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Product at @Salesforce. Husband and dad, author and blogger. Don't skip leg day. Esse quam videri. Creator of

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tl;dr - Democrats aren't stupid, they don't lack a killer instinct, they're not soft, and they can make good ads.… for the jugular Republican-style sounds thrilling to lots of extremely online libs like us, but it is not a w… Lincoln Project is airing its TV ads overwhelmingly in deeply blue states. DC. Yeah, it has digital ads as well…'s not as if Team Democrats hasn't made tough ads about Trump, either. They've made a lot! But they also need to… and their campaign ad agencies figured out a long time ago that negative ads about Trump don't really wor… see a lot of folks rooting for the Lincoln Project because they say Democrats aren't tough or mean enough or what… @modernjam I hope they upgrade their snacks @TheStefanSmith *cough* America’s response to Covid-19 the next time someone claims that all you need are technical advisers & evi…
Retweeted by Blair Reeves @DaneWestNC oh both absolutely should have @cwarzel Don’t forget that half of that winter will also be under Trump, who will have just lost in a landslide and… Breyer and Ginsberg don't retire on Day 1 of the Biden administration with Senate Majority Leader Schumer, there should be protests. @conorsen He's only 74? I honestly thought he was closer to 80 @conorsen Just imagine telling the grandkids about this
@kimmaicutler I hope you are right, but do not expect it to happen. In the meantime, I choose to build progressive… @mikeduncan I’m convinced that absolutely none of the people giving shits about any of that stuff have kids.… is some real Versailles-style court - or maybe middle schoool - drama bullshit. "You'll never BELIEVE what he… - for folks whose kids' summer camp is closed and school is probably not opening this fall, whose job is more… @conorsen @YIMBY_Princeton In my circles, there's a lot of thoughtful debate going on between "schools have to func… Conversation on here tends to underweight parents, so just want to pass along that as schools are announcing vi…
Retweeted by Blair Reeves @Jakeli_117 @ECaliberSeven Oh you twoMeanwhile, there's an aircraft carrier on fire. are some ways in which the crowdfunded political fundraising model has been overhyped. It’s incredibly powerf…
Retweeted by Blair Reeves @EveryVoiceNC but debaaaaaate meeeeee
@hassankhan BasicallyDays go by when you're lucky to raise $50, and then you have a single day with multiple four-digit gives. Fundraisi… @conorsen Thought you were talking about NC for a minute. Same thing. @tiffani @AmericanAir Gah wait did they discontinue it?? That sucks. There’s still a Delta route to SFO with a brie… @tiffani @AmericanAir Direct route from RDU to SFO on Delta... @hassankhan Unconditional surrender.Until we can overturn Citizens United, this is how things are gonna work. I am pretty convinced that most regular v… a public financing system for campaigns, what this turns into is sort of a "subscriber democracy" system, in…, the pool of people who ever actually donate any money whatsoever to political campaigns is vanishingly small.… you have two pols and they spend an equal amount of time fundraising, but one focuses on selling favors to big m…, most politicians would prefer both! But one requires you/staff to spend hours doing content marketing an… a small donor base is incredibly time-consuming, difficult and even expensive. For most politicians, it's… are some ways in which the crowdfunded political fundraising model has been overhyped. It’s incredibly powerf… @RSWestmoreland I agree, obviously. But would a GOP Congress have passed a big stimulus and accelerated PPE and all…'all remember when Donald Trump personally insulted @tedcruz's wife to a national audience and then Ted just turne… @CAVandy @AdamSinger No, but the real ones are on FacebookI mean - it doesn’t matter who’s President. This is the sort of shit our government actually runs on. h/t… a big part of our government's failure on COVID is due to the incompetence and corruption at the top, but…'s obviously unknowable, but IMO it's quite possible the COVID response under a Clinton presidency could've been… truther 👇🏻 😂 @southey Cases like that will happen, but they're outliers (at least, that's what it seems for now). Still lots of… @southey We have a good deal of evidence now that daycares/elementary schools are reasonably low-risk for kids. The… Smug still a thing on here? Feels like I barely see him at all anymore.This is happening in Florida next, and together it’s gonna clear out a whole lot of brain worms about Trumpism. @bradwrightphd Please tell me you detail out the small hands in your household to do the dirty work @anniefryman There are weird conspiracy theories but honestly I don’t think there’s anything that reaches the depravity of Qan*n. @bradwrightphd they just grow out of the damn ground, Brad!There’s something about the smell of a healthy tomato plant firing on all cylinders (ours have like 20-30 cherries… @mihirpshah literally just had 4 @askaphysicist yepJohn Cornyn is a nasty racist and he also doesn't tweet like a guy who's concerned about his re-election.Imagine if they gave this level of fucks about the coronavirus.
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Whoever invented these things deserves a goddamned Nobel prize @conorsen Not NC? Just wowIn case you were wondering, yes - there are absolutely people in the real world who take that whole Wayfair conspiracy theory seriously. 😬 @pbrody oh MAN I'm jealous. What kind of bench did you get? @pbrody Pics!Got a haircut. Feel like a new man. @conorsen @tylercowen also… “intellectual" @conorsen @tylercowen these people are all bark and no turnoutLet's go big. @sevenacres It helps a lot - thank you so much!An update: in just six months, we've built one of the biggest independent channels for progressive funding for Demo… @kagibso “milita"Here it is! The North Carolina #NCGA PAC report updated for Q2. #ncpol
Retweeted by Blair Reeves @donw @JMilesColeman @Pinboard @Pinboard does a damn fine job, but mostly focuses on the tech industry's giving.For $16.8 million we could fully fund flipping 13 state legislatures and you wouldn't have to send a dime to people…
Retweeted by Blair Reeves @JMilesColeman @derekwillis @rpyers @CATargetBot We need more state-level campaign finance accounts on this website… Twitter is fine, but can we get Campaign Finance Twitter going? Maybe? cc @JMilesColemanEvery time I eat one of the first tomatoes from our garden, I'm reminded that store-bought tomatoes are garbage and… is the best reason.
All states with higher than 3% positive-test rate: three-week, Italian-style lockdown (including fines), with unive…
Retweeted by Blair Reeves @profmusgrave Welcome to the club! @boomereng Creating amazing user experiences gets me out of bed in the morningAnd at software companies. you’re taking years off your life getting punched, kicked, twisted, and slammed, I sincerely hope you’re competi…
Retweeted by Blair ReevesSo, did @hvmn just stop selling GoCubes or what? 😢 @kimmaicutler Tip: it's just fine to get mad, IMOTIL the word “julep” (e.g. “mint julep” and the word “gulab” (e.g. “gulab jamun”) are the same word!
Retweeted by Blair Reeves.@Patrick_Wyman's new podcast season on human origins and prehistory totally slaps. Strong recommendation. Also ku… @2020Delegates He is not. @kylebrussell What we listening to, popsMidday Saturday, so you know where I am... is the guy who's basically run the #NCGA for nine years. Absolute piece of shit. 2 year old on the public pool bathroom grown-up potty, shrieking with laughter: "DADDY I DID A BIG ONE!" A few… to all the dadbros taking their toddler to go potty at the public pool! @SenhorRaposa For the uninitiated, what's the difference between tilt and lean? @NickatFP @callieabost I've lived through 3 crashes now so kinda there? @callieabost Professional stunt man. @jbaksht @AdamSinger @callieabost I haven't gotten much decent writing done since quarantine started. @AdamSinger @callieabost @jbaksht 😬Europeans' out of offices are like "I will not be working until 18 September. All emails will be automatically dele…
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@kate_mckean me, on NC basketball @hels Hey, it happens @kate_mckean You should’ve mentioned that you were good at basketball, that seems to work