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Player for / 21 / 2x Radiant / Advanced Entry Fragger / Blakers#5190 on val / Rices little bottom fragger

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@1Mikey_tv ayeee das my fellow Grzesiek @el_jack0 thanks jackypoo @YoFrancisco_ ayeee thanks brotha u too @NotChaseyb thanks, and no u @VulcaNstk thanks vulcan lmfao @Ematics thanks jazzy! @caraisop thanks fuck face @1LiFPS thanks warren! @Syn_Drk thx syn! @bobaconan yo how long have you had this lmfaooooo @honeyjuicee thanks dre, lets hand sometime! @helloxkaykay THANKS KAY! @fype215 ofc ofc lmfao @RsN_cs shanks booma @xmdcie bahhaha im march 2nd not first dummb ass, but we close bahaha dw happy bday jules hope ur day was well @Blakerscs HAPPY BIRTHDAY💙💙💙💙
Retweeted by Blake @giraffley ofc you can LOL, ur not the first dw bahaha @Snowwi_ YOU TOO! thanks sm for da blessins @C0J0M0 right? @Remv_v thanks remmy, we should play sometime @jembhoe TYTY JEMHOEEEEEEEEEEEE @lyrecss SHANKS! @vrfys TYSM TAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @giraffley WHAT21! 🥳🥳 @RiceRage EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
@TatimusCS @nitsuA_tv ok @TatimusCS @nitsuA_tv huh @kittyyboy @tsunblock @pretzelhugs 400 @vrfys @NIGHTSIFY i agree @pretzelhugs 7 @shoukrrrr i got chu bbhow to frag in league @jackiesuckslol world* @jackiesuckslol living life with IRLS, needed a bit of a break from the online work ya kno @vrfys posted in awhile, but i love you guys and hope ur day is amazing!
@IAmTacoGod @BrewskiiTV @ExolvedBlood @PreGamingGG @fourloko what an animal @_taraxo nope not anyone @_taraxo dude.. i told you not to SS
@Weser2k @CORSAIR im usin E, cuz who tf uses power supply mice bro..
@RiceRage yes @cmxCSGO yeah... you win for sure im aero dynamic tho dw. @cmxCSGO 🥵 @jleibachphoto @ChipotleTweets LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @RyptireCS @C0J0M0 AWSM 19 1303 18 2048 4.76% 2246 ez clap @RyptireCS @C0J0M0 awper? o _o
@akasyns keep, thAts fire @scottiyioioioio put me @zionxiv @zionxiv LOLlil blakie bigger blakie ;) @IAmTacoGod of course of course u too brotha @IAmTacoGod send me new addy @IAmTacoGod thats what im sayin! @IAmTacoGod where we going @lyekuu @JPARKJMC blue*
@Sanity_FPS @NattyFPS i'll double it @shoukrrrr @s0mcs but if you pull up ;) ;) lmklmk @shoukrrrr @s0mcs he aint no GA boy anymore, he's fake
@danicadyemusic @giraffley LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @xshelbers @nate_rett58 👀 @giraffley @danicadyemusic LETS GOO LIGHT MODE FIGHT FIGHT what you want to flourish
Retweeted by Blake
@bumpaah @C0Mtweets bumpaah mvp @xshelbers @vanitycsgo nOahpvp @lululemon @NotAdamJW LETS GOOOO ADAMMMMMMMMM
@1realbM yooo me too @omarr5x huh over what @tsunblock me every night @iBonesTV @Mitsuki_BOW aye dawg my birthday in 11 days but im not complainin on some early cake my man
Retweeted by Blake @1realbM WHERE YOU BEEN MIKEY @IAmTacoGod love you buddy, we can hang out soon if ya want @rabbitcs1 @Yonji_x1 @sophfri @mooseloff LOLOLOL @Freydude1999 k @harmfoo @RealStrongLegs ok but @RealStrongLegs flash plus the timing you got out of that smoke was impeccable, that was impressive @SanityyVAL shanks broder @nbgee12 LOL thanks bbi- @SanityyVAL @unluckyVAL_ @heyitsFlorence @1LiFPS u friend zoned me i saw that shit bro
2021 @rjlargee maybe in 2019-2020 yes but if you havent grown up by now ur just an immature loser lmfao @rjlargee "Bro... This is basically how every Main-MDL fpl-c/rank g player talks to the average person in their own… @rjlargee as apart of the main/adv rank g we dont own him 😭😭
@akasyns just tried it on my 90 minute vod and it worked, ez @akasyns sigh @sfX_x1 thought so thanks jasperhow do i keep twitch vods perm @xmdcie what is hawaiian bbq @jparkfps i wake up at 7 pm every day @tweissCS @xmdcie dude u used to find like 2 every time u opened the door for pawn in the basement next to the inte… @Drenit_tv yo chill my grandma on this app @paintmepastel 😭🤝 @paintmepastel SHINICHI NOoOmoOMimfaiosknmfklasf @paintmepastel THANK YOU, its one of my favs evar 😭 @Reeeeptar 🦾🦾 @Reeeeptar i dont play sova but i can random the darts and drop 40 @NotChaseyb @tweissCS talk to tweiss about it, i literally just play the game for loot and money i dont care about the stash one bit