing like the amount of people nitpicking this tweet with their stupid takes… @TheDarkAdvocate @JoeZieja Much love 🥺♥️ @Kopter__ @JoeZieja Fabioni 🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️I would stream today, but I just got home from the hospital since 9am for some surgery for my father. It was a succ… @KingKRo26261060 @hibanalove_ Deadass, it’s literally all what a lot of us wanna do 😪 @JJTailsX2 It’s so frustrating because I can handle these things well but not everyone can, and I just wanna beat/c… seeing too many sus Ult takes lately, so I'm gonna post some real ones: - Corrin is good, you were just spoil…
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @Shokio_YT IVE BEEEEEN saying Corrin is schnice but nobody wants to listen to me 😭😭 @JJTailsX2 Like, I’ve had enough jj !! @TheStanNetwork #TEAMAMANDA14 ✨✨ @Snorlhey LMAO honestly it’s just cause I hate reading on my phoneeeeee I prefer the actual pages but I don’t have… i the only one who feels like everyone secretly hates me LOL
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡Lemme go back to catching up on reading one piece cause chjeeeeeseeesh I’m on 990 rn and shit really be going down @blackapinaa @Shieldlesscap I get it now, I thought you were coming at the community but you're just trying to make…
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @dyla_bell_sky @Shieldlesscap No way man. I’ve met way too many amazing people who have actually changed my life th… @dyla_bell_sky @Shieldlesscap I appreciate you keeping an open mind during this conversation. That in itself is def… @dyla_bell_sky @Shieldlesscap Look buddy, I also enjoy the same things you do about smash, forreal. But having conv… @dyla_bell_sky @blackapinaa Idk bout you but I actually am embarrassed to be part of the community which is why I t…
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @cartoonnetwork @Raxhelii hello ♥️🥺 smol Canadian illustrator who would be more than honoured to take part in makin… @Shieldlesscap Exactly lol, homeboy who’s tryna argue with me already making it something that is isn’t lolSee what I mean yall lmao. Soooooo embarassing 🤦🏽‍♀️ @Shieldlesscap Thank you! All this talk but no walk. I hate speaking my mind on these things on twitter because peo… @BDawggCOMT It’s ok to have an ego just be responsible with it, like god it’s only natural to love yourself and kno… @LunaDachiii LOL onlines 15 frame delay is a fucking joke I can’t beLIEVE I tolerated & PAID that shit for 2 yearsWhen tf is GG: Strive coming out cause I’m deadass ready to be an official FGC a player @dyla_bell_sky That’s good for you man. I’m glad you proud and content to be a part of a community that’s constantl… anyone who takes my tweet personally and gives me this pathetic “we’re not all weird, the community as a whole… @dyla_bell_sky This space an uncomfortable one to be in. I’ve seen it happen, and I feel like you think I’m equatin… @dyla_bell_sky Just because you had a great experience these past 5 years in the smash community whether it’s IRL o…’m so tired of seeing these discourses on my TL that has no progressive intuition behind it. All you clout chasing…’s so hard to ignore this conversation because you guys won’t leave women the fuck alone, you can’t contain your… some real shit, the Smash community is so embarassing. From notable figures to pervs, people just wanna genuinel… @Dines_Visual Beautiful ✨ @MufausaThe3rd @TheHadou hihi 🥰 @Palushina Haha ok noted 😤 @airslashooo This lockdown killing me 😣Yo who let their dad on tiktok????
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @Palushina hahaha what’s better than a homie from NY? @Drawnvirus Tell the pandemic to hurry 😭
I miss New York so much.. they definitely my type of people 😔seven seconds till the end
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @CaptainKensa wtf lmaooo#interpvscanon and THEM
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @Palushina I SEENOmg Strive? STRIIIIIIVE!! 😭😭
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @Palushina Legit there goes my peaceful late night sleep streams of gg .. @Palushina LMAO @asieymomo LOOK AT THIS OLD SHIT LMAO! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS & FOREVER. HAPPY BDAY SHMEAT HEAD @Bx_Ukiyo 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @SourPiggy @Bx_Ukiyo Two hotties my godddd 😍😍 @Bx_Ukiyo @Bx_Ukiyo also cutest @Raxhelii You are so cute 🥺♥️
@Palushina REALLY?! omg I had no idea @Palushina On PC? :Dlonggggg stream ahead, my current record is 7hrs, can i go longer??? come say hi we're celebratinggg GOOD VIBES ON…
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @professor_mgw Honestly, for you, I definitely feel it in the air 😤 your content has always been gold 👌🏽I’m a little late but... Happy #Zelda35th 💕
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Guilty Gear -Strive- Open Beta) live at
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡Giving insightful and meaningful feedback on a clip someone shared with me in stream:
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡
@Bx_Ukiyo ur my favourite ♥️ @Bx_Ukiyo still can’t believe u streamed this without me 🥺💚 ⚔️ ZELDA CUSTOM CONTROLLER GIVEAWAY ⚔️ ❤️ Win this Ocarina of Time collab custom controller designed by the tale…
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @SoberPen So cute!much to think about 💭
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @ECG_sans *claps* @Ersatzstyle Thanku!! 🥰 @YoungBoyBread Yes sirski! Ahh I love the great fairy! But she wasn’t the inspiration here :)Today and Wednesday are a prequel for the upcoming weekend. Join me and the rest of Team @SEGA_Europe for…
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @itsAmethystTV Nope I HATE using my own emotes in other people’s chats LMAO idk what it is I just wanna show up and… @asieymomo 👀art by @pupperbae you guys for all the love today. I appreciate everyone who enjoys my streams ♥️ always here for a good time ✨ @KAINONAUT omggg this the guy that made that SICKass eggman redesign !! So talented @chisdome @CaptainKensa Sameee thank u benzzzzo 🥰 @Drawnvirus why u gotta make me feel all good witcho cute ass for likeeeeee it came out INCREDIBLE
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡She's done it again. WHO CAN STOP HER?!
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡Look at this girl swooooonin'
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡Follow her for best content
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my #oc Ayao Cloud from today’s stream 🥰✨ my oc ayao cloud ☁️ & finishing 3D World after come vibe with us :D 🌙✨ @itsyusei_ imma hug the shit of of yo ass if u don’t— y’all don’t follow this excellent artist bro... Go do it now 😡 nah jokes aside definitely give her follow and c…
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @mikaa242 thank u mama 🥰 @Bx_Ukiyo ilusm ♥️ talented 😍😍 GO LIKE PLEASEEEE
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡ @professor_mgw 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Welcome to Smash, Pyra & Mythra 🔥⚡️✨ @Lastm1nuteKing art style is gorgeous I had to! @CaptainKensa Okok I had some points I used to buy some of it alright 😒Good morning tweetER
Retweeted by pinaa la flame ♡I deadass bought all the manga last night LOL (I got a notification this morning saying 1 was sold out though 🥺) Kaisen is so good at being an anime it hurts