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Blaine Kasten @blainekasten Minneapolis, MN

Working on a new project 🤫, Building on @AdioApp on the side, formerly @gatsbyjs @formidablelabs @HudlEngineering. I used to make records

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@jamescalviniv looking forward to those days... 😅 @fritzy Absolutely 💯. I need to get a counselor 😅 @hashim_warren @calcsam @4lpine You might be pulling ahead in the "best dad" race here.. 🤗 @LizzWhitacre LIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ @stuffmattdoesnt This is solid advice, thanks for sharing! My kiddos aren't that old yet - but they still love bedtime books. @4lpine Routines are good. We need more of that. What time do your kids go to bed? Seems like that list of activiti… @WebInspectInc Yeah. I've been doing that. But no i'm getting burnt out on nighttime content consumption 🙃 @chantastic I like to think of myself as the chill parent who absolutely loses my shit at bedtime @chantastic Thats a cool idea - we should get them out of our room so we can do that 😅 @richardiii @the_real_stacie @ken_wheeler please continue 🍿 @DJNewStyle 👀 video or it didn't happen @the_real_stacie @ken_wheeler @amandaharlin I suppose the timing of this tweet is relevant to how many replies I'm getting 😅 @NathanPreheim 💕 How'd you overcome? or did it just get easier with time/aging? @ken_wheeler lol i stumbled across a song on your sound cloud the other day related to this... 😅 @5imian 🤣🤣🤣 @justinjunodev Twins sounds like a nightmare. But also an optimization (lol). I can't even imagine bedtime though... 😅 @jongold scoffffffff 😅 @chaseadamsio I know you'll be too humble about this - but you are inspiring all the time ✌️Do any other parents struggle -emotionally- with putting the kids to bed? I feel very anxious and annoyed every ti…
Are swift enums actually represented as strings? or is the internal structure something else? e.g. can I do "foo"… @chatsidhartha @rogie @ascorbic I'm offended. I baked you a cake once @rawrawrmonstar @TartanLlama omg so precious. I freaking love pugs. ugh so jealous @rawrawrmonstar @TartanLlama Typos left on purpose cause I’m this excited! @rawrawrmonstar @TartanLlama YPU HAVE A PUG ABC WE BEVER TALKED SBOUT THIS?!?? @kylecesmat I thought you were more opinionated :P Thanks though, this is a helpful start! @kylecesmat remind me! I rem better or em? Or something else for fonts and padding’s and margins and sizes of all sorts lol
@chatsidhartha @hashim_warren So freaking adorable though 🤗 @hashim_warren Yeah... I will absolutely concede that you are a damn good father from what I can tell. Proud that y… @hashim_warren Do we need to start this fight again Hashim her. She was my manager at Gatsby, and she is truly incredible. I wish I could hire her to be my manager again! @laurieontech @chatsidhartha @ascorbic Watch your back Laurie 😈 @carlos_paelinck “Case”
@linnjsdev Yeah, it's like overwhelming.. I would have rather had incremental updates to get to this UI.Oh yay, I got the new facebook. Wait, not yay, this product still sucks @mgrantmusic ALSO WTF ELLA'S 11?!?! @mgrantmusic That marks today a good day.
@zachleat @secos @jbrancha Don't tell anyone I said this @secos @jbrancha In some ways, website from 2008 were better than websites today. Like, less javascript 😅It's really weird to see a ship actually sink. But not a literal ship..If you’re on the Roadtrip testflight and didn’t get the username you wanted, now’s your chance 🚨 Build #111 aka Sc…
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Shouldn't the compiler understand this code to know that the variable is no longer nullable? ``` let foo: Foo? if…'s type system is kinda dumb. Like TypeScript can infer types presence vs optionality better. @hronro I 100% forgot that even existed. I mean there are other package managers even still.. none of them that are…
@Matt_Hova Totally. Never know if ecosystem changes will be beneficial or not in JS land..
@monasticpanic Solid explanation. I'm assuming npm has little interest in supporting workspacesSo as of today, what's the better option? Would love reasons to be listed in responses.Today's request for @github. Crossing fingers 🤞
Retweeted by Blaine KastenFinished the book essentialism yesterday. It was encouraging to realize I already am mostly an essentialist and the… @4lpine @jongold Minnesota North Shore
@superbium Microdosing - haven’t personally done it though @weirdEL Haha no. It was in an empty shed lol @iamdustan Not at home this weekend @kylecesmat Didn’t get any pics of the scene. But here’s a pic of my side 😂 @Matt_Hova Definitely body. I laughed too hard for pride to be hurt 😅 @5imian Missed opportunity 🤪 @mgrantmusic Not fun. My rib prevented a total birth
Y’all I just fell through a ceiling like Tim the Tool-man AMA @skies_vince Woo boo! @laurieontech Laurie, are you sure though?This music video from Pharrell Williams is so damn good.
@laurieontech @RocketLeague It's like an Objective C variable! @laurieontech @RocketLeague Well it was originally called "Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars", but ye… @JoshWComeau @RocketLeague Yeah.. the easy things are like hard now :( I had no idea you played! What rank??The designs in the new @RocketLeague are terrible. I don't think they have any UX designers on their teams.. @mgrantmusic Do you wake up in the night a lot? Or do you just feel more rested this way? I have no problem falling… @codyjpeck Yes, that’s great! I sat on my porch with a fire for like 2 hours during work today ✌🏻
So what's new in the biohacking world? @iamdustan Get 100k followers on tiktok then yes @_rogerogden @taylorbell Do any of them want a new fully remote job? 😅 @brian_d_vaughn mmmm penicillin @iamdustan One of my friends works at ZVEX EffectsSo how do I find #iosdev's to hire? I found a ton of great designers, but hardly any iOS developers. Maybe hashtags will work @iamdustan Cc @mgrantmusic
@jongold Yeah that was underwhelming @tylbar That's amazing. Proud of you and your community. That is so impressive @tylbar You're alive! I thought you got arrested 😅So are all the designers in the eastern hemisphere?! I'm so happy to be getting DMs from the whole world - I am ju… @mehrariyaan9 Damn. Had no idea they were private 😳 Open now!
@chatsidhartha Yeah, that’s true ❤️ @chatsidhartha What is your lat/lng right now!Hey friends ✌️ I'm hiring a product designer and an iOS engineer for an extremely early stage startup. If you're a… @rbroshar @robertjweber I thought of a question I would have asked during TCSW if I wasn't so fixed on getting pizz…'ve been benefiting from this incubator for the last 2 years with @AdioApp, I can absolutely testify to the wonde… @laurieontech This is solid content
@laurieontech @mxstbr I’ll take left then 😆 @mxstbr MAX THIS IS NOT REAL @jbrancha Damn man. You’re doing MN right. We probably crossed each other on I35 today. We just got back from campi…
@freiksenet hey i found Finland Minnesota absolutely rivals Colorado for beautiful nature. @jbrancha Welcome to the best state! ✌🏻 @jongold Made a ton of progress on @AdioApp. Grew our team from 2-5. Going to launch MVP product soonThe black sand beach in Minnesota is truly next level. Felt like being back in Washington @erchwy That’s incredible! I never would have thought Canadians would have known about our north shore since y’all are like.. more north 😅 @erchwy That’s it! We’re up by Tettegouche! Have you been to the boundary waters?? @hashim_warren Haha well played @amacarthur Yup! This place is lovely 😊The North Shore is beautiful today.
@JacobMGEvans @laurieontech It's called a therapist. Everyone should have one