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✏️Ben Langhinrichs @blanghinrichs Shaker Heights, OH, USA

President of Genii Software & MG author, DANGER TASTES DREADFUL '18. Against bigotry & for diversity. (he/him)

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@Chels_Bough I should note, I'm 57. More importantly, I should note that YA should be written for, focused on, and… @Chels_Bough Why ever stop? (Though I read more MG than YA, there's a ton of great YA out there, so I read some of it.) @annbradenbooks I'm grateful that our district, after announcing in-person classes only slightly reduced from pre-p… @jpetroroy While homeschooling is not for everyone, I imagine some parents will go that route rather than juggle mu…
@BreannaTeintze If I ever get around to having an author photo, I hope it is very serious and shows my very serious milk shake obsession. @DapsDraws I have no clout whatsoever, but illustrators should get their due. (Coincidentally, I am in the middle o… @DanielleMuscato @kroger Going out of your way to identify Andy certainly felt like you were trying to get him fire… @MHolidayBooks @HerringAli Dracula meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Nice. @HerringAli Juniper lived alone in the smallest, moldiest room in the rotting hulk once known as Smithfield Mansion…
@VillimeyS I have, but not recently. It is not as common in much of the United States, except up and down the East…, GOP negotiates the way it usually does, which is to wait for the Democrats to meet them where they are, even wh… @NeneandGaga Without a doubt it will anger some parents, but it will also anger many parents if the schools have to… @NerdyPam That's horrifying. Tell me it's not real. OMG.Superintendent in Georgia saying "Wearing a mask is a personal choice, and there is no practical way to enforce a m… it reflects poorly on the Google AI algorithms, I am rather fond of how YouTube starts giving me ads in Chin… @headgameus @generativist I loved Kropotkin's Mutual Aid, fwiw. @AblueUs @JoeBiden Ohio
@brandonmterrell @saraagent @LovethePippins Congratulations!
@Gidgerby The nice thing about being colorblind is that red, green, chartreuse are all pretty much the same to me.…
@_athousandfires Awful. Terrible. The goal of a first draft is to give you a rough structure you can then shape int…
@lovelylilymoon @ElawReads I haven't seen it in years, but I remember watching it in English first (in the U.S.), t… @60s_Batman @ElawReads I've watched this Batman way more than 5 times.
@dancingofpens @Spanish_Broom My wife and I really enjoyed The Half of It. Fwiw. @ElawReads Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Notting Hill, Die Hard, Harold and Maude, The Brave Little Toaster, Doctor ZhivagoBoosting for all the teachers out there. (Though I am eager to buy my own copy.) @DanaSchwartzzz I think I mostly follow other middle grade authors (hence, some of them women younger than me). But…
@KimLongMG @inthesestones Congratulations!
Why doesn't @Twitter have an easy way to report a tweet as containing proven false information about coronavirus? I… @kfosterauthor My MG debut was published by a small press and didn't exactly sell like hotcakes, but I had kids tel…
@rosiesrambles @rickriordan Congratulations! @KT_NRE Oh my, that is wild. @heymrsbond @LiterallySmash We have isolated since March. Not seen our kids, our friends, anybody. We go for long w… @CelesteHarte I do, but then I may be old-fashioned as well.I'm really tired people. We admitted 12 people today for covid-19 and we sent two children to the Children’s Hospit…
Retweeted by ✏️Ben Langhinrichs @dianemagras My third grade teacher, Mrs. Comb, died the summer after I had her. She was young, and I have no idea… @chelseaauthor The Hotel Between by Sean Easley. Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue by Jeff Seymour. @halseanderson The Serpent's Secret and the rest if the series by Sayantani DasGupta. Nadya Skylung and the Cloudsh… @cmclymer Notting HillPerson. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. (Oh, wait. That was a different list.) pleading for a reduced stimulus package because of the deadlines on unemployment and eviction protectio…
@EMaxfieldMoen I'd say probably Eve Plumb (Jan Brady), though I think I crushed hard on Kate Jackson (original Char…
Kyrtool hangs while generating a keyring file for Domino - In which the author, who hates system administration, no…
@LindaWJackson I am so sorry. Praying that everybody else recovers, and for healing for all of you. @GeektasticLib Congrats!Restoring honor, decency, and respect to the United States? That's a #JoeBidenJob.
Retweeted by ✏️Ben Langhinrichs @hayley_chewins Excellent! @Meredith_author Spanish for a few years (then went to Venezuela as an exchange student for a year, so I actually learned the language).
@lauraeweymouth Awesome! A lifetime habit is forming right before your eyes. @LewisForMN @TinaSmithMN On the same grounds as the state requires people to wear seatbelts before they get in an a… @AllisonAuthor Into to Philosophy class in college. @ZanyAnomaly The Serpent's Secret and the rest of the "Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond" series by Sayantani DasGup… @LewisForMN It is not a "power grab" to mandate masks during a pandemic anymore than it is a power grab to mandate… @joshlaird340 @EvanAKilgore Public health is not a liberal or conservative concept, just a good idea. Mandating mas…
@libraryluna So basically the opposite of tag, you're it. @ShayEmms Write the joke out somewhere else, laugh at it all you want, then leave it out. At least, that's what I'd… @bookishchick Points for creative complaining. @BreannaTeintze Backed it? I wanna see you in it! @bookishchick Yeah, it's probably time to make home a more comfortable working environment. Nobody should get stuck with lousy chairs.I've moved to the "I Wanna Be Sedated" playlist stage of testing. Head banging may ensue. #developerslifeFinally! I'm relieved to see this, and hope that there will be reasonable (and not unreaonable) enforcement. @JerryCraft As Brave As You by Jason Reynolds @JerryCraft Love Sugar Magic series by Anna Meriano Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older (people die, but not in the way you mean, I think) @Sarastotle I have this as well. I depend heavily on context and voices, but my wife has to clue me in often when s… hugely important decisions such as school re-opening in Ohio are supposed to hinge on the county-by-county Publi… @KrisRey19 Praying for you all, and sending all the love.
The Republicans are seeming a bit desperate today. They may finally be realizing that embracing Trump, not to menti… if the Republicans get their way and add blanket immunity from liability to the next stimulus package. Busi…
When somebody holds a political rally in a state, but doesn't bother to follow the steps to get on that state's bal… @Charlene_Thomas @annmrose @prospect_agency Congratulations! @BeAShoe @american2084 I feel the same (also as an Ohioan). There are areas where I profoundly disagree with Kasich… @Lemmonex It seems like a legitimate concern. Especially with a far higher mail-in ballot ratio across the country,… @JMCwrites @ellieterrybooks @SimonKIDS I love the cover. Congrats! @LaurelSnyder So sorry to hear that. I hope she recovers quickly and completely. @JackieYeager I have two, though one will age out in a couple of weeks, and one in her 30s. (Yikes. I must be old.) @Janet_Reid While I would never do this (douchecanoe, indeed), C.S. Lewis made changes/corrections to the Narnia bo…
@myrtlebeachMD @davenewworld_2 @Katj512 The even worse part is that since masks are mostly to protect the other peo… @PegLulu2 My mom is 85, and she colors her hair in the wildest ways. Whatever makes you happy. @JerryBeller1 I mostly read fiction, and middle grade fiction at that, so I expect to be transported to another wor… @SpeakUpNoworNev @JoeBiden @BernieSanders No, that would be a disaster. First of all, two old white men is not goin… Data out of Notes. Whatever the reason you need to get complex application data out of Notes/Domino, whethe…
I'm always puzzled when I see minified C/C++ code. I hope the programmers realize the source code is going to compi… @khopkinswrites I'm so sorry. My condolences to you and your family.Getting Data out of Notes (for whatever reason). Sometimes, you just need to get the data out in good shape to put…
@_AdeleBuck Exactly. I'm practically counting on it. @_smromero Be kind to yourself. Some days everything happening right now hits hard, usually apropos of nothing. But… @tashadrinkstea I spend far too much time listening to K-pop from 5-10 years ago along with show tunes from 10-50 y… @jessicavitalis @MarthaMihalick @GreenwillowBook @HarperCollins @saraagent @LovethePippins @erinentrada Congratulations!
@mczoodt A critical component, indeed.Q: "So, what did it take to build this API?" A: "Brownies. Lots of brownies. Coffee, too." #softwaredevelopmentI'm disappointed that our governor couldn't choose public safety over political pressure, but we Ohioans can still… @LieslShurtliff The 'Love Sugar Magic' series by Anna Meriano (@AnnaMisboring) is a lot of fun. @tonsil @renarossner Ha! @equipguycle @GovMikeDeWine You can still have a vaccine, though it may not work for as long. Might need to be admi…
@GovMikeDeWine The future is partly in your hands, @GovMikeDeWine. Show some of the gumption Dr. Acton displayed an… @equipguycle @GovMikeDeWine It won't help if it works "its way through the population", as antibodies disappear aft… @equipguycle @GovMikeDeWine So DeWine did basically nothing. If, as everybody suspects, Ohio trends in the same dir… of scams on Twitter today. The internal system was hacked, so they have access to any account supposedly. Es… @equipguycle @GovMikeDeWine That's the system of government we have. I don't always like it either, but you also sh… @equipguycle @GovMikeDeWine It's a fair enough critique, but honestly it is not well established who handles such t… @readingkate I'm not a woman, but I took my wife's name when we got married. As others have said, I wanted a single…