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@Bob_Condor @real1gaming @LackingSaint AIU is unironically using the “didn’t do nuffin” @real1gaming @LackingSaint He also encouraged a harassment and false flag campaign against @vadimnewquist. Tweeting… @HeWasntJogging Lmao Lmao this is truly dark times ain’t it Tracey 😹😹 @vadimnewquist I would say he is malding but we are talking about Devon Tracey here @vadimnewquist 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 @Tarun24807591 @theserfstv Hope Ana notices you one day bro. I know SIMPing is hard work @KaptainBadAss @IamSean90 “British common law”- AJW explaining why Ahmad Aubrey deserved to die by two fat fuck Hicks while on a jog @HeWasntJogging Bye ✌️ @disclosetv
@TankMan_T309_81 @ZephyrandC @rileygrace1996 @VaushV Fucking Vaush and his (((Ivory Towers))) @YmeKindsome @SidVerm40410932 @pseudocia @VaushV
@Sum1UDontN0 @IamSean90 @theserfstv Just read this thread and the article and you will realize why he is wrong. @MaajidNawaz @Sum1UDontN0 @IamSean90 @theserfstv What is there to add? he is wrong @RobackBen @Arsenal @AFCProgramme Classy club always @MoToph91 @theserfstv “British common law”- AJW on why Black people can be killed without due process during citizians arrest @IamSean90 @theserfstv “Now that I can’t come after you for this dumb point, I will now say that I wasn’t that inve… @MisanthropeMutt @VaushV Guy has waaaaaaay too much time on his hands @Sebanovic @SatanSpankme @RelaxedandUpset @VaushV One of us 🙌 One of is 🙌 One of us 🙌 @AntiImperiall @lporiginalg @ModernDayDebate @VaushV @SteenSN @JBTweets83 @ComradeDoyIe @tratekim @PSA_Sitch @failninjaninja @PaulWuTangClan @AndrewYang So what if they are unemployed? That would mean they would still receiv… @lporiginalg @ModernDayDebate @VaushV @SteenSN @JBTweets83 @ComradeDoyIe @tratekim @PSA_Sitch @carissaavallone
@AngryJoeShow Joe is out here treating his most popular show as a school art project lmao @BlakeHentrup3 @kabluekijones @EricDJuly @vtguerra13 Having a normal one, raging at roads and freeways @aramelijah Why they all bald with beards? @Bangliukang @EricDJuly @vtguerra13 Only quitters spit @EricDJuly @vtguerra13 Do you respond to every bait or are Libertarians that thin skinned? @kabluekijones @EricDJuly @vtguerra13 This guy had a full on breakdown over roads a couple weeks ago. @EricDJuly Anarcho-cap is a stand in for autism. Change my mind. @EricDJuly “I don’t care if you put your life on the line for this country, if I want to give you COVID on the line… @EricDJuly @vtguerra13 Lmao you leeched off his followers and still didn’t make it viral. What’s sad fool. At least… @EricDJuly Lmao ask this guy about roads I heard he like them a lot @Timcast Lmao already Coping for the loss my dude @BadBunnyTwitch @theserfstv Serious question? @PartyTaco3 @BadBunnyTwitch @theserfstv I hope this is ironic because if it is not you have truly embarrassed yourself @SkyWilliams @theNewbodie @KlebYT @Bowblax @h3h3productions This logic does not follow at all. So people who have d… @SkyWilliams @theNewbodie @KlebYT @Bowblax @h3h3productions Sounds like you don’t want to hurt anyone me feelings b… @SkyWilliams @theNewbodie @KlebYT @Bowblax @h3h3productions He is mostly responsible. @OnlyCrooKed @h3h3productions @Bowblax KA-RINGE!!! @BadBunnyTwitch @theserfstv You can also be an advocate for minorities and still think someone doing a horrible imp…
@aubrey_huff Blind loyalty is so Alpha. Gorilla mindset right there @jtyler220 @funylibertarian Debunked. Not real. Move on you brainlets @theserfstv I’m sorry he had me laughing tho 😹 @MaajidNawaz I’ll save everyone some time on this thread....lEft wiNg bAd!!!! rIgHt wIng gOoD!! @0_politics2 Do conservatives realize that if you defund the police that means you still have police? Or are they l… @0_politics2 How will the left ever recover from this smug middle aged pig exposing their hypocrisy? @DumbassOnlime @GirlfriendHaver A lot of it was Doc acting normally spazzy but the part where he zones out watching…
@GirlfriendHaver The Reddit level conspiracies being conversed in the replies in cringe worthy @Cheemstar2 @GaneshB98627517 @Boogie2988 Wow, who hurt you dude? @cabbageOpt @CohhCarnage @drdisrespect @nathanTbernard
@HermioneNSnape @yourvokalnews Voting green in this election is just virtue signaling. @Kookyleftist @yourvokalnews 100%, direct action is most important @Kookyleftist @yourvokalnews This my main problem with this line of thinking. I don’t believe that as leftists we s… @Kookyleftist @yourvokalnews I’m sorry I love the Green Party but all they have at the moment is performatice gestu… @yourvokalnews But the system loves this attitude. The less people that vote the easier these lectins are to win fo… @CNN If you take away anything from this is that a look in the replies will show you Elon Musk runs a cult. Weirdos… @KEEMSTAR
@Timcast “Doofy” @shaun_gains @MalcolmAkeem_ @streeganz @ameliabeing I wanna party with 20 year old Barack. Dude looks chill
@Recognizers @GSoappy @JayRod212 @Timcast All aboard the airhead express then my friend @Rungo18460010 @dignanyount @Timcast @Sophiep03705384 @JayRod212 @GSoappy @Timcast Source? It’s the first word in his bio... @Timcast So what your saying Tim is that is should have been easy?and she still lost? @dignanyount @Rungo18460010 @Timcast Because he prob looks like this @Rungo18460010 @chris_cesariooo @dignanyount @Timcast Lmao conservatives will use this dead meme till the end of ti… @GSoappy @JayRod212 @Timcast So you know he is grifting and your ok with it and eat it up anyway. Go off king @daviddoel When are the chuds and “enlightened centrists” going to realize that reading an op-Ed from the Daily Wir… @Dax43539024 @MaryShulika @daviddoel That’s way too much credit for Tim and Ben is a fucking cretin loll
Retweeted by Tyler Blais @Timcast *Tim “holy shit shake shack just poisoned polic officers” Pool
@4thegoodofwhom @AlexZedKawa @KyleKulinski I know right! Being a New York voter can feel so pointless in the genera… @4thegoodofwhom @AlexZedKawa @KyleKulinski Cheers comrade, omw to vote out Elliot Engel as we speak @4thegoodofwhom @AlexZedKawa @KyleKulinski Let’s channel this hate for the DNC into smacking them in every primary state and local level @4thegoodofwhom @AlexZedKawa @KyleKulinski I never made any assumptions that you weren’t, I’m just trying to tell p… @afloadtoad @ShemLL @KyleKulinski Your feels are getting in the way of the facts my dear boy @4thegoodofwhom @AlexZedKawa @KyleKulinski I don’t agree with DemExit but I at least hope you guys still plan on vo… @somethi38664615 @4thegoodofwhom @KyleKulinski
@alexkotch @MattBinder The answer is @stillgray @NetNobody @h3h3productions Aren’t you the guy who made the billboard topping world hit “New World”? @Timcast🙃The city of Columbus, Ohio, has already vowed to bring down its statue of Christopher Columbus. But thousands are h…
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@Timcast A record was broken last night. Smallest attendance in an arena with an over 60,000 capacity lmao @Timcast How is fucking with reservation tickets at a Trump campaign rally “facilitating the largest most impactful… @Griffdee24 @arielhelwani Every fighter says before they get hit in the mouth a couple times. I get it, we all thin… @Griffdee24 @arielhelwani Would you want your coach to force you to fight even though you’ve asked to stop about 17 times?
@KEEMSTAR @Timcast What’s next? Springfield? When will they stop?
@AngryAlfonse @PullsItTogether @tim_backer @Timcast @AngryAlfonse @PullsItTogether @tim_backer @Timcast @PatentSmith @ClownsecHonker @memesformerica @flossin69 @Timcast your living in a fantasy world, 98% of our politic… @ClownsecHonker @PatentSmith @memesformerica @flossin69 @Timcast This is truly like a 1984-esque dystopia where eve… @AngryAlfonse @PullsItTogether @tim_backer @Timcast @AngryAlfonse @PullsItTogether @tim_backer @Timcast I’m here for the same reasons but if you think Twitter isn’t an… @GroyperSgt @WubbleP @Timcast Fake af just like those traitorous confederate generals. Why do you simp for the traitors of the US? @AngryAlfonse @PullsItTogether @tim_backer @Timcast Damn had to migrate to 8chan huh? @AngryAlfonse @PullsItTogether @tim_backer @Timcast A dweeb with a Aayyy lmao pic should not judge others pics lmao… @1776isnow @tim_backer @PullsItTogether @Timcast By that logic we should be worried and warning everyone that in mi… @tim_backer @PullsItTogether @Timcast You people realize your the Doomsday theorists that are roundly mocked. Fools… @AngryAlfonse @PullsItTogether @tim_backer @Timcast “Im an alpha male, I don’t block anybody and I spend my whole d…