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✏️Ben Langhinrichs @blanghinrichs Shaker Heights, OH, USA

President of Genii Software & MG author, DANGER TASTES DREADFUL '18. Against bigotry & for diversity. (he/him)

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@beingcindy @FinkHernandez I'll second Heretics Anonymous which was quite good.
@hayley_chewins @AnnaMisboring @ForewordReviews Congrats! @EmilyKaitlinnn @KidLitMotivates I admire that second type... from a healthy distance. @mk_lobb Agreed. I remember reading the first book of Hunger Games and being impressed with how well the first book… @amyignatow Important to have standards. @kfosterauthor So cool! Though, I have to say it has been obvious you are making a difference with your enthusiasm…
@Maderous That does not sound good at all. Agents shouldn't be charging you money for anything. Keep looking. @kafussner @ericsmithrocks Congratulations. An excellent agent for what sounds like a very cool book. Best of luck! @KrisToddRamer We are all just tired. So tired. @EKTwrites Well, I hate to admit it worked this time. I added your book on Goodreads. Now, go forth and tweet four more times futilely. @randomfandom88 The Cam Jansen books are fun. @randomfandom88 Sisters Grimm if fantasy girl detectives work.
@McBrideWriter Only unpeeled. I don't think our grocery store carries any already peeled. @RobotsPJs @JeremyCShipp In a world with way too much ambient noise, I'd never recognize my phone if it played a mu… @JeremyCShipp Agreed. Btw, I've been watching a lot of TV dramas, and one mystifying plot point is having people's… book about the Trump presidency from the point of view of Jared Kushner seems a little like a book about the Clin…
@melissasee @SaadiaFaruqi Oh, I like that! @thatjamiethomas Those are all middle grade, because that's what I know best. Tarnished Are the Stars by Rosiee Thor is a good YA. @thatjamiethomas From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks The Serpent's Secret (plus sequels) by Sayantani D… @Jess__Red My office (aka spare bedroom) has a window overlooking a school playground. During school, I love the so… @SaadiaFaruqi Mudge. (Given how resistant goats can be, I like that it sounds like nudge, because you have to do th… @FirefighterGeek That said, it is far better to make some hard decisions about which things to keep early than kick… @FirefighterGeek I understand that disk space is cheap enough that it doesn't hurt much to store it, but it doesn't…
@SaraLang Cranberry orange muffins. I'd already just turned down the heat, but the question keeps bugging me. I und… that call for X minutes at a higher temperature and then Y minutes at a lower one never specify whether you…
@donzolidis Langhinrichs is pretty low, but I doubt it is that low. I haven't checked any databases, but there must…
One great things about Notes over the years has been its configurability. In recent versions, you've been able to s… @ElloEllenOh That would seem to be the relevant question. I mean, I don't have any problem with Velma being Asian,… @library_oms Very cold, very windy. It would be close to intolerable if it weren't Chicago, and thus awesome. @SaraLang That is practically a requirement to propel the story forward. (Granted, the story usually involves the a… like being the boss of my own (very small) company, but I miss having colleagues and superiors whom I could add t… @MorganHzlwood Agreed. (When I lived in Venezuela, we had a banana tree in our backyard and limited access to eggs,… 12 without all the blue. #hcl
@KrisRey19 Upper left (#1) is absolutely best as author photo. I like #3, but it doesn't suit the purpose as well. @Brizzyc I'm with you. I can't imagine forgetting to eat. I'm far, far more likely to stress eat. [Side-eyes the ja… @EKTwrites And if somehow people still don't care (because people can be ugh), remember that the more unvaccinated… @TonyNoland That is surreal. How can people apply zero critical thinking skills to even the most outlandish ideas? @MichaelMammay I tell people I run a small software company (which I do), and they tend to say, "But don't you also… @OmaJason @pennyw503 @MarlaHooch1 Do they need 60 to pass a procedural vote to continue consideration? I thought that was simple majority. @bradmcbooks It's nice to have a reminder in such an unsolicited way. @bradmcbooks Aww, that is so sweet and so awesome.
Body positivity is important, so I was excited to see this new anthology of 16 stories normalizing and centering fa… @christiemegill I have not yet read (or written) the book that would heal the damage of my middle school years, but… @Gidgerby Writing haiku curses about Eclipse helps. I mean, it doesn't help connecting to Jenkins, but it does help…, let me get this straight: 40% of jobs in this country pay less than the average unemployment check of $750/week…
Retweeted by ✏️Ben Langhinrichs @michellehazen What, I spend a few bucks and get a great book. You had to write the darn thing. So, you're the best.The excerpt in this post made me pre-order instantly ( Flirty humor at its best., @TwitterSupport, are the activity stats messed up right now. How can I have 16 likes and only 10 impressions? @notCason0706 @spectresofmarx @twentyeightbees @RogueLiberty1 @LPNH So, you think parents were just more evil back…
Ohio is struggling to get to 50% of people with even one shot, with about 40% fully vaccinated. This is with free,… @Gidgerby Let us know how it goes, but that is an area I've only tried once. I'd love to know if you figure out some good uses for them. @Judi__Lauren Yay! That's a pretty cool feeling. @BraddrofliT My oldest close friend is from about 45 years ago, but I have other friends from 40 years ago. (Age he… @JTRyckman @Claribel_Ortega I remember two young ladies in a dining hall complaining that the Twilight books were p…
There are times when a try/catch block makes sense, but there are times when they feel like a goto wrapped up in a… @KSekouM I rewrite immediately, as there is a strong probability that the changes to make those stronger will perco…
@caitlincross @evascalzo Congratulations!When 17-yo Blue comes home to blood and chaos (again), he takes his brothers to hide in an empty lake house. Things…
Retweeted by ✏️Ben LanghinrichsALICE IN WONDERLAND + Irish folklore After she stumbles into a magical land, 12-year-old Lulu searches for an Irish…
Retweeted by ✏️Ben Langhinrichs @rmmckenny I agree with this. I've also found it really helpful to write a query letter pitch early on. I rewrote a… peculiar girl and an anxious boy travel to 1969. While helping a mythical pet deliver a mysterious briefcase, the…
Retweeted by ✏️Ben Langhinrichs12yo Jacob longs for adventure, anything but guarding the enchanted sleeping princess. But when aliens invade the f… is Hilda x The Avengers but w/ reimagined fairytale characters given super powers. Story 1 “Web of Storms”…
Retweeted by ✏️Ben LanghinrichsI’m the princess no one remembers, because I DIDN'T fall asleep. No, I stayed awake. That's my story. It's about me…
Retweeted by ✏️Ben Langhinrichs @rajanilarocca @BradThor @3rdHourTODAY @littlebeebooks @Soaring20sPB Wow! That's pretty awesome. @mattsmithbooks @baronchrisbaron I love the idea of poetic pop culture critique. I guess I should make up one as we… TALE DARK & GRIMM meets SMEK Enchanted princesses, grumpy witches, and... aliens? Jacob Grimm, 12yo page and stor… @KrisRey19 I hope you feel better soon. I'm busy writing a poem about puffins, so...
@saphiraas Gorgeous painting. I love the serenity. @taratgonzalez @LauraAWoollett @emliterary Congrats to you both! @BethanyRobison I don't think I've seen that movie yet, but perhaps I will someday. Perhaps a modern retelling of L… you’re not vaccinated yet, and you haven’t had COVID, you’re not a superhero, you’ve just been lucky. Don’t push it. Get vaccinated.
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I think I'd rather shove the bear. @Sayantani16 @Scholastic @triadaus Congratulations, and Happy Book Birthday! @shcleveland @adaddinsane Things like prepositions at the end of sentences are certainly fine. Be careful with too… @LisaMariePell @shcleveland The best advice I've seen is to find a few of those words that work with your character… @shcleveland The trick seems to be to write more grammatically that true dialogue, but less than 100%. True dialogu… your Twitter is filled with rage or depression, you might not be following the right people. Here's the kind of… Weather by Helen Frost. A really lovely short novel-in-verse by one of America's great storytellers and… @soontornvat It is either useful or not. I use LinkedIn for my software business, not for author stuff. If it provi… outraged because Ellie Kemper was honored by an institution founded on white supremacy might at least acknow…
@JodieAndrefski I'm possibly too invested in it as a book to be able to watch the movie. I don't mind movie adaptio… @JodieAndrefski Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick is one of those books I keep around and read when I just need a pick-me-up. @ChuckWendig I grew up on a Batman with POW! and WHAP! and the silliest of villain foes. I miss that Batman.
@ignitingwriters @shakirahwrites @Scholastic That sounds really interesting, and the cover is cool. @thedougman @Gidgerby @KrisRey19 People are the worst. Wishing you all the best in this incredibly difficult time. @eunnieboo So cool. Congrats!Congratulations!
@beingcindy This book sounds awesome, and I really like the trailer. @mltate24 @KayAyDrew I have to agree. That sounds like it would make an awesome book, especially if it was never 10… @Lynnette_Novak @seymouragency Congrats! @Gidgerby @thedougman I wish Flexnet would let me log in. Or HCL would respond to my request for help. Or something… @BerkleyRomance @rosiedanan @IndiaHolton @nytimesbooks @O_Waite These are both amazing reviews. Congrats! @NateSilver538 It is disappointing to have Nate Silver get on the "people are saying" bandwagon. It isn't good scie… @jjfoley @Austan_Goolsbee @NateSilver538 Excellent analogy. This is why "sounds reasonable" is not the same as sound reasoning. @JEngelMattern There were two partial requests that took 151 and 125 days. Just fyi. It can take a long time. @JEngelMattern The longest delay I could find on my QueryTracker timeline between query and full request (without a… @torbooks The City & the City @torbooks Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue