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Hosts BP, David, Mari, Todd, & Slade talk all things #StarWars. From Ewoks to Toys, we’ve got you covered! New episodes every Friday. #BlackSquadron

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We were saddened to learn of the passing of conceptual designer Ron Cobb, who designed one of the most memorable ch…
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Normalize calling him Din Djarjn.Hope the first #MandoMonday went well for everybody. Did you get those preorders that you wanted? @jimmmers congratulations to all those who worked on #TheMandalorian for the seven Emmy wins. Every single one of the… NEED IT ALL
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastThe first round of #MandoMondays merch is already going to bleed me dry
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastI got 10 out of 10! How Well Do You Know The Mandalorian Season One
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastI figured we would get at least 4 seasons for #TheMandalorian, but the fact that it sounds like Giancarlo Esposito…
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastStar Wars merch drops are always fun because it involves beating the life out of my computer in order to have a chance to get anything
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastThis is very exciting!! #TheMandalorian #BlackSquadron! #TheMandalorian #BlackSquadron (📸: @bossksbounty) got to hang with Slade and Mari today. It was a great day! -BP #BlackSquadron
Will #TheMandalorian pull off an upset tonight and take home the #Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series?Happy Birthday 🎂🎉 BP @BlackSQDRNPod ! Have a great day and MTFBWY!
Retweeted by Black Squadron Podcast @Raza2594 I don’t want to toot our own horn but wish BP (@BlkSQDRNStudios) a very Happy Birthday today! @ludwiggoransson @Jon_Favreau @dave_filoni A well deserved win! Thank you for giving us such an amazing score for season 1. @dadnarok @PizzaAndParsecs It was a long time ago but I think it was Oddbody's music room. @KamoseMills Mentally? I’m here: to @LudwigGoransson and #TheMandalorian creative team on their Emmy® win for Outstanding Music Comp…
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@jtimsuggs No ones ever truly gone. @greggrunberg#BatmanDay
Retweeted by Black Squadron Podcast#BlackSquadron had an awesome time kicking off the start of season 2 and talking #StarWars with @BehindBucket last… @PizzaAndParsecs @dadnarok One of may favorite concerts ever. 2009 in Dayton Ohio. 200 people in a bar. Lzzy hugged… have been getting questions on where to find this Ahsoka hat. Well, BP makes them! If you want you reach out to h… you stop to get gas and end up getting more #Mandalorian things you don’t need.
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastAnd we’re LIVE!
#BlackSquadron is LIVE in one hour! We’re breaking down the latest #StarWars news and chatting with @BehindBucket @itpw Awesome! @BlackSQDRNPod Ordered mine yesterday 😉✅👍🏻 Will look great next to the Jedi Fallen Order one. — Black Five; #BSPCrew
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Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastOh my Goodness is this beautiful! @BlackSQDRNPod @BlkSQDRNStudios @_BrobiWanKenobi @_MikeSlade @Frostybritchez @toddnosebest
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastVote for the next saber! #GalaxysEdge #StarWars #BlackSquadron wings report in tonight at 8pm EST! Black Squadron is back and we’re chatting with @BehindBucket for the big r… 1-year!
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Retweeted by Black Squadron Podcast @ScarifPodcast Thank you! marks One Year of The Black Squadron Podcast! Thank you to everyone that listens, supports our show, and inte… @PizzaAndParsecs @JimLevine15 Shirt is available!
@PopVinyls Well you're in luck! we prepare to start season 2 I wanted to remind you to listen to our interview with @ethanjsacks and then go buy… we make this a shirt and/or pin?! #AhsokaTano #CloneWars ONE pin left!!, I didnt forget you Dark Siders! new BSP Designs just hit the shop! This one is for the A-Wing & B-Wing Lovers! #StarWars Shirt & Merch sales he… @ethanjsacks That’s fair.Tomorrow night we are joined LIVE by @BehindBucket for our Season 2 premiere! Make sure to click the link below to… @ethanjsacks what have you done to the band?! have a SUPER limited number of BSP acrylic pins for sale! $8 shipped! @RoGazga Well DM me your address and I’ll mail Ro......RO. -BPShout out to @JediKoenwulf for the bday package! -BP and preview for the upcoming (February 9, 2021) STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Disney Die-Cut Classi…
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastDarth Vader #5, in stores today!
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastLet #TheMandalorin Emmys keep on rolling in! #Emmys2020 very well deserved win! Congratulations to all those who contributed to the amazing special effects in the…
Awesome new design from Heroes and Villains! #StarWars out this unboxing video! Oh, and subscribe! #StarWars #TheLastJedi #Funko who’s planning on joining these droids for a new #StarWars adventure? @jrobertdeans @BlkSQDRNStudios I’d tag along for that -BPBeautiful trailer has us hyped for Season 2! What kind of adventures do you hope to see Mando and The Child g… breaking down #TheMandalorianseason2 trailer.. And we’re loving every minute of it! that a helmet? #TheMandalorian to know Cobb. #TheMandalorian Child aka Baby Yoda #SketchCard #TheMandalorian #TheMandalorianseason2
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastWhat a great cover! #StarWarsComics
I can’t wait to add both of these to my collection
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Retweeted by Black Squadron Podcast😍😍😍😍😍😍 have a stack of Star Wars books and unclaimed @greggrunberg signed stickers to give away once we hit 800 followe… you thought I talked too much about #TheMandalorian before, you’re in for quite the experience. Excited to talk…
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastWe are super excited to add @toddnosebest as a new host of the Black Squadron Podcast! Help us welcome him to the t…🙌
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastWhile we have been on our break between seasons (return 9/18, btw) we can’t thank you enough for the support for ou… @blast_points That many Quarren it almost has to be Dac.I think the water planet they are on is Dac. #TheMandalorian -BP
Yes please. NYCC
@Sam_Levine Not yet! @Sam_Levine Ha! Available this Friday in Hasbro Pulse. @ApprenticeEwok #TheEwokAgendaNew packaging images of the Star Wars: The Black Series Heroes of Endor Figure Set, will be available exclusively o…
😮 hang!
I just texted @Frostybritchez 10 consecutive GIFs. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ - BP @alex_segura @_MikeSlade has an awesome project he’s working on!
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Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastShout out to our 50 new followers that we got today!’s simple. Don’t be a creep to woman. That’s not cool. anyone help him out? (@_MikeSlade) flexing his Thrawn collection! @BlackSQDRNPod @iameldiablito I know!! I love this fig, i love all the attention to detail, so rad!
Retweeted by Black Squadron PodcastGeneral Grevious would be so proud. #AFineAddition #Lightsabers
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