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Chaka Khan
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNALmao. Happy birthday to me. 🥴 woke up in my own bed, with a snoring dog, to read a million loving messages from friends and loved ones. I’ve or…
@LMGM What in the name of Ikea is this shit?! @manueky @Plastician Yeah. My family lost our home due to medical bills when the insurance got too expensive. It’s… @netfuel @mikeservito @blucu The original is sort of an Acapella no? It’s just her and rahzel @bencsmoke Also Whitney at 34? That’s just insane.I wasn’t quite emotionally prepared for this smooth jazz cover of the It’s A Sin by Pet Shop Boys playing at breakf… @harunferit I already donate all the money from my merchandise to those organisations and fundraise tirelessly. I c…
@Winclouduk @defqon1festival Holland is the place for that for sure! I love it here and I love that there’s a big hardcore scene too! @lovefingers Renew your vows immediately. It’s the worst song.The year is 2192. The British Prime Minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. No on…
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNA @harunferit @residentadvisor Read what I wrote. I play for brands all the time. That’s not the issue. This is diffe… just slept 13 hours straight, sitting up in bed. Just completely out and I think I’m going back to bed now. This… @I_Skream You da best baby. Stay in the zone!! @THEPALOMA Thank you mom. ❤️ @mikeservito People don’t know the struggle off the three band punch in EQ kills! Nuuuuumarrkkkkkkkkk!The song that'll end all wars
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNAOkurrrrrr. @houseofcocopdx She better don’t!Reunited and it feels so good. are no weekends when you’re a DJ
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNA @flufftronix @AlsywalsyAlan I thrived in unpopularity! Hahahahaha. I gotta be meeeeeeeeeee!
Super special for a feminist? You have exploded
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNA @AlsywalsyAlan’m telling you all, we’re coming off the bad timeline. Jackée is dragging Tulsi for free on the internet and it… @jesuisxtc Sadly no :( @aerielist @whetherbe @gaycellobitch Yeah I control the rights to about 1/10 of the music I’ve made. I don’t think… have never felt so seen in my life. Also here is Beezer. @daveweigel @lycheefrut Yes. @haaidj @MellaDee_ Bus. Bus. Train. No sleep..@si_bonobo will be playing tonight at @ADE_NL with @blackmadonnachi, @bradleyzero and others.…
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNAA note regarding Intersect Festival. -❤️ Madge Donald Trump did manage to call them in space. @queerbourhood @djsveta @madd_sarah You got it baby. @DJRobbieMartin You’re an angel. @djsveta @madd_sarah This is lovely and I love both of you a lot and can’t wait to see you both in March.
@AHSchwartz @pizzashua @hdt_hugh @lasvegasweekly You clearly do not believe me or you’d be listening to me instead… all means don’t wait for any actual information about the thing you’re outraged about. Don’t let the details or… @davidcorrell Looking at this I wouldn’t have known it was a show I was on. The promoters that booked me aren’t eve… @davidcorrell It says aws in the URL and that’s it I didn’t even know what that stood for till yesterday. The peopl… @AHSchwartz @pizzashua @hdt_hugh @lasvegasweekly If I saw this ad then I wouldn’t have known it was the same show.… @AHSchwartz @pizzashua @hdt_hugh @lasvegasweekly Are you hearing the words I’m typing. I didn’t see this. I do 150… @AHSchwartz @pizzashua @hdt_hugh It’s not even mentioned on the offer I received. Why would I ever think someone co… @AHSchwartz @pizzashua @hdt_hugh I never saw the branding for this until my name was attached. There are 100000000… @AHSchwartz @pizzashua @hdt_hugh Right. But we didn’t see this till you did. Which is when I responded. When I saw… @mbootyspoon (Help)
@_greggreid @residentadvisor I am :) My Choose Love tour is mainly smaller shows and in addition all my merch sales… @_greggreid @residentadvisor I fucking care. I care. Don’t forget it. @MarxMarv I’m gonna do a lot more than that my friend. @pmontoro We bout to find out!!!Shoutout to my husband who just brought me a pint of wine..@blackmadonnachi says she wasn't told that Amazon was behind Intersect Music Festival. "What. The. Fucking Fuck."
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNAIf you were shocked I’d play for Amazon, well that makes two of us. Please be patient and while I burn some bridges. Updates soon. @plurletariat @SOPHIEMSMSMSM @flyinglotus I absolutely denounce it and to reiterate, I have no idea what’s going on… @hdt_hugh Yeah. Uh. Would have been cool if any of us knew we were playing for them. Free scoop. @ilanabryne It’s on NONE of the offers or paperwork.My head is going to explode. I’m so furious right now.What. The. Fucking Fuck.Somebody got some splaining to do.What the fuck is this Amazon shit? I absolutely didn’t agree to this. Oh hell no.American gay artist Patrick Cowley produced thrilling, raw dance music, and @darkentries has devoted itself to rele…
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNAOwn up to loving American cheese, you cowards. @glorbis You got married in the same little room Vadim and I got married in. ;_____; @glorbis OH MY GLORB. YES. YES YES! @eric_cloutier Hold onto your butt. @eric_cloutier Bonkerstown @sheeeeeeezy @mikeservito ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @eric_cloutier Buckle up dude. You have an hour+++ left and it’s only gonna get more insane. @manueky Real Catholic shade right here.No group of people on earth changed my life more. I’m just proud to be a part of the story. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @LOUISAHHHh You’re getting hugged.🧖‍♀️💅’re spiralling further and further into the depths of hell so let’s dance or something is that right i’m tired
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNAOmg lord help us. RIP Elijah Cummings. What a terrible, unthinkable loss. @sea_kelly Yes.Sorry I won’t be able to attend any ADE meetings this weekend, because I would rather drink bleach than talk shop.… @ShawnReynaldo @genofeves I have heard nothing but magical reviews. I’m so excited. And Dan and Haai are going too so I got my hometown homies. Wooooo. @courtenlow You’re gonna love this.I am delighted to finally make it to India. So many people have written and asked when this would happen and I will…
E N E R G Y.
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNAMeet @blackmadonnachi:
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNA @JulianLeuthold LMAO. WHAT. @LMGM Menu sections: beige cuisine, unaggressive soups, lightly salted starches, toast of the day, apple juices. @dances Wait till whoever this is sees a picture of Mike Dean. @ScottKaplan_IMG I expected it. Those are deep personal roots for them. I respect their choices. I’m not sure it mo… out to my Reply Guys
Retweeted by THE BLACK MADONNAI like Castro. I hope he gets a cabinet position. He'd make a hell of a governor too. @loudersoft They think they want that smoked but he does not.Beto is at the beginning of a long career that I hope will take off when he drops out and starts his next phase in… @loudersoft *southern even @loudersoft I'm practicing my souther charm.This is something that cannot be said enough. Working class is not a synonym for whiteness. is a very good senator and I hope that she remains one for a long time to come.Pete making the bold move of running on a plan that abhors plans? @fysicaltherapy Art Vandalay!I am saying nice things about the debates tonight instead of type-screaming into void, reader. Please respect my…