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Corporate Finance. Writer @traveltear , @foodgravy. Baking enthusiast.

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@NameFieldmt @soppiekannu Ya. I never thought I'd be looking at the eyes of a man with abs.Do you know your 'honeys' from your 'naturals'? Discover the rich story behind a specialty cup of coffee:…
Retweeted by kthis thread. 😱Where is this EVP film city ? Update 4 for 2020: Country risk and currency questions are often conflated in valuation & investment analysis…
Retweeted by kLadies, here you go. You’re welcome!
Retweeted by k @DimpledJalebi no I'm with you. I don't find it amusing at at all. @_tharkuri haha that changes everything @_tharkuri did they delete that tweet. can't see it now? @sushiee_s L'oreal One Million - for a natural look, Loreal Lash Paradise or Maybelline Colossal for clumpier look. @VisualCap Africa truly can feed the whole world.Mapped: The True Size of Africa 🌍
Retweeted by k @rabhinderkannan what's the big secret. Everyone knows I'm the millennial kannagi @rabhinderkannan I get so SO angry when I hear the words keto and intermittent fasting. Don't wake the sleeping pi… @mallugrapher @curiouscubist what an idea sirjiRare to see a CEO dance and have fun in an office setting. That’s the way to create a happy culture @DipaliGoenka
Retweeted by kManmohan Singh says the Modi government does not acknowledge the word “slowdown” and the real danger is that if pro…
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@yamsivam Here is where? @yamsivam Insane. That's really lovely of them. @yamsivam Wow. @poisonaavi habbada. finally someone said itOur chefs put the finishing touches on their scrumptious chocolate creations at @Gulfood There’s just one day left…
Retweeted by k @pizzapurist brinjal raita as well @serendiptii @pizzapurist what the hell @filtercoffee It's one of the four books on Rajni I have. And two have Baasha cover. @cycle_soosai like how to go from dull divya to dhool divya in 3minutesMy cookbook comes out in a few months. Are you guys ready ? @ajit_bhaskar wah wah @_tharkuri 😍😍 well now someone has ! @krithikasivasw it's twitter. not a national award. everyone is here for fun. @joybhattacharj @ChiniZyaada 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Manufacturing in China has taken a hit due to the deadly Coronavirus. These are the companies that have been impact…
Retweeted by kMarkets aren’t pricing in the full impact of #CoronavirusOutbreak, despite the fact that data from China isn’t very…
Retweeted by k @pizzapurist @CIshwarya or any formals. I hate this casuals to work culture. eye candy. Everyone looks l… is how fast green tea should melt the thigh fat... @milified :( I also want one that suits dark-dusky skin. I bought a few that would match an RSS flag orange. @Velvetyvirgo Eats too much is also bad girl. Eats too less is also bad girl . Just eats is a man.List of great books on history of international monetary and financial system. Put together over time for my PhD cl…
Retweeted by kJeff Bezos didn’t “donate” $10B to “fight climate change” he’s setting up a $10B venture called the “Bezos Earth Fu…
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Me figuring out one photo for DP out of 1000 photos clicked!
Retweeted by k @evolvingpotato dont attack me like this @KTVTAMIL who s behind this handle. 😭 @saffrontrail is that kombucha @lavsmohan how much is the membership for @JDMayger @economics Thank you @JDMayger @economics Where can I get China's Export /Import Commodity data since the outbreak ? @milified @_tharkuri theyre all there on nykaa now ? @_tharkuri @milified use a rose water spray ? You maybe blocking the pores. @milified VLCC issa nice. Also Skin Aqua. @thatbongette Rofl. @ajaybaskar Organic, gluten free, vegan pizza. How millennial of me, Ajay. @nadhiyamali @hada__chalada @surekhapillai me? <3 @_tharkuri Can never work on Google docs. Microsoft OneNote, Evernote (not using now) and final copy in Word @WhiskeyOnCoffee @biryanipunani @pizzapurist @snoudini I know we won't even go to Bangalore..Summa scene. @saffrontrail OOhh that window seat <3 @Nivi_Sid @Swez_S @soppiekannu @NameFieldmt @Chinmayi @anoosrini @saffrontrail @nandiniv @anu_hasan @lavsmohan <3 Nivi
@siobhanheanue @RanaAyyub he'll get one along with a huge sum of money as dowry @evolvingpotato BTW. No, thanks to your thittu...... I'm sleeping on time like a new born baby and with my phone i… @evolvingpotato mad at you ?? and which talent are you talking about ? His 2 inch hair above the scalp ? I'd say t… @evolvingpotato pls DM me gossip. I need to sleep tonight. @ChiniZyaada I watched Pati patni aur woh and tried staring hard at him just to see if I'll find him even remotely… @Kalsekhar @MumbaiCentral military and sports? ok @rabhinderkannan Oh thank u. Shall. @Erroristotle what an asswipe @ankitsoni @MumbaiCentral or acid @MumbaiCentral Pretty rich of him to expect this little when he doesn't even have a job .... @ChiniZyaada for srinidhi a? @poisonaavi @Gunmaster_G9 no we both same stall. no competition. As long as we don't eat it ourselves competition, in which case, I'll win. @poisonaavi it looks great for a first try !!! @poisonaavi @Gunmaster_G9 I want to put table oru orama @poisonaavi besh besh . how was it @NameFieldmt @smbijili tinder profile ah @_curses pls tel how. @MoiSherni mam - HOW! @ShanCSKNo7 Go ask your father if he ate it. @NameFieldmt @Prashanth_Krish @rj_manutd No fusion. It's literally hot rasam. @Sriamb I've been using hot bags..... @rj_manutd Rasam in a martini glass. Be changed forever. @DimitarBechev what style of neck is that. with a zipper at the neck ? @ChiniZyaada oh why @daniela__luiza anna tower @ieEntertainment @Siva_Kartikeyan I hope he is playing a trichologist. @panjamirtham which is your favourite chocolate cake. Anything except the hershey' s last step le hot water recipe. @panjamirtham <3 @_curses @panjamirtham abishtu @panjamirtham pls tell me your fav baking recipes. I shall tell mine. @_curses @panjamirtham enge irunthu. ....engayo ... @poisonaavi can't wait to read the block chain article and unrelated question, have you read @tasty 's choco chip cookie recipe. @evolvingpotato I look at dhanush fans that way
Sowcarpet food walk is now live on @Airbnb experiences in Chennai 😊 Let's see how this goes 👍
Retweeted by k @_vigneshr how's this place? Is it linked to black pearl ? @jiljilramamani pushed to next weekend 😍 @Vinodh_V uack @Vinodh_V posh @rj_manutd Milo dinosaur*
@BinLaydy 😍 @ballava_ thanks abhi @hsegoYAS not as much as your hinge experience thread. severe lol that was. @venkkeyy whattodo I'm basic. I call it darboos. @captain_catpain Thank you. Huge fan of your illustrations:)