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Black + Queer + Muslim. You are welcome here. She/Her. Historian. Author of #MakingOurWayHome & @modernherstory ✉️👉🏼@corpusren or

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This Thanksgiving the descendants of colonizers will gather in remembrance of an event that never happened spreadin…
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus Imani"If the truth hurts then you'll be in pain."
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniHappy Birthday, @MarkRuffalo 💙Yeah, Twitter is kind of miserable. @TheMightyQuill Caligula also murdered hella people, that's stomach turning to any humanist historian I thinkBeing a historian of United States history often makes me sick to my stomach.This Thanksgiving the descendants of colonizers will gather in remembrance of an event that never happened spreadin… will continue to repeat itself so long as the oppressors are the ones writing it.
“We are how we behave toward each other.” - Gloria SteinemWatching the recap of my #FTwomen interview with Gloria Steinem 🥰✨ My parents are massively proud 💕✨ @earthIyfairy I’m always on IG 🥰I’ve uninstalled the app and I’m working on being off of here unless it’s to live tweet a current eventTwitter is so detrimental to my personal mental health.
The success of black lives matter does not detract from the success of feminism, or vice versa. It's not one or the…
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniI just finished my talk with Gloria Steinem and during the talk she said I’m better at explaining the points she wo… with @BlairImani was one of the highlights of my life💛 Watch her video she made for #TransAwarenessWeek
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniHo iniziato a collaborare con @bazaaritalia, per cui ho raccontato @BlairImani, attivista black, queer, musulmana d…
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniEvents career highlight to have managed to get @GloriaSteinem and @BlairImani on stage with @gilliantett — such an…
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus Imani @BlairImani You can please some of the people all the time.... You can please all the people some of the time.... B…
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniRemember that this chaotic world wants you to be in chaos. Resist and find your sense of wholeness. Believe that wholeness is possible. @Winter C’est la vie.As it goes on the Internet so it goes in life.
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniNot everyone is going to want to root for you and lots of people will be intent on tearing you down. Such is life’s millions of people on the internet and it’s pointless to try and make everyone happy.
*Me, trying to adapt to this increased visibility* @lecrae Thanks king. Also thanks for speaking up about reproductive health recently @MichellCClark Add your pronouns :) if you’re comfortable and safe to do soDogs are the best animal. proud of my friend @BlairImani 🤍
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus Imani @jackieaina @nytimesbusiness @nytimes @kaelanbarowsky 🥺✨🙏🏼💕The WHOLE PAGE!!! Thank you @nytimes 😘😘
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniI bet this is first time a celebrity praised someone’s dissertation defense in ⁦@nytimes⁩ Sunday Business “Like a B…
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus Imani
Shout out to my dad for acting like this is the least consequential achievement ever to my face and bragging about… @crtv_drctr @nytimes @theestallion 😭❤️Commemorative photos of my full page feature in the Sunday, November 15, 2020 @nytimesbusiness section of the… Work Diary of @BlairImani, ‘Herstory’ Historian
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniCheck out IFundWomen alum @BlairImani's feature in @nytimes. Blair is a critically-acclaimed historian, activist, &…
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniThree books and no literary agent. It shouldn’t be this had to get representation. Thank goodness my partnership agent has books experience.By the way y’all, book 3. you aren’t following @BlairImani on Instagram, do it now. She has become one of my go-to voices online and her…
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniPROUD MAMA!!!!!
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus Imani @AntifaAxolotl I recognized your handle I should’ve taken a beat @AntifaAxolotl Sorry I think I skimmed the tweet and missed a few wordsA lot of y’all are the type of person to bring up how Ted Bundy was a crisis hotline volunteer.If I’m talking about how someone is consistently oppressive and you feel the need to defend that person over the pe… one or even multiple axes of oppression does not mean you are impervious to being oppressive.Daily reminder that historically marginalized groups can also be oppressive to other groups. Relative privilege i… do hope someone tells Chimamanda that calling transphobia “reasonable” is transphobic.There’s no book and no author worth the suffering of other people. That’s on religious texts, secular texts, and Harry Potter.Allah is fed up with the transphobia, antisemitism, ableism, racism, and general bigotry. a book series that you first read over a decade ago is no reason to prop up a dangerously transphobic and… @ravenradical Rewrote itJK Rowling represents the epitome of privilege. Amid of her inevitable irrelevance she chose to rebrand from a belo… are people, not theories. 👏 👏 👏
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus Imani @lingerie_addict @nytimes @theestallion 😭❤️“Oh but that’s uncomfortable” “That’s so controversial” I must ask: What is it like going through life with no mo… lot of cisgender people need to reflect upon why they can only value themselves so long as transgender people are oppressed and erased.Complicity, relative privilege, and silence are not meant to be exclusively applied to discussions of race y’all. M… silent and/or passive cisgender person is a cisgender person that co-signs transphobia. Our siblings are dying.… you root yourself and your work in denying others their existence you need to get the fuck on. @Hood_Biologist & I were just talking about this yesterday.If you treat entire groups of people and the validity of their identities as a thought experiment or argument to wi… transphobia is also transphobia.Transphobia is never the move. Transphobia is never okay. Transphobia is not a “valid perspective worth exploring.”… also means “you have ideas that are of value to me but I don’t value you enough to compensate you to consult or…’m exceedingly joyful about this acknowledgment of my work in @nytimes. The utmost thanks to @nytimesbusiness ed… you are not happy for you it doesn’t matter if 1000 people are happy for you. Find joy and affirmation from wi… affirmation from within is far more important and permanent than deriving affirmations from external sources. @danielleprescod 😭❤️😭❤️😭Major!!!!!!
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniPicking up the copy of @nytimes with my face on it and signing some of my books. Real hot girl shit, as…
Donald Trump could’ve helped prevent post-election violence by just conceding.
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus Imani @_alexwrites_ So truly distressingI’m watching a video about “breathairianism” and y’all, we share the Earth with some concerning headasses. @CalmManCold Thank uI’m trying to figure out how I can condense this into a Smarter in Seconds video.If you believe in the oppressors definition of righteousness you will side with the oppressor. You will believe tha… the people doing the bad also define good’s not intolerant to assert and defend your humanity to someone who doesn’t even think you’re a person.Fascism is bad. Fighting fascism is good.Civility is defined by institutions that have and continue to slaughter, enslave, and oppress. They move the moral… snap. I did not look at the news this week. Perhaps these tweets are more aptly timed than anticipated.Marginalized people are treated worse than our oppressors for protecting ourselves from further oppression.Thinking that other people are not human is not “a perspective” it’s reprehensible.Clearly there’s some confusion. There’s an abundance of people who believe that honoring difference means honoring…
I googled this after experiencing the same. Good to see @TUSK81 was already on the case.
My big-hearted, open-minded teen inspired me to pitch this @BlairImani profile to @nytimesbusiness. Piece goes live…
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniMe, seeing me everywhere today: @AbrahamAsefaw @mosseri Part of me is convinced I am in a coma somewhere. I did GQ yesterday and NYT today and now this what the heckWeird, running into me here. Hello, self.“I grew up in the ’90s, so edutainment was my bread and butter,” said Blair Imani. History “doesn’t have to be bori…
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniLoved reading this profile of @BlairImani today in the @nytimes #LikeABoss
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniThank you to Leigh-Ann Jackson for interviewing me for @nytimes Like A Boss series and author @BlairImani gives a shout-out to @TenSpeedPress and @DrIbram's guided workbook, Be Antiracist!
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniOh my gosh, @BlairImani, congrats! This is fantastic.
Retweeted by Blair Amadeus ImaniThe Work Diary of Blair Imani, ‘Herstory’ Historian
You don't have to be nice to people that are mean to you.A month ago workers at DoSomething successfully organized a walk out and demanded that the former CEO be removed an…