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@IsaiahTodd28 @SW_takes @HyapatiaLee Oh and manifest destiny is such utter bs @HyapatiaLee The fear and animosity in his tweet tells me he may have issues that he is not yet ready to confront..… @007Eureka @HyapatiaLee We can disagree unless our disagreement in based on your desire to take away my right to exist
@Drrramina @pjvernonbooks We can be the class delinquents
Retweeted by S.A.CosbyRacist writers for decades: "Every character is white and straight unless we need a criminal. What the hell is a t…
Retweeted by S.A.CosbyFear..... Afraid I can't pull it off Afraid its all crap Then you see someone else facing the last grains of sand… @cenkuygur @BernieSanders @MSNBC Um Berniebros assumed Warren was lying and started calling her a snake...please ca… @kentgowran True... @aimeehixauthor Lol and that's definitely a Southern thang @aimeehixauthor @aimeehixauthor ever write a line that seems sooooo badass... Then you look at it again and realize nobody anywhere ever has ta… @thomaspluck Love in the time of Cholera @g_so True...I'm glad he is leaving on his own terms tho and his brother Andrew Grant is a great writer in his own… @g_so I've had the pleasure of meeting both Lee Chikf and his brother and they are both exceedingly kind with a dro… @SparrowsInkwell @joedayvie I'm rewriting a pivotal scene in my WIP... again lol @mechachandler I'm so incredibly sorryI guess to confuse the Alien Queen? Haha the presidency is a dumpster fire ...🙄 @TattooedDaughtr @kentgowran No..he said hesitantly lolA 711 clerk aggressively tried to sell me the last of her chicken tenders 2nite. " they are only 2bucks. Come on .… I finished TAMPA Anyone have some holy water and 3 years of therapy?? #darkasmidnightinamineshaft @cinapelayo Ugh I mean 3:10 to Yuma @cinapelayo The scene between Christian Bale's character and his son had me snotty nose hyperventilating loose limb crying lol @cinapelayo 3:15 to Yuma @alex_segura @Andrew_Grant @LeeChildReacher Well done Sir..and Congratulations Andrew...Alex is right he is one of… at Tough, a review of @GValjan 's new novel Dirty Old Town.
Retweeted by S.A.CosbyA week ago a relative ran into me at the Food Lion. He said "I hear ya writing I think I'm gonna write too" No u a… makes me extremely happy. I know @hexican, @nikkidolson, and @PauljGarth are going to kill this because they a…
Retweeted by S.A.Cosby @ambernoelle Lorraine Hansberry would be blown away to know A RASIN IN THE SUN is still considered such a classic .and it is a classic
@DunnGoofed23 @SRynlds3 @BGoodeWrites @tylerperry I think you can critique TP without being a hater. I will never k… @johnhornor @MPMtheWriter @nikkidolson Feb 6 Durham Feb 16 here Then some other stuff I cant talk about yet lolI'll be reading a beautiful tale of unrequited love that ends with a Jack Daniel's bottle to the head It's a feel… think if you grew up in a certain environment you have a Jem of your own. Gosh I love this movie lol @robwhart its amazing that you can write a searing indictment of capitalism AND a great subversive neo-noir like PO… @GoshDarnMyLife I've never been so terrifyingly educatedSmh .... #FallFromGrace @SparrowsInkwell @remix_frost Halp is coming lolIn every scene, you are my star, @MichelleObama! Happy birthday, baby!
Retweeted by S.A.Cosby#FridayThoughts @reverenderyk @treefolio_ @philipkwrites @renatobratkovic @nemski @RobPierce2verbs @LiamSweeny
Retweeted by S.A.Cosby#SaveTheDate 6 #February #NOIR AT THE BAR YONDER #Thursday 630PM w #crimefiction authors @VisitHboroNC Tracey Reyn…
Retweeted by S.A.CosbyThe honest truth about @kellyekell and why I love her so much is she does so much for the crime writing community.…
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@JayStringer @joeclifford23's about to get #NoirAF again in #HillsboroughNC
Retweeted by S.A.CosbySome of same people who can't admit that maybe Stephen King wrote an awkward tone deaf tweet are the same people wh… @AndrewHClark If she was Democratic Senator she would have answered the question @BuzzPatterson She could have just said I don't think we need to hear new evidence @BuzzPatterson So being rude is the new attagirl? Okayyyy @IsraelUSAforevr Soooooo you think this is a win?? @SenMcSallyAZ I'm legitimately shocked that you don't realize this video doesn't help youif handshaking is a scandal for you, see the door. Too much hellish nonsense going on for me to ever engage with an…
Retweeted by S.A.Cosby @GoshDarnMyLife This woman...ah makes my head hurt lol @michaelharriot Well Mike Hanlon survived IT @Ceez_Thameens @DoonerAnne @KatieArtigli Bernie poops on a Warren poster Warren supporter: hey clean that up ! B… @AustinYoshino @ApostasyPanda @DoonerAnne @KatieArtigli Doesn't matter to you but there are some kids in cages who it definitely matters to @dolgthvari @DoonerAnne @KatieArtigli So you really believe our country deserves 4 more years of Donald Trump ? Rea… @nikkidolson They filmed some scenes in my hometown once @BossaNovaaa I feel for you my friend. But you do do. @kthalps @shaunking Seriously Bernie is a good guy but he ain't a saint ... @kthalps @shaunking But it doesn't matter. Either he or Warren are better choices than Trump @kthalps @shaunking He would lie because A. He is human B. He knows it was a crappy thing to say C. He is a politician ... @HyapatiaLee My friend I am so sorry ...I'm praying for you and your healing @MMFlint Oh shut up. You should be asking why Bernie is lying @kellyekell @Drrramina Lena is totally a badass I bet
@SparrowsInkwell @AlecCizak Lol I'm just ribbing you my man . My favorite grunge band Soundgarden didnt get in either's right. Guess who's going to be on the coolest radio show in town THIS FRIDAY? -- ST…
Retweeted by S.A.CosbyAs true today as it was then @RWJesq @alex_segura @RWJesq @alex_segura Yes ! @BigDaddyThug @GoshDarnHisWife are vacillating about perhaps pre-ordering #BLACKTOPWASTELAND? Well @alex_segura thinks you should and really w…🌟📚🌟NEW DECADE, NEW LOGO🌟📚🌟 DRUMROLL...
Retweeted by S.A.Cosby @AmongTheZombies @LydianFaust My friend @AmongTheZombies says it a lot better than I did friend and fellow writer Jay Wilburn really nailed the issue here...just saying @kellyekell Damn you autocorrect!! @aimeehixauthor Girl my feet stink and I don't put the top on the mayonaise lol I am a fallible man whose reach exceeds my grasp 😂😂😂Just saying @rgay Dude!! Congratulations! @alex_segura @jgetzler @HGLiterary Congratulations my man!!!Kelley gets it @NikKorpon @GoshDarnMyLife I'm hoping a lot if it lol @gwtdiscofish No one is perfect. No one . And when we react with such vitriol and ferocity at the mere hint that o… @gwtdiscofish Here's the thing. Warren wasn't my first choice but in November it isn't just about me. Its about kid… @gwtdiscofish I wont demand anyone's vote. I would hope that if Trump is on the ballot and Bernie isn't that maybe… @gwtdiscofish But your insistence that she is lying ignores the possibility that maybe..just maybe Bernie is lying… @GoshDarnMyLife But I guess it does mat if you're some hipster hulahopp instructor or a cucumber co-OP director ano… @GoshDarnMyLife I mean it's just bewildering to me. Like in 2016 a berniebro didnt truly know how horrible a Trump… and gals are starting to sound a lot like T*ump supporters. Which in essence they are going to be if th… @KatieArtigli Bernie is an elderly white man. I think its entirely possible he said a woman couldnt win. What's rea… @TheGStands4Gets @sunbeanz @fightdenial @KyleKulinski She isn't lying. Thats the point. Tje tweet is trying to in a… you're going to intentionally be obtuse and ignore nuance and context because your hero made an awkward tweet t… @LydianFaust But in the big picture this doesn't matter. In two days it will be forgotten and we move on to the next social media event...