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✏️Ben Langhinrichs @blanghinrichs Shaker Heights, OH, USA

President of Genii Software & MG author, DANGER TASTES DREADFUL '18. Against bigotry & for diversity. (he/him)

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@Dusti_Bowling @pascalcampion That is a terrific cover. (Not the least bit surprising with @pascalcampion, whose art is always amazing.)
My concept vs my first draft (since I am only pitching to myself for the moment). @ariannecostner I hope not. <Frets needlessly about whether he has ever sent the wrong color before realizing he ne… @alanlepo While I'm not a big fan of swag that I can't eat on the spot (yay, chocolates and mints), I must admit my… @CBethAnderson I remember finding a typo in the third or fourth Harry Potter book. It happens. @jasperezsanchez @helloomabel @KTegenBooks @clairefriedman8 Congrats!First in a series helping traditional Notes developers explore new AppDev for HCL Domino 11, including NodeJS, REST… @RSJoneseeAuthor I did not, and still don't. I went through a long agent search, but while several liked it, they s…
@RSJoneseeAuthor First one traditional, MG fantasy (aimed at the younger end).I really do appreciate lit agents who send warm, supportive form rejection letters. I'd rather get a form rejection… tree you are busy hugging has new branches. #dominoforever #nodejs #webdev @mimi_albert Congratulations! How cool. @SJGreenHart Yes, and have since I was about 25. Of course, back then we put it on absolutely everything, so that m…
@ElanaKArnold @hannabarczyk @HolidayHouseBks @LernerBooks Great new cover! @writerkmc Yay! Congrats! @LieslShurtliff He's such a lighthearted, misunderstood fellow in the novel I am querying, I tend to forget. @LieslShurtliff Oh my, that took a dark turn.If she thinks the House did an incomplete job, as idiotic as that is, then allowing witnesses and documentation so… tree you are busy hugging has new branches. #HCL #dominoforever #appdev
@sarakapadia Sounds cool. I know some excellent Indian middle grade authors including @Sayantani16 who write fantas… @Politidope Steyer is helped by having so little name recognition, so more of a tabla rasa. Bloomberg is hurt becau… the only candidate I would campaign AGAINST in the Democratic primaries is Bernie Sanders. And while I would… @sarakapadia Happy to meet you. What kind of middle grade do you write? There are some good ways to meet other MG w… @ethiedee Me, too. I've made the mixtapes, rewound them, and wore them out as well.
@alanlepo German @JazdzewskiTara @CastleNovelist And I think it is fair to have it color the work. I don't mind some people who have… @GargoylePhan @JazdzewskiTara @jpdailing That's the key thing. If I object to something in the book, that's differe… @JazdzewskiTara I think it is perfectly possible to like a creation and not like the creator. Orson Scott Card is a… I've been thinking about lately. I've gotten a few comments from well-meaning people about Of Curses and…
Retweeted by ✏️Ben Langhinrichs @smenonbooks Absolutely, you should write the books you feel moved to write, heavy or light or both. (Btw, Of Curse… in one of those "The people who say it can't be done should get out of the way of the people who are doing it" moods. Booyeah!
@drtarasanderson Safe. I'd love it if they also felt comfortable and happy and respected, but mostly, no matter wha… @MelissaSarno Wow!
@Penny_Zang Facebook groups are almost the only reason I stay on FB. Mostly author groups, but some tech groups. Fa… @haleshannon I usually figure out that I don't know where I am going before I finish the first draft. I have multip…
@MorganHzlwood Iguana follow your advice. I really guana. @RosieeThor Sounds more ace/aro-ignorant than ace-phobic, but then I try to be as optimistic as possible. But go ah… @jeffobergwrites @TheresaHauthor @JimMcCarthy528 @PeterClines Very true. @jeffobergwrites @TheresaHauthor @JimMcCarthy528 @PeterClines Agreed. It is wonderful from the very beginning, but… @blackmyeyez I'm glad you've found some peace. You be you. Too many people have struggled too long trying to fit in… @TheresaHauthor @JimMcCarthy528 @PeterClines I miss the days when Anne of Green Gables could be published with its… @JimMcCarthy528 I don't worry about the agents who make it to page 25 or even 10 of my query. They're already hooke…
@generativist Only forced by circumstance. I know it is the right thing for this task, but having avoided it so far… @generativist I'm always glad to hear there are people who love #python, because I am mostly a C/C++ programmer and… @BreannaTeintze To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld: You go to knit with the yarn you have, not the yarn you might want o… @LaurenBaratzL I like how she thinks Congress is taking power away as opposed to performing its duties. But the rea… @richardmoy @HCLDigital Rather exciting to see how many wish list items they are marking as likely. @meganbfrazer @joshfunkbooks @jhunt24 Also, our local public library just abandoned fines for all the reasons you list. @meganbfrazer @joshfunkbooks @jhunt24 The librarian at our local school works hard to make sure all kids can take o… @Penny_Zang @veschwab @kierstenwhite @lauraeweymouth Also, @ChuckWendig and @Jarrett_Lerner do really well. @Penny_Zang Well, @veschwab and @kierstenwhite and @lauraeweymouth all come immediately to mind.
@kharmakelley If there's one thing I've learned, it's that it is very hard to recognize the microaggressions you've… @nekuthebitch @Ryality I've been told all three things as well. Over time, I've learned to use whatever sounds righ… @KristenTaber @yslorent My family traveled back and forth to Canada frequently. I remember in Maine a little border… @petejknapp Thanks! @LaurenBaratzL @ewarren I'm not committed to anyone yet, but @ewarren is certainly one of my top choices. I like he… @petejknapp I've heard stories about how the paper shortage (or rather, reallocation of paper for other uses) has i… @yslorent Niagara Falls, probably, though the fact that our elementary school took us to Toronto (in a different co… @bradfordlit I had them out as a kid, and only remember my throat being very sore for a few days. People say it is… @Janet_Reid I've been advised to say "complete at 65,000 words" to make it clear that it is not only half written.…
@RosieeThor Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you reminded us, because although I've raved about it to many, I hadn't lef… of 5 stars to Tarnished Are the Stars by Rosiee Thor
Excited to snag @atrueblood5's new book, Across a Broken Shore, from the Hot Picks shelf at our public library. Looking forward to this one. @KwanaWrites @romancewriters Such an offensive cover, though about as revealing as it could possibly be about the mindset. @Gidgerby @richardmoy That might have been a Damien Katz-led thing, though it was a long time ago, so I don't recall. @Handende @TheStagmania I don't think it is even a matter of being right or left of Bernie. To them, anybody but Be… @Penny_Zang I'd happily eat any of the ones in the middle column, though chocolate with sprinkles are my favorite.… excited to reveal the cover of THREE KEYS, my sequel to FRONT DESK, coming out in Sept!!! It’s an election year…
Retweeted by ✏️Ben LanghinrichsIn the valley of unfulfilled promises, the half-baked resolve is king. #devtips #javascript
Do not thy Beauty scorn - For fans of George Darley, here's a response poem I wrote to "It is not Beauty I Demand"… @eeberquist Though it also might have been regional or rural vs urban. @eeberquist It used to be much more common when I was young, which was... a long time ago. @Adam_K__ I love imagining a quirky character in an unusual situation, and finding out how that character responds.… @RebeccaSky This definitely reads as fatphobia, with a healthy side dose of shithead. Why would he think it is one… @RSJoneseeAuthor I don't use them in stories or novels. (Partly because I write mostly for kids, but also because I… @dept42 To be more succinct, interact well with people and they will interact back. @dept42 I don't know what helps, but I know I usually check people's profiles when I am curious about their self-pe…
@emarie23 One of the issues that makes it difficult is that publishing is in bad shape for lots of reasons, and a l… @alexjpollard Thank you for sharing this. It was awful reading the other article (not because of you, but him), and… @emarie23 Fwiw, even if she does not become your agent, you may have a heck of a lot more success finding one with… @emarie23 There are tricks to reducing word count such as eliminating dialogue tags and such, but reducing by 1/4 r… @soontornvat @hanuol @Candlewick Gorgeous cover. Wow!
@jarodrosello I've done this as well. It both helps me frame how the story is meant to be received and gives me som… @KatelynRaeBooks @LillyPipReads I've done it both chronologically and jumping around. There are advantages and disa… @shadowdustraven Working on my middle grade mystery today. Somewhat of a Greenglass House vibe with a touch of Arte… @annmrose <Checks WIPs. Phew. No wake up calls.>
@michellehazen From a structural point of view, it would be best if a flaw in her character caused her to misunders… @RexMegasaurus @FkYouKonami @FlorioGina That's been our way as well. I do most of the actual cooking, she does most… @SaadiaFaruqi Congratulations! Always good to see more Yasmin books out there.★★★★★The Story That Cannot Be Told by J. Kasper Kramer - I chanced on this book because it was displayed on the Chi… @Karahdactyl Occasionally it subsides into dull dread and resignation, but it always resurges. To paraphrase Bette…
@NeuroRebel Everybody is special and has their own unique bundle of gifts and challenges. That doesn't make anyone… @angelajames My family didn't really have any such traditions, but my wife's family always had pea soup, so we've g…
@SarahAllenBooks Happy Birthday!
I’ve read 43 YA novels this year simply so I can recommend different books to my students. Although I don’t advocat…
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I mean, I do appreciate that you have embraced a certain amount of diversity. It is good to see the more diverse ro…, @hallmarkchannel, just wanted to say that I love your Christmas movies (and appreciate the addition of some Ha… @CDwivediWrites I slip into a faint Nova Scotia accent sometimes. I don't notice, but others ask about it. I used t…
@lauraeweymouth Lots of kind of strength, and lots of issues better solved without drawing blood.
@Gidgerby Hmm. I wrote a poem from the point of view of an island... a very angry island at that. I guess we all fi…