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@EmilyKReinwald I feel heard 🙌🏻 college athletic depts have the most creatives on staff? A dive into how Division I FBS schools dedicate per…
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪 @nickburkhardt @sophia_stueven @LiedCenter @lexiisun This is the dopest of dope
Influential athletes owe success to having listened respectfully to the traditional athlete marketing approach and…
The homie @Blake_Lawrence has a Product Manager position up @opendorse
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪Learning from last year's tweets… On 1/21/20 Iker Casillas generated 203K engagements on this photo, the #1 athlete… is going from post to post with no loss of enthusiasm. Athletes who love brand-building will build their b… @WorldWideWob @sportsmktgguy I see that Panini sign... 👀👀👀🔥 @lifeofbirdman @JoePompliano @JRSIP Oh snap GBR! And yes — there will be new challenges no doubt. I just meant the…
@lifeofbirdman @JoePompliano @JRSIP As a former SA, I can confirm that once you land on campus... the most importan… @JoePompliano @JRSIP Every student-athlete will have the opportunity to make a few hundred bucks a month if they hu… the past, colleges recruited athletes based on premier facilities and a championship pedigree. Now, with athle…
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪Incredibly engaging athlete driven content from @nickburkhardt and the @Huskervball squad. Wow. chasing the endorsement and start chasing the engagement. (Then endorsements start chasing you) @producer_jayc @FOS On a roll!! @JulianValentin @zoom_us Bro Zoom is just the best. About a year ago I told our Zoom rep that if they made shoes, I… @BJ_Enoch1 @davidmcohe By gawd. This is perfect. Scene A. Explosive hockey stick boat attack. Rare. Scene B.… from @MitchellPehlke on how setting a consistent routine can set you up for social success.
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪
Learning from last year's tweets… On 1/19/20 Mo Salah generated 230K engagements on this photo, the #1 athlete twe… it comes to handling trolls... Never give in except to convictions of pride and common sense. @FangageInc @lolojones @NFL 🔥🔥🔥🔥
When @Watch_Momentum sends you a fresh sweatpants/hoodie combo, you wear it. s/o @alecpalmer__ @itstaiki and of c… from last year's tweets… On 1/18/20 Kirk Cousins generated 97K engagements on this photo, the #1 athlete t… not to become an athlete of excess. Rather become an athlete of success. Find what works and double down on it. @bergmantweets @Hochberg Sometimes I just wanna give it all up and become a pro athlete. lol dang it.
Learning from last year's tweets… On 1/17/20 Ashley Young generated 205K engagements on this photo, the #1 athlete… @ZombieDevaney Could be Javario Burkes... looks like a J, a B, and # 72 are all there.
@FatKidDeals @247recruiting Oh you sneaky snake. I was like dang FKD is all about the NIL eh?? @FatKidDeals Dang how’d you reply so quickly with a personalized message like that? 😳 @producer_jayc Yessir!! That’s so clutch. Hyped for you. @jackbutcher Makes me so happy to know you design in Keynote. Many folks underestimate the simplicity of creating in Keynote/PowerPoint.
In the past, athletes endorsed brands for cash. Today, athletes demand equity for endorsements. In the future, at…
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪Learning from last year's tweets… On 1/15/20 Naomi Osaka generated 361K engagements on this photo, the #1 athlete t… is on an indefinite pause in the ncaa as of this week. that decision doesn't impact the work companies like…
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪Influential athletes do what others are not willing to do. Don’t wish brand building were easier. Wish you had the tools to be better. @AOnaindia @CavinderHanna & @CavinderHaley version of the @NFLPA Influencer Hot List Powered by @Opendorse dropped today. Full report on the NFL’s top…
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪 @99kate_smith Yass!!!!
@NFLPA @opendorse @PatrickMahomes @camjordan94 @_willcompton @ChaseClaypool I SEE YOU @_willcompton !!!We're heating things up 🔥 w/ the latest Influencer Hot List via @opendorse: • Highest Total Engagements goes to…
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪Learning from last year's tweets… On 1/14/20 Greg Olsen generated 83K engagements on this photo, the #1 athlete tw… find that the more athletes post, the more growth they seem to have. @ByAkshayRam Jersey Swap king 👑 @AOnaindia @redigulous @opendorse When the squad gets together
Here's why you should throw it back ⬇️
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪Don’t be afraid to look past the good content to go for the great content. One extra minute of thought can turn a…
Learning from last year's tweets… On 1/12/20 Toni Kroos generated 146K engagements on this photo, the #1 athlete t… to be the first high school program to partner with @opendorse. Through the #OpendorseReady program, our…
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪Endorsement opportunities don’t happen. You create them. @Chapman_IrishFB @All22_Breakdown Very surprised how much base they are playing. 11 personnel is nickel time. 10…
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪 @KatieCavender crushing it so far tonight!! @david_kushner @PatrickMahomes @Headshoulders @1UPSportsMKTG Where’d you get the clips? So sick @b_hauss @Kunalic DLGB @JacquelynKDahl @PatrickMahomes @Headshoulders @david_kushner @1UPSportsMKTG When branded content doesn’t FEEL like…
@NicoleAuerbach That is literally a ‘pay for play’ scheme and the exact thing the NCAA hopes to avoid. Silly silly.Viral moments usually come to athletes who are too busy posting to be planning for it. @alecpalmer__ This is the classic traditional sports media approach, made new. Build up the athlete. Build up th… out how the @NHL empowers athletes to connect with fans during big moments ⬇️
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪A great feeling walking into the locker room and seeing everyone immediately share their photos and videos. That’…
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪This is the first post in a series I'll be sharing throughout the year, highlighting the athlete tweet that generat… from last year's tweets… On 1/10/20 Virat Kohli generated 122K engagements on this photo, the #1 athlete t…
@huyazic @DozPriv_ After reading through all of his tweets, it’s clear to me that Taylor spent a lot of time trying… @NicoleAuerbach @natalieweiner @TylerRickyTynes I agree that Heinicke said some silly things. For what it's worth,… @BrianRWagner @david_perell 100% believe in this.
@JoePompliano For me it’s always been the Air Penny II’s has 5.5K followers. This video has 37.6K views. This post has 110.1K impressions. the first 12 hours.… puts MLB's wild disparity into perspective 😳
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It is better to swing and miss at something original than to only copy the work of someone else. Athletes… try so… @sandrogasparro @nyknicks @CourtKramer39 @pedibro Courtney DM me I got you
One big post doesn’t win the game. One bad post doesn’t lose the game. The ability to keep posting through the go…
An athlete who is good at social and one who is bad at social ... all start off in the same place, doing the same t… @aweberphoto Andrew give me a follow + shoot me a DM and I’ll get you an invite! @bradleypick @MattieLouC I think he did write it — his note is on the right. The professor’s post is in the left.How special is @DeVontaSmith_6?! Here is what he did for one of his professors. #RollTide
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪 @jMcBee84 @shayleegonzales Shaylee is near the top of our list. She is READY for NIL, no doubt about it. @SportsBizNick @ZMaurides @joinClubhouse @davidmeltzer @darrenrovell @HakValles80 @BusterScher @ThisIsDglove Blake_LawrenceCompanies like @opendorse, @VirginiaSports and @IJM are just a few that you can get real-world experience from thro…
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪In the NIL era, a student-athlete's marketability off the field is just as important as their performance on it.
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪No doubt DeVonta Smith overperforms on the field. He also overperforms on the feed — focusing his content on four… @TweetsByDanno Preaaaach
There are two types of people who tell athletes their brand doesn’t matter: Those who are afraid to help. Those w… @Timdpederson This is dooooooooooooooooope If you’re having fun making content, your audience will have fun consuming the content.
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After much thought and consideration........ Let's take it back for one more ride Husker Nation!!! #GBR
Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪David Klatt is moving mountains in NHL player marketing. His entire role is dedicated to helping players understand… @TheKendallBaker Looks like something I’d do to @pedibro in FIFA 👀
Phoenix Suns take down the Milwaukee Bucks on March 8, 2020. With the gentlemen @garytreangen @Evkap_ny @jarzod Gahhh I miss me some mildly decent coffee right before sitting down for a keynote
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Retweeted by Blake Lawrence 🚪Hey @espn, send me my exclusive real-time photo from the game! #CFPTwitterCam
@AvishSood The Goodyear Blimp
@mkobach Get out of locked down NYC and into the wilderness of the Catskill Mountains. (Worked remote for 3 months… some help here — What other NCAA student-athletes have a solid YouTube channel? (I can only think of a few)Just discovered @MycahPittman. The Oregon WR has a fantastic YouTube channel. Vlogs, reactions, Q&A’s... This gu…
@DarnelApelu @opendorse lol dang. short indeed. Should show up if not in reader mode, but we're working to fix this. @LynneaPhillips @opendorse every #smsports professional struggling to get more access to your team... show this to your coaching staff.…