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@clipsao_ ❤️
someone donated 30,000 bits at 4 am last night and there account was created 15 minutes before and now their twitch account is bannedi feel bad for faze like they put all this money up and got a whole broadcast going just for this to happen @OhReckz lets go bro @ClixHimself @thekidlaroi crazy @StableRonaldo @adinross @corruptedray001 can i have somegn :/ @Safarooniee good shit bro
i would appreciate if u guys could leave alex alone, things unfortunately didnt work out for some personal reasons,… a nap till east cc and will be live w better vibes, eu is unplayable @TwitchTreehop ❤️
blake x @YourFellowArab all future duo events no stream today but will be back tomorrow sorry @FaZeSway ur not me or calc 😭😭😭😭holy shit @Typ1calFN dont even troll like that i got u with the followpolo g just dropped the song of the year
@bumbylol vouch @illest_ You should expect a RATIO @trapistaken bro ur tweets suck + ratio @JakeSucky @alexandrasxxs 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 @xoonies lets go brorororotop 3 album of all time hrs 36 minutes streamed today, live again all day tomorrow @alexandrasxxs @trapistaken @MiaMalkova 😐😐 @BuckeFPS im unratioablebucke is single handedly ruining everyones twitch chat
@Dubsfn @Megga @illest_ bro the old dubs would be champs by now what happened to you danny:((((realistically whats stopping me from shaving my head again @yungcalc less @ExplainingBlake what is this @OkisFN cheaterfortnite is going down a very very bad path and it scares me a littlebro no troll i just remembered in va when me and colazo picked up assault and he got in the car and said play whoopty 💀💀💀Best fn players of all time @ClixHimself, @yungcalc calc is my g now I hated him for 4 months we good now…
@alexandrasxxs hey 😍why am i so tired even though i sleep like 8-10 hours every nightwhat does an org gain out of a player that doesnt stream or create content (not trying to be toxic genuinely just curious)solo fncs would fix all of fortnites problems and it would be the best game again
@FaZeSway @verified 😐heyyy @verifiedi take back my last tweet after watching buckes stream for 10 minutes when did he become this funnythis sheeeeesh shit has gotta go @BuckeFPS @ClixHimself why is he holding the wheel like that LOL @trapistaken deactivatewho has the worst tweets in the com @KreoFN @alexandrasxxs his names jeremy not lucas @YourFellowArab @Laiys_ LOOOL @KreoFN heyyy kylefor everyone sad about ron and clix not streaming because they will be in LA, dont worry you can watch me everyday… @yungcalc wanna start fake beef or something
bro what is there to upload on youtube like theres no content on fortnite @OkisFN bruh ur not gonna get champs by tomorrow 😭😭ron canceled his 24 hour stream cause his internet is down like bro just put it back up 😭😭😭 @Co1azo @AssauIt bro thats what im sayingayo throwback to va @co1azo ⁦@AssauIt⁩
@Kavanagh25_ @Furiouss @StableRonaldo okis is gonna b homepleasant for faze cup, thank you for the invite @FaZeClan @PracticeServer ❤️ is now a @blakeps stan account 😍
Retweeted by blake @Laaur why is she so big now @Advyyth in game @luk4fx @GhostGaming YOOOOO this is firethought I looked cute might delete later just ran a 180 on me endgame nice @noahreyli that looks fun @PenguinVFX banger @Khanada .NEW HIGHLIGHT VID ITS A BANGER$10 to whoever guesses what I place in the cash cup today @alexandrasxxs @FNCompetitive above 2.5k viewers for a solid hour today during the cup, best numbers ive had other than a grand finals withou…
@benjyfishy happy birthday 🥳the lever shotgun was the most balanced gun ever added to fortniteam i just bad or is arena 10x harder to win games in champs now @Advyyth shit is so cringe just stopI’m washed
nah i actually need a new pc or something theres no way LOOOL @YourFellowArab U look like that pablo guyIm letting my sister give me a haircut 😐😐😐ab to fall asleep and i just remembered that me losing thousands of dollars to something out of my control got turned in to a #ad 😐😐😐 @Furiouss no way u tweeted this 😭😭I love Fortnite
@Edgeyy no one asked + counter ratio1 POINT OFF OF FREE CHIPOTLE 2 CUPS IN A ROW LIKE HELLOso sad man like every timeblake crashes when hes first place in a $65k tourney then cant join back cuz no reconnect button, all good tho because they added dinosaurs
Retweeted by blake @zayt i crashed in squad grands, duo grands, dreamhack finals and now thisnice... @ChipotleTweets place in a 3 game tourney btw, no reconnect button after 3+ years but they added raptors last night @alexandrasxxs .... @1PBrady @StableRonaldo 4Shark + Coral in Chipotle Cup w/ @StableRonaldo @EmadGG 😢can we skip to season 7live at 6 am new update gn
@Caroselol looking good bro lets go180k ✅ @Avery_FN bruh u never stream u just need to grind the views arent just gonna be thereguys get @Co1azo to 100k