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Klein ISD School Counselor, Advanced Nurtured Heart Trainer "If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it."- Ruthie Lindsey

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Simply the 🐐 Congratulations, @JustinVerlander! 👏👏
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyDay 13: I’m incredibly thankful for the kindness of @TuerRebekah. She’s a professional colleague &a personal friend…
A6: I’ve learned not to feel guilty about taking it easy on the weekends and truly resting/disengaging from work fo… I’m a big believer that people can tell what you value by how spend your time. I try to spend my time building…
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyA5: when working with students and staff I work hard to model attentive listening, calmness, responding vs reacting… my answer to this is similar to the last- we have to take time to reflect on what being culturally responsive m… educators need to be actively looking for and reflecting upon barriers that exist within their system, you can’… we have tointentionally spend time getting to know our students and staff by name, strengths and needs. Only th…
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyA1: joy, hope, determination, creativity and flexibility all propel personal & authentic learning while fear, stubb… @thomascmurray So glad you enjoyed your time in our district! Yes, our new superintendent is amazing! Such a positi… evening everyone! My name is Meghan Blakey and I am an elementary school counselor from Klein, TX. #cultureEdCan’t wait to see what this looks like at the end of November! Parents, staff and students are adding what they’re…
Day 12: A hobby I’m thankful for is exercise! From cycling, to yoga, to strength training to running I love to stay… @ItsAMrY This is a great strategy! @MGarciaSauceda @AndreaRJenkins @deanteaching @raykleinmath @itsMrsAlexander @KhristiVoyles
Day 11:I’m thankful for this furry friend Hullabaloo “Blue” Blakey. He has tons of energy and loves to jump on the… @BenferKISD We honor our veterans! THANK YOU @benfer2nd for helping us celebrate their greatness & remember their s…
Retweeted by Meghan Blakey @cindy_blasi Agreed- I wish the need drove the services instead of the labelA7: I’d like to learn more about ACES and also how to support students who seem to need more support than what we’r… daily exercise, focus on eating healthy foods, y’all with my husband and be fully present during family time in… conversations about the incident and helping the student work through other options, community service and/or r… go for a walk with them, allow quiet time or chat depending on what they need, drawing time, y’all through the… I take a break when I need to by checking in on other S’s or visiting with kids in the cafeteria. If I really n… our staff have been trained in the Nurtured Heart Approach which is relationship-based and gives staff tools to… although our school has made great strides in supporting students’ social emotional well-being and understandin… evening! I’m Meghan Blakey, an elementary school counselor from Klein, TX.... excited to be able to join in on…
🙌🏽 Absolutely!
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyOof. I needed to hear this. Probably many educators who need to hear this...
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyDay 10: my most rewarding moments are spending time with these two kiddos. From watching them accomplish goals to h… I love this. Nothing (no amount of book learning, wealth or power) you bring to the table is more important tha…
Retweeted by Meghan Blakey @mr_Alsheimer @lauriesmcintosh @SteeleThoughts @DrP_Principal @HansNAppel @fastcrayon @Mr_Annunziata @mr_plummer
Day 9: my biggest supporter is definitely my husband (who isn’t on Twitter). He supports my professional endeavors,… to me, legitimate barriers are the constraints we must work within (time, systems, etc).... other barriers to m… teams need the freedom to take ownership of how to implement ideas- when they’re invested in what they’re doing… T’s need to be able to communicate about concerns/challenges and have real conversations with campus leadership… has ideas. It doesn’t matter unless they do something about it. #leadupchat
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyA3: the idea of transformation always sounds good, but you also have to be committed to putting in the work transfo… key stakeholders should be involved in decisions but you can vary the voices by involving specific groups, i.e.… circumstances that halt movement are lack of clarity of each person S’s role/responsibility, ppl not understand… morning! I’m Meghan Blakey, an elementary school counselor from Klein, TX. A favorite fall activity is carving… never know in a given day when our message will land or who it will impact. Every interaction is an opportunity… @EffectualEdu @TechNinjaTodd @dbc_inc Hey @techamys I bet you could help get people connected to this!The best way to start my day! Our second #culture4caring meeting of the year! Students shared what they were thankf… @EffectualEdu @TechNinjaTodd @dbc_inc Yes!!! Love this idea! @gcouros
@standupourkids NoAlso: there's no such thing as a "tier 2 student" or "tier 3 student." The interventions are tiered, not the kids.
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyDay 8: there are many books I am grateful for but I have to go with this one. It is the perfect reminder of what it…“The very lack of a recovery period is dramatically holding back our collective ability to be #resilient and…
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyCan’t wait to receive this! Just ordered my copy!
Sometimes God is confidently quiet. He doesn't give us more explanations. He knows we don't need more words of inst…
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyDay 7: an opportunity I’m grateful for is being able to attend the Nurtured Heart training intensive in Austin in 2… #goals
Day 6: I am grateful for @JenniferBolston & her amazing friendship over the past 15 years. We started working toget… @adavislpc @KleinISD We are so thankful for you and the incredible job you do in your role! Thank you for your wisd…
Day 5: this is an easy one for me! Working as the school counselor @BenferKISD for the past 11 years is something I… @njkraai I think it’s just that notion that in this great big world, we’re all connected in the smallest and most m… @njkraai I think about that when I’m driving and see people in their cars. I wonder about their story and where they’re headed.
Day 4: a role model that I’m thankful for is @connect2jamie in our @BenferLibrary. She is innovative, caring, thoug…
@charlawilson7 I love their bright pink dresses! Looks like a fun occasion! 😊💕We can't tell people to come as they are, but insist they change before they arrive. Live in Grace; Walk in Love.
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyDay 3: I’m thankful for the experience of going back to school to complete my LPC licensing. I grew personally and…
@TeachMrReed Before considering retention we need to look deeper at the root of the concern & problem solve how to… @TeachMrReed Every now and then I’ve seen it be beneficial for a student who maybe needed a little more time to gro… @JonGordon11 Agree!!!Day 2! A place that I’m grateful for is @MinuteMaidParks. My husband and I got engaged there and it’s a place that…
@gcouros will be eternally grateful to @rlwall88 and her support when I started working @BenferKISD in 2008. Her guidance,… @Maire_from_NJ I love so many of them- can’t pick a favorite!
Care Bears and pirates at PLC, oh my! It must be Halloween @BenferKISD @Benfer4th
@Pfagell Let’s go Astros! 👏👏👏👏👏 @aaron_hogan Same!!!
@ShiftParadigm @mssackstein @sgthomas1973 @HarveyAlvy1 @Math912Teacher @tomwhitby @FoleyKev @RitaWirtz was college ready. Now it’s college and career ready. When is it going to simply be life ready? Those “soft” ski…
Retweeted by Meghan Blakey @mr_Alsheimer Love that incentive!
@marialantz7 @d_mulder Absolutely! I’ve seen the difference it makes when S’s get the academic, social, emotional a… @ckschmit I think at some point in time it was good grades & high grad rates, but anyone that still thinks that’s t… @TereseJurgensen I’m in Texas, in a district north of Houston but would love to still receive the newsletter! @d_mulder No, and this is the biggest issue so many schools face. Our student needs are bigger than what we are so… our S’s need more SEL support than we can provide. I’m the sole counselor for 800 students and while our T’s an… It's important because a student may be a genius, but if they can't deal with people, it will hurt chances of e…
Retweeted by Meghan BlakeyA6:districts are judged by test scores & grad rates, but if we produce grads who struggle with SEL skills then they… even though everyone knows it’s important I think there’s a lack of understanding of how to implement SEL and w… I’m borrowing Andrea’s answer for my answer to question 4 😊 @d_mulder Yes, more than character education. I think character education is part of it, but it’s deeper than that-… use the Nurtured Heart Approach and PBIS to focus on building up S’s with positive language & a focus on wha… as a school counselor, SEL is embedded in so much of what I do. Our S’s learn SEL skills through daily interact… I’m feeling tired from staying up watching World Series games but also excited that our team is still in it! Ex… all! Meghan Blakey, counselor from Klein, TX ready to chat about this important topic! #IAedChat
@Maire_from_NJ I’m 37 and feel the same way ❤️Great interview of a great teammate and person. @robinson28ch
Retweeted by Meghan Blakey @AnIowaTeacher @NFVKleve Great read!!!
Lol! This is my thought process on so many emails all my friends in education.
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@NEdirmanasinghe It is difficult to find during the day for students to leave class for groups. At times I’ve done…
How do you know your math teachers and specialists are doing awesome stuff for kids? When their vertical planning s… @htmrc1 Middle, moon and starsnew paint job 🎨
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Benfer Blanketeers started today! 👏👏👏 our @BenferKISD 5th graders get to work with retired Benfer staff to create b…