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on the one hand, no one should ever revere any politician and the default mode should always be contempt, but on th…
Retweeted by MattBernie Sanders said of the photo that went viral of him sitting bundled up on Inauguration Day that he’s glad it “m…
Retweeted by MattSo fucking stupid. No data supports this is doing anything. Cases have been rising even with this arbitrary nonsens…’all fumbled Bernie Sanders TWICE?! And expect him to dress up to this gathering ? Y’all lucky he came 😂😂
Retweeted by MattPresident Biden has removed the Diet Coke button. When @ShippersUnbound and I interviewed Donald Trump in 2019, we…
Retweeted by Matt need a new season of Feud about these two it begins—NPR uses an inflammatory picture of a caravan that was broken up days ago for a story about a deporta…
Retweeted by Mattcan we stop listening to literal minors on twitter as the authority on all things social justice and accept that mo…
Retweeted by Mattthis is it this is the one
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Retweeted by Mattwho fucking did this lmao
Retweeted by Matt🤔
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OK STEPHEN BREYER TIME TO RETIRE BITCH!! Senate is now 50-50. Chuck Schumer is majority leader. Here's the moment it happened.
Retweeted by MattThey’re asking for their money, Joe
Retweeted by MattNYC Instagram is so quick
Retweeted by MattLady Gaga went viral yesterday because of Star Wars and now because of Hunger Games. Her versatility
Retweeted by Matt"I am once again asking for a space heater."
Retweeted by MattMe reading all of the posts by Q people today as they slowly realize it was all a lie.
Retweeted by Matt @Isaac_Keller OmfgI can’t believe Mike Pence has seen Gaga live and I haven’t
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Retweeted by MattMy cat when JLo broke into “Let’s get Loud” 😂
Retweeted by Matta person only needs one good coat
Retweeted by Mattwhy is this the cutest man i’ve ever laid my eyes on
Retweeted by Mattmake joe biden use the gold microphone too
Retweeted by MattShe said Ill show ya’ll a mf PIN really about to transition from this priest to Gaga im hollering“We did it... We did it Joe” I thought Michelle’s belt was the Chromatica symbol for a sec’s mittens are made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, Vt. She gave them to him 2+ years ago and wa…
Retweeted by Matt @michael_schl @ClareMalone Globe in handle🚨 BERNIE IN MITTENS 🚨 still just can't believe any of this was real
Retweeted by MattLady Gaga inauguration memes are cracking me up @JosIgnacioRiva3 How dare he honestly @Megameatsupreme Palms be getting sweaty mid bench 😓
No one: Me after eating: mm I need something sweet
Retweeted by Matt @bandlersbanter @HotlineJosh @RashidaTlaib @JewishJournal “Blood libel” lolYou ever fantasize about dating someone who’s never seen Arrested Development so you can cuddle and vicariously liv… fear no politician is going to speak like this again. that this brand of unifying class focused rhetoric dies wit…
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Retweeted by MattThis video of the NYPD charging and arresting workers on strike for just a $1/hr raise is 10,000 times more politic…
Retweeted by Matt @ryanntweets_ Melania on Friday when she comes back to get Barron
Retweeted by MattYa’ll don’t understand how happy I was to see Emma Caulfield show up in WandaVision need a complete shutdown of graphic design until we can figure out what the hell is going on
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If u can't pay $15 an hour to your employees, maybe u shouldn't own a business
Retweeted by MattMinimum wage has been $7.25 since 2009 and back then you could get a value meal for $5. Over a decade later that sa…
Retweeted by MattWoah, wasn’t expecting this US rejoining all the treaties that it left under Trump:
Retweeted by MattJulian Smith’s leg day program is working wonders 🥸
yall when yall when fast Jeff Bezos food workers makes $13 get paid a billion dol…
Retweeted by Matthe’s not lying, this is me before and after the vaccine. not enough people are speaking up about this…
Retweeted by MattBig Mac in USA: $4.80 Big Mac in Denmark: $5.15 McDonalds worker salary in USA: $7.25 McDonalds worker salary in D…
Retweeted by Matt(And i liked it)Ya’ll this was literally what it was lmao this WHOLE NARRATIVE of outrage was based on someone making a JOKE about removing him. Twitter is really out…
“Im a [underpaid employee] and that would mean a fry cook would make as much as me 😡” Your self worth should not r…“My small business will be ruined if I have to pay my employees $15/hour” GOOD lol. If you cant afford to pay your… it im doing a thread “If we raise the minimum wage, the prices of everything will inflate!!” BITCH THAT’S HA… Denmark, McDonald’s employees make $20 an hour and the price of Big Macs went up by $.80. Stop defending exploit…
Retweeted by MattThe minimum wage has to go up. Do these asshats really think it will remain $7.25 forever? Is that really their argument?!Wearing a mask when it’s cold is actually a 10/10 accessory
Retweeted by MattI don’t think I’d really grasped until now just how much of the opposition to a living wage is based on people’s vi…
Retweeted by Matt @MrKitty90861464 @recreateregine @BeccaHuntington @iainlewis11 @LeviHarris @jcoop2371 @clay_mcch @Tragedy_Andy Your… running these numbers and thinking the problem is paying the minimum-wage worker too much
Retweeted by Matt @mike61400 @yeahrightgirlhg “They dont need the money” But also “No free college because kids should pay for it themselves”
Retweeted by Matt @metlman @ChicagoBattle @stephenfhayes @NoahCRothman This isnt even true, and youre proven wrong by the places that… @PatrickKiser1 @Trstmar @mloehrer @stephenfhayes They had guns and zipties. Youre a fool to think these were harmless protesters @RealappraiserSC @madirishfrog @stephenfhayes That’s an obvious leading question and wouldnt be asked in any reputa… Trump Era as Kubrick shots, a series @uzeurbrain @shoe0nhead Biden's COVID rescue plan will begin to provide our people with much-needed support, such as $2,000…
Retweeted by Matt @swiftiec13 Agreed. His proposal is good except for the $1400, which unfortunately feels like the Democratic stereo…“We need to keep this fellationship strictly blowfessional”republicans think twitter is a right but healthcare is a privilege
Retweeted by MattThis is the most powerful image in human history. Even Kubrick at his best could not conjure something so indescrib…
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@TheRoyalMadame @AOC Who asked?
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Retweeted by Matt @shelbwilly I think its gonna be like The Truman show & Pleasantville, if you’ve seen those. I havent even seen End… legitimately hope WandaVision is just Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany cosplaying Bewitched for 30 minutes in fro… grip, no arched back, and benching 485lbs raw. Mrs. Fizzle is on the juice.
Retweeted by Mattben shapiro is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS and he’s using politico to launder his reputation as if he isn’t one o…
Retweeted by Matt @JustAVirginHoe It’d make sense if it was just bars and restaurants but they include all businesses & its dumbI need Ohio’s stupid curfew to lift so I can go back to lifting till 11pm like an ADULT
They protec They attac But most importantly They take nap UMMMMM?!?!?!? all the reporters live-tweeting @AOC but leaving out the part where she calls out the media for elevating bullshit
Retweeted by MattAOC telling Instagram viewers tonight that she had “a close encounter” during the Capitol insurrection in which she…
Retweeted by Matt @tennesseedarlin @conor64 Imagine not being a considerate fucking individualNo wonder ya’ll like these ring lights. I look well rested for once 😭 the word “sky” in your camera roll & post your favorite bitching about going thru a metal detector????? The same machines they expect all teachers & children… breaks my fucking heart & is exactly why I rage when i hear a mf say our country cant “afford” universal healt…
Conservatives despise democracy because they understand just how deeply unpopular they would be in any fair system.
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