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Host: BP, David, Kam & Slade. We talk all things Star Wars! Our Star Wars News Segment is powered by @farfarawaynews1

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We are luminous beings!
@jedifangirl We’ve never used it (or heard of it!) but are interested! @SWSplashPagePod Yes! Underrated comics! -BPOh!! Awesome!!! other podcast looking for a guest for an episode or live stream the BSP crew is willing and ready! Let us know! @laceygilleran @laceygilleran You should start a podcast 😂Bly looking good! Anyone collect Black Series? Let’s see’em! #StarWars #CloneWars a winner TONIGHT!! Enter now!! #starwars @4LOMKUSS @SWCollecting We desperately miss th me 3.75” line... @TheBlondeTweets I want the new Edge shirt! -BPRemember, If it’s not .... oh never mind.... dropped a new exclusive photo from the upcoming 7th season of #TheCloneWars! Loving the look of those unique pai…
To everyone who has listened, followed, subscribed, rated, interacted. THANK YOU! #StarWars we're still looking at doing a once a month book review! Once we compile a few choices we will put up a poll onc…
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Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcast... a Sunday #StarWars Podcast Playlist @Toomedtoo ... started with @ThatBMCPod @TwinSunsOutpost @SalIMakeMusic
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Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcastKeeping this open for a few more days!! @MattGordon2019 @MWookieWarrior Wars. Amirite?!Okay, but where can I get that First Order fleece vest? @_EricPfeifer @Topps @K_2SBRO 😍 @John11874847 Chrome, no. I did see a sew KOR black series up for pre-order on amazon. @BlackSQDRNPod Have a lot of the cast but this is my favourite
Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcastWhen we’re these announced? We consider ourselves “in the know” when it comes to SW toys but we don’t recall them! @andyjedi16 @SWCollecting @StarWarsFanGirl @MaraRanger @yak_face @darth_swlove03 @WDWjedimaster @C43DU5 @thebidbod
We are BACK! Starting tomorrow, we have a TON of amazing content all next week that will give you the #StarWars fix…
Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcast @BlackSQDRNPod Erm Billy Dee, Ian McDiarmid, Dennis Lawson, Mads Mikkelsen, Jeremey Bulloch to name a few
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Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcast @galahadly_ @theGALacticPod @ek_johnston (Make sure you’re following 😉)It's time for our 400 follower giveaway! We are giving away a hard cover Queens Shadow by @ek_johnston!! To enter:… @BlackSQDRNPod My Star Wars autographs so far: Peter Mayhew, David Prowse, Kenny Baker, Anthony Daniels, Jeremy Bul…
Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcast @BlackSQDRNPod When Han meets Chewie. And #MakeSolo2Happen ❤❤😁😁
Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcastWe have some giveaways coming up! @BlackSQDRNPod Train Heist. And the entire third act. And the entire movie really.
Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcastGet an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK at the next wave of @hasbro #StarWars #VintageCollection action figures! This is the wa…
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Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcast @BlackSQDRNPod I was lucky to meet Timothy Zahn in person at the New Mexico Comic Expo and had got the Chuck Wendig…
Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcastDo you have Star Wars signatures?! special review episode of The Legends of Luke Skywalker The Manga led by @JediKoenwulf five it a listen!… @ScarifPodcast Pretty sure they’re trolls.Swwooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn! @VIZMedia was kind enough to send us a copy of Star Wars Legends of Luke Skywalker The Manga to review! Our review…
@BlackSQDRNPod @ChristopherSean Kazuda Xiono is a Great Character and easily my Favorite in the series. Gorgs are p…
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Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcastSee that Mando?! Season 2 comes to #DisneyPlus on 2/25! Who’s your favorite character from the show? Use a gif t… @darkjedi2552 new followers (and classic ones 😘) subscribe and take a listen to our podcast! Who knows. You may like it! be clear, I believe Ewan over any other rumor surrounding Kenobi. @CloneCommando74 Ewan confirmed all rumors of cancellations and delays are just that - rumors. @justin011691 Were you like this? after me! “If it’s not on Star Wars dot com, it’s not real’” #starwars #Kenobi @VaderRappina @jjmfaraway Highly recommendedChannel some of this energy into getting @jjmfaraway phenomenal book: Kenobi. @Zeekmcollins @PrydeSkywalker this April! 104 pages of @johntylerchris Action Figure Variant collection! #StarWars #ComicBooks @BlackSQDRNPod #EndorLeia
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Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcast @ClashingSabers Same, lol @chintzybeatnik 😍😍😍😍Missing our Princess tonight. What’s your favorite Leia moment? Reply with pics and/gifs! #StarWars #Leia @loveandsnuggles Gurl. Same.
Again. If it’s not on Star Wars dot come. It’s not real.How many likes can this veteran fly boy get for blowing something up?! #poedameron #starwars Sideshow Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard) Sixth Scale Figure
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Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcast @gmfwilly Poe. Dameron. @MichaelMoreci @IDWPublishing Count us in as EXCITED for Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars – Battle Tales! Looki… I'm writing a brand-new Star Wars series-- CLONE WARS: BATTLE TALES !!! 5 issues (from…
Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcastJust announced! CLONE WARS: BATTLE TALES, a five part weekly mini-series released by @IDWPublishing and written by… stores 1/29! Star Wars Adventures #30! We hang out with Kylo and Hux, who are mean to each other of course, and…
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Retweeted by BlackSquadronPodcastSo. We hit 300 and 400 followers in the past 7 days. That's amazing! Wonder if we can get to 500 by THIS SUNDAY?!… Gallery of Markia Cresta's Character studio Art via StarWars dot com! #DrAphra #StarWars Dr. Aprha arrives April… Aphra #1 Cover revealed! Call your local shop and order your copy. Arrives April 2020! #DrAphra @BlackSQDRNPod
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