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RUN FOR COVER VIDEO DROPS TOMO!!! @WTHBlows @shaunmulhern95 Thank u!!!❤️☺️Two years on since the release of their self-titled debut, Black Honey (@BLACKHONEYUK) are back and feeling better…
Retweeted by Black Honey @SnakeOilMusic_N Thanks!😘
Music industry: u kno this song could go tiktok viral... Every musician ever: @DirkVanDom Get me in trouble @Esteban27Olley Sounds like a b movie @IAmA_Lion_ Done that lol @Emil_XIV Strong @futuristic_glam IconiqueTwo years ago this week! 😱 thanks for every single second of it. 2020 sucks hard but that doesn’t mean we can’t hav…
Happiest of birthdays to our Supreme Leader/Queen Slug! 😘🥳 Thanks for being the weird, wonderful, sassy human you a… @Emil_XIV hahahaha yesssssthis is turning into a serious earworm. how do @BLACKHONEYUK never fail to make a song this catchy i will never kno…
Retweeted by Black Honey @Esteban27Olley happy birthday!! Xx @CharlieRidgey thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I want to be ur favourite mistake.Now Playing Black Honey - Run For Cover @blackhoneyuk
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@BoarMusic @joycrookes @rachelchinourir 🥰fast forward to our next gig in 2029 @WallaceBMarins thank youuu!i always wanted to shout the word whisper
@GodDamnTheBand Thanks! ☺️ Miss u guys! @selinaclifford 😘❤️For @IndyVoices, I had a chat with @BLACKHONEYUK, @idlesband and @attitudetweets about live-streamed gigs and their…
Retweeted by Black HoneyRun For Cover by @BLACKHONEYUK has awoken something within me and I like it
Retweeted by Black Honey @kimaya_naidoo thank u xx @mandygwenn everyday this week 😘my birthday week starts today
"It felt empowering to flip it to the female gaze" @BLACKHONEYUK
Retweeted by Black HoneyVanavond in Brand New KINK hangt @WillJosephCook aan de telefoon📞 en hoor je de nieuwste tunes van @BLACKHONEYUK,…
Retweeted by Black Honeyall my pride walked so run for cover could run @GodDamnTheBand this is true. very important words. 🖤 @_alex_cabre that’s the perfect description @therevue Thank u!😘 @Gash5678 😂😂😂 @EARPROTECTREQ 😘🙏🤭 @milkybed 😘STREAM RUN FOR COVER RUN FOR COVER RUN FOR COVER RUN FOR COVER RUN FOR COVER RUN FOR COVER RUN FOR COVER RUN FOR C…
Retweeted by Black Honey @frannersthorn ur the best xxwe’ve released a mosh pit song at a time when mosh pits are illegal and that couldn’t be more black honey if we tried @audrinaaaaaaaa Got a good ring to itthe new @BLACKHONEYUK is 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Black HoneyRUN FOR COVER IS OUTTTTTTTTTT Honey (@BLACKHONEYUK) unleash 'Run For Cover', a new "vagina rock" anthem that's gonna make you wanna dump yo…
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@BLACKHONEYUK take me im ready!
Retweeted by Black Honey @hattie_neate We stan u @XzgeronimoX Thanks for coming to the party and being part of our world!When you invented vagina rock but it’s 2020 and there’s a global pandemic.... @andyandmoon Love you for ever @glitsers Drag is relaxingthanks to everyone who was on that zoom just now. we will love you forever. @glitsers As it is said so it shall be done @FinsterBaby705 That’s a perfect sloganHow to prepare next for zoom lolol from @BLACKHONEYUK run for cover listening party to watching the Drag Race Holland premiere this is my perfect night
Retweeted by Black HoneyRun for Cover. That’s it, that’s the tweet. @BLACKHONEYUK 😭
Retweeted by Black Honey @milkybed absolutely hunWE R GONNA LEAK RUN FOR COVER ! Come gate crash our zoom for first listen!!! STARTS AT 10PM🔥🔥🔥🔥 Link -… @iamchrisgam hahahaha @iamsophiek that’s amazing @DirkVanDom Be afraidOur new genre is cock rock except without the cock... VAGINA ROCK??!! @Gash5678 all I can say is good luckthis next song will make you want to dump your boyfriend
this next song is about bad sexFRIDAY. RUN FOR COVER. 🔥 Pre-save here -
@SteadyTheo Been at cobham kfc since April.Wich??? @lea__rq Phew thanks. Was worried for a sec.. @AS90____ Mood @DirkVanDom Don’t forget ur sun cream virgos get it really Virgo of me to not believe in star signs? @nicotinemokid wooooop! ❤️ @thedivinehammer @yourdreamnails @hindsband @CHAIofficialJPN thank youuu! 😘 @milkybed @katya_zamo @nastycherryband ❤️ @laurnwhitehead_ @diymagazine it's all true @CharlieRidgey 🥰 @JasperLeijdens Miss u Jasper! ❤️ @SOON_021 ❤️ @steveta5tic Soooooon! 😉 @chloeemelia4 Thank you will do!😘😘😘 @antonywhite3121 so excited!🥰 @kids_saturdays @BlondieOfficial thanks!😘 @tombutton19 Back atcha! ❤️
who's ready for some new music??
We've played huge shows before with less love & vibes to give than this lil brewery. Long live concerts. thanks for… u @diymagazine for making our first socially distanced gig a reality. Reminded us that shows are about who co…
Incredible night with @BLACKHONEYUK at @SignatureBrew for our 100th issue celebrations last night 🕺 Next up, we’ve…
Retweeted by Black HoneyEver wondered what @BLACKHONEYUK's Izzy has buried in her loft? WONDER NO MORE, PEOPLE!
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Anyone want 2 @BLACKHONEYUK tickets for tonight ?? £5 each :)
Retweeted by Black HoneyTONIGHT London we play our new tunes at our second show of 2020 with @diymagazine ! Let’s make it one to remember.… @matthewmaltese last night at @SignatureBrew for our 100th issue celebrations 🥺 The party continues tonight…
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Playin a covid compliant rock show tomo. If it all goes south dw we will jus crack out wonderwall.Hey @BLACKHONEYUK I’m gutted but I can’t come to your gig on Wednesday so my ticket is up for grabs on Dice :/
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tfw beaches comes on the radio Playing Black Honey - Beaches @blackhoneyuk
Retweeted by Black Honeylove and thanks to @huwstephens for spinning Beaches on @BBCR1 last night! Shout out to @MelitaRadio for putting it forward too ❤️