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writer, comedian, not that guy's actual wife. black lives matter. mgmt: rep: ICM.

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@cfree94 You answered correctly bby don’t be ashamedThis election should NOT BE this close!!! The America I live in believes that Sledgehammer is a Very Horny™️ song 🇺🇸
@waltshaub yeah well i needed a JOBthanks jon voight for letting me hold your cue cards! hope i did okay! @toymachinesh i'm sorry :(Lea is my fairy godmother @ruminoid YOU ALMOST GOT ME @ruminoid not familiar with Felix but did a search and don’t see it? can you show me? I’ll be happy to take it downThis Is Us but the dad doesn’t die, he just gets super into qanon & it’s called This Is SusLol I like to imagine that in the first pic he’s like “Not you Eric! Stay on the plane!” And then in the second pic… little about me
Retweeted by blaire erskineMy first tv guest spot! are two genres of christmas music. “gather at grandma’s for hot cocoa” and “I am so horny I want to die.”
Retweeted by blaire erskineWe should all be more like KourtneyCan’t stop thinking about this
@PKhakpour His name was Sport!!! @karen_smith26 I am very funny and very healthy and very attractive and very much not in need of any help thanks!anytime I start to feel like too much of a city kid I look at this picture of little blaire bottle feeding her pet…
Retweeted by blaire erskinesince y’all don’t understand how to be friends with somebody after a break up. here’s what maturity looks like:
Retweeted by blaire erskine @Bowl_of_Worcel @mtgreenee Marjorie blocked me which is a badge of honor honestly EXCEPT now I can’t see the dumb s… @waltshaub’m grateful my granddaughter @blaireerskine is probably kidding.
Retweeted by blaire erskine
“sweet baby angel Kelly Stafford apologized for dismissing frontline workers and the 260k Americans who have died f… @PopCulture sorry for “targeting” your queen lolol @Backstage @sarahcpr 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 @AnandWrites Proud!!!!don’t usually do this but I feel like nikolas here deserves some attention 😇 @nikolasherron what the fuck kind of piece of shit comment is this @deadeyebrakeman very important work you all are doing god bless @THEAndyHarris
What is Joe Biden’s plan to stop recipe bloggers from telling a long, unskippable, mostly unrelated childhood memor…
Retweeted by blaire erskinethis is just something I read in Zoobooks! @waltshaub sorry for TELLING THE TRUTH @MitneyBitme they need to know @Osariik sorry you had to hear it from meif clifford humped your leg you'd diePlease donate to your local food bank to help food insecure people get the meals they need!!!! If you don’t know yo… Patriots BOYCOTT THANKSGIVING for Donald Trump 🇺🇸
I told you the smear ads were coming, but Georgians will see Sen. @Kloeffler’s ads for what they are.
Retweeted by blaire erskine @caylapriest reporting this!!!!!!!!!! @SteveMontyro @anylaurie16 Steve this isn’t true, I try so hard :(Haven’t talked about how much I love @makesgoodsoup in a while so allow me to make up for it with this bedtime story to @_mcchris and register to vote in the GA runoff elections by December 7! Now if you’ll EXCUSE ME I have t… @thereidout @JoyAnnReid damn I love you @JoyAnnReid @briantylercohen @RexChapman Brian this isn’t my mom actually I’m from Georgiabody shaming is bad but i’m feeling bad todayrepublichins™️ @Sfanolis1 this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, oh my god. thank you for sharing this with me 😍Oh my god MY HEART 😍
caleb’s four year old asked me this as well! looks like many different things and a turkey is not one of themwho at made this
@BKINGBLINGBLING lol I can’t stop laughing at this damni work at a coffee shop and my boss bought a bluetooth speaker for us to play music, after setting it up he searche…
Retweeted by blaire erskine🥴 @anthonycwalker 😭 this is the sweetest thing - right back at you!!!! all of it!she just said “georgia’s probably gonna be the first state i’m gonna blow up” and honestly we’d all LOVE to see her… would be a great time to send some extra $$$ @ReverendWarnock’s way! to Kelly Loeffler for being more conservative AND more COVID positive than Attila the Hun @khetrick79 Weird question but as a white person I’ve known this for most of my life @Bookmeister54 I’m so so sorry. It’s not fair. Fuck.does tonight suck for EVERYONE or am I special @LeaKThompson everybody stay home so @LeaKThompson and I can HUG pleaseWhat are y’all doing 🙃
he sounds @niccolethurman Haaaaaahahahahahahawhen you just found out you have a son donald:
Retweeted by blaire erskine @andyhicken I wish we could go backthank you @andyhicken for pointing out that I 1000% ripped off this genius Kids in the Hall sketch 😭 my apologies t… @andyhicken but TECHNICALLY Emily Murphy ripped them off first just saying ;) @andyhicken oh fuck I love Kids In the Hall! I’d completely forgotten about his hahaha noooooooo. my apologies to C… Georgia voters need to *WRITE IN* Donald J Trump for the Senate run-off, that way we'll *own the libs* -…
Retweeted by blaire erskine @Bowl_of_Worcel if libs let us have books @Bowl_of_Worcel you’re gonna be in the history booksthis was last month so the toys are 100% destroyed now but still 😍brought my mom’s dog some toys and he was so proud 🥺 @betocratforever @SyedOusman this is the love we all deserve @Wolfrum Did she get the biscuits???? @Wolfrum WHATjust so we’re clear I would 1000% say yes at a Red Lobster in Brooklyn!!!!!! for this person who thinks I have more than one character lol would like to address the rumors and make it clear that this is not me, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a guy wear…
Retweeted by blaire erskine @TheWilderThings dead @return_carriage that’s exactly where they are 🤣this is killing me compelled to give @WestonDion my number the other day and now I know it was so he could TEXT ME IN ALL CAPS FR… @calebsaysthings thank youpsa if youre a shit talking director make sure to mute ur shit on zoom mtgings
Retweeted by blaire erskine @deadeyebrakeman @ninjaaron_0 @PaulOliverSays a glamour model would def stifle discourse @ninjaaron_0 @PaulOliverSays @deadeyebrakeman hey guys what the FUCK IS GOING ON IN THESE COMMENTS lololol 😩today keeps on giving @bluestein Stop 😩🤣as divided as we are sometimes, it’s heartwarming to see us come together, leave our differences at the door, and absolutely dunk on Don Jr.
this is dumb I love itgive him some ~rejunioron~ @Chris_Meloni I’ll be waiting for you and Billy Barr at the end of the money trail like a cash leprechaun 💰 @Chris_Meloni You tell me, DETECTIVEWow Rick Scott’s daughter just posted this on Instagram for GSA chief Emily Murphy gives update on her ascertainment