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No kap, the fit trash told niggaz he was having a good year before the bubble lol the fuckin ball niggaWhat a layup package
@hennyhardaway91 😂😂WHITE COPS SHOOTING BLACK WOMEN IN BED AND THIS WHAT YALL PULL? time to go live that’s when the Lakers play
Retweeted by Pierre @NaarChalant Its a fact lol @NaarChalant Nigga i dated Black Women in High School what are you talking about lol. I just didnt women at North a… the only place I seent folks stir macaroni and cheese when it’s done
Retweeted by PierreThis Album is a CLASSIC most DISRESPECTED person on earth is THE BLACK WOMAN! I promise you I’ll do my best to change this as much as I…
Retweeted by Pierre“12 million should make them shutup”
Retweeted by PierreThis was disturbing“12 million should make them shutup”Again. Pro bono services for arrested protestors. See you outside tonight.
Retweeted by PierreTeyana Taylor ate on “made it”
Whole world hates Black women
Retweeted by PierreWalmart sells insulin for 25 dollars over the counter. I Wished More people would share this. It could save a family or friends life.
Retweeted by Pierre @trockstarrr Just watch.Kentucky will be in flamesJustice was not served Gotta be kidding meI really be in my own head making shit upIf Trump wins stocks will SKY ROCKET, If Biden wins it will fall. Take the informationA banger you 25 and not worried about your retirement. You doing it all wrong. @Nnamdi14108597 @britneemoniquee @tylerrrr0711 @Im_TheFather What? LmaoSLAM MAGAZINE , i was 7. This was my first cover of ‘99 want wingstopThe championship hitting the side of the back board sent me Smoked 3’s by KCP and KUZKuz gotta hit that manKCP gotta make that three manRondo defense is Wild right now @KingElgin12 Exceed expectationAD trippedThey gone Flame AD up for his rebounding on TNT tonightDenver had to get oneJamal Murray be in his damn bagWhat a Cover! defend her like i defend Kobe, try me. yeah , show ya rightIm fucking crying😂 i need to know if she around😂 more Space movies in my lifeFeels so good outside in CA right nowNot watching won’t change the fact that the lakers 6 games away from banner 17 lmaoooooooo
Retweeted by Pierre @JeffreeStar $shawnpierre12My TV mom just joined Twitter? I will now be on my absolute BEST behavior...
Retweeted by Pierre
Aye fam, i dont know you but i like to Black People know their worth! You got a supporter in CA! in Hollywood wanna come ?watch this Laker game and go up a bit???.@marcelluswiley you’re hurt. forsure did. His whole mid range package he got from Mamba but PG i dont what he was doin in class😂 @britneemoniquee @tylerrrr0711 @Im_TheFather Her mom is Indian and her dad is Jamaican. Go fact check @MissKilahMarie @JReneex Whens the announcement ? @DevvDaDude Went up!!! @RabbiSabbath Lol it still cant be bothering you like that bro .Bruh it literally cant be bothering you that much lol @britneemoniquee Thats Kap. Her daddy Jamaican . @TheBarrintonExp No kap @MichaelJordyn2 Couldnt have cuz he got abused all series @itsashleywafer Straight up😂Im crying lmao @itsashleywafer Its an old place lmao. I got nothing to do with it @ThatyngByrd Who dont? LmaoThe snooty fox😂 throw my phone away😂 @WhoIsLeJerion This is @_Immxculate YOU? 🧐
Retweeted by Pierre @CashiusGreen Niggaz only go to Victorville when they driving to VegasSlavery has entered the chat
Retweeted by PierreBruh if you been a Laker fan, this gives you chills need a wax/sugar service, vajacial, facial or butt facial???? If so text 3105082896 and if not please just…
Retweeted by PierreYa moms a hoe @castingshadowss Man i gotta stop lmao @castingshadowss 😂😂😂😂My cousin posting his weak ass meals again @LondinoHoops Oook lol id just have to fight before i put any Clipper apparel on @LondinoHoops Lmao @joebillions_ LmaoYou’re sick pick both is killing the Saints defense lmaoYour fucking kidding me?????? @LondinoHoops this ya mans????? wait til Fall comes and it starts getting cold so i can start wearing my Fall Clothes. BEANIE WITH A MASKDead ass aint even fair @Zendaya’all feelings gon be hurt when y’all realize this ain’t just a 1 year run for Bron and AD lol roster gon be approved next year and beyond.
Retweeted by Pierre @_GoDrEw @Lakers Theres no way
@_GoDrEw @Lakers I dont even want him anymore Drew lolso it went from “Blazers are the most dangerous 8th seed in NBA history” & “who on the Lakers will defend Harden &…
Retweeted by Pierre @RodghStewart4 No doubt @RabbiSabbath We just would have got Kawhi till this year. @DevvDaDude They are lmaoBut not this spot id never see the day😂 me help you retire comfortably