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@GriffLightning is a comedian. @davidlsims is a critic. Together they over-analyze directors' filmographies. New episodes every Sunday!

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Here is @GriffLightning on today's podcast talking about the collaborative and troupe like nature of The Muppets, i…
Retweeted by Blank Check PodcastHe sublets during the week @blankcheckpod When someone mentions old tech.
Retweeted by Blank Check PodcastThey have a mission... but it's impossible??? Sign us up!!! @holdyourbunz Listen it's not like the team knew what end it was going to come out ofArtistic license. gave out thousands and thousands of supplies to protestors last weekend. if you can, please help us restock & bu…
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I was on one of my favorite podcasts this week talking about a movie in which Andie MacDowell sings about pie and T…
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcasti interviewed thandie newton, who was so incredibly honest and vulnerable. a true gift:
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The Jean Reno run in our Mission: Impossible ep might be some of our best work. @GriffLightning calling Travolta “Johnny Travs” on the latest ep of @blankcheckpod is everything I’ve ever wanted
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcast @WatchBadMovies @christianfunpod @KevinTPorter @davidlsims @GriffLightning @Audioboom @ApplePodcasts According to o… the resemblance is uncanny. better to guest on this week's ep than a co-host of @christianfunpod? @KevinTPorter joins for 1996's Michael.… be like “i know a spot” but by the time they get there it’s been destroyed because it was actually a metaphor…
Retweeted by Blank Check PodcastThis is offensive. You can't write that and not add the "wahhhh wahhh wahhhhhhhhh".
👋👋👋 a mask ✌️
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@kelsfar The trunk *and* the leaves!missed a full song in hamilton because i saw chris jackson on screen and, at the behest of the @blankcheckpod boys,…
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@Acesoldia No worries! Should start mentioning on our episodes. @dash_coom Sand. Gun.✨👇Gofundmes with unmet goals 👇✨ ❖ Aeri ❖ Maleah ❖ Kami… @KillByKillPod @mpj @MPJInstitute Amazing, thank you!We wouldn't have Pride in the first place without the Stonewall RIOTS. They took place from June 28th to July 3rd,… @bougeiousyeti Thanks! @chrisdole86 We predict a lot of "He's insane!!!" @josegarcia_n7 Talking Henry and Angela alone. *chef kiss*Just because PRIDE month ended, doesn't mean the work does. We need to support Black Trans people 365 days a year.… @KJoBriscoe Add some buried jeans and the look's complete! @of_willis it's always good @KevKoeser oh man it's so goodIt won our Patreon March Madness bracket! Here's the upcoming schedule, we'll be sharing publicly thru the summer 👍… @jonathanpopalis There hasn't been an MCU crossover so probably! @omerzach so many birds @mr_mxyplyzyk Oh it's comin. @rainydayjules David's with you there down, five to go. Which M:I commentary are you guys most excited for?
This week, for one of the *ahem* flashiest episodes of #LOST, we have borrowed the AMAZING @GriffLightning from…
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcast"God, he do run." Cinematic context and commentary only #TheTwoFriends can provide. @bbanks2121 dun dun dundun dun dun dundun 💥 dropping in to tell you our Mission: Impossible series is officially here 🧨 one-two punch of thoughtful analysis of 2002 re: Bond-type films closely followed by a query of whether Tom Cru…
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Yet another example of that @blankcheckpod bump.
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcast @Ryan5833 You were def not the only person who yelled that at their phone haha @GeorgeSeabrook There is definitely some dunking, but we all got very hyped in the third act.
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcast @davidlsims the gun was in the sand!!!!!! @jaimealyse equipment not handy :( @jaimealyse i'm not on mic :( -angSpoilers it's been stupid fun so far. recording at this very second! a patron, you'll have access to our entire MCU back catalogue as well as upcoming episodes noted in our schedule… Mission: Impossible series officially drops tomorrow! Want a Patreon test drive? Our Iron Man ep is now unlocke… Cameron sitting tight with the Avatar sequels Lion King 2019 broke everything you need it today, you can find tons of clips of The 2000 Year Old Man on YouTube. There's also Mel Brooks: Un… Reiner and Mel Brooks have been doing the same bit for 70 years and it's still not old.
@GriffLightning I hate you
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcastlistening to @davidlsims @kateyrich @GriffLightning @MagnaFarta and @benhosley talk about sleepless in seattle is t…
Retweeted by Blank Check PodcastWe just want to clarify, if you're getting notifications that say otherwise, the Bellhouse show (that was moved to… you walked through a rental store in the 90s you saw this cover everywhere. But did you watch it as many times a…
@bwetzel79 Oh hey it's @MagnaFarta, co-producer! Gonna be alternating or sometimes all together in future eps.Hard to believe it's been 8 years. We miss ya, Nora. @mrsirthegod Julie Andrews!
#BurgerReport came on Iconography to talk about VIN DIESEL & u must watch this vid before listening to recreate…
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcast @blankcheckpod I had a little too much fun with vaporwave photoshop filters......HBD @benhosley!!
Retweeted by Blank Check PodcastMy man. Fact: James Wan said this was partially inspired by the doof warrior in Fury Road. oldie but a goodie. Happy birthday to The Great and Powerful Hoz!!!! 🎂🎈🎉
Is there any movie more perfect for the pandemic? Well this, and Mad Max. @kateyrich joins for the 5-timers club f… by the huge #BrooklynLiberation march? That's great! Their founder kicked off the event. Stay informed abo… you visit you'll see this pop-up for the Tony McDade and Nina Pop memorial funds. Ment… provides meals and support for the Black Trans + GNC (gender nonconforming) community. Please use…
RIP Schumacher. Revisit this amazing conversation with him from last year.
Retweeted by Blank Check PodcastWhile filming Batman & Robin, Joel Schumacher would often yell, “Remember, you’re in a cartoon!!!” In many ways, h…
Retweeted by Blank Check PodcastI mean took him long enough. you can stomach Charlie Rose being Charlie Rose (he plays Joel a clip of a critic panning Batman Forever), this… Schumacher on what makes a "good" director.👀, we are following along with @blankcheckpod as they watch the films of George Miller and we have finally gotten…
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In honor of the @blankcheckpod Toy Story 4 episode dropping, here’s my exclusive pic from the wedding of…
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcast @ckilgore @davidlsims it's me, the 500 Days of Summer screenplay hater. I've entered the chat thanks to @blankcheckpod this week. P…
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcast @BringDaNoyz @alexreino 👀👀👀 @DavidLeedWong @BookCameo ....don't tempt usHappy Father's Day from this post in our reddit. dad's day, everyone go watch Sully 🛫’m on @blankcheckpod this week (5-timers club baby!) talking about a movie about long distances and trying to conn…
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcast @alexreino and it's called Lil' Stinkers @Jonmarke No jangly keys needed just a VHS out of frame. @aarond Thanks I hate* pic that exudes the energy u have now @DiscoShakes Schedules already insane rn but this looks cool! @BobbyGough @davidlsims @GriffLightning @Audioboom @ApplePodcasts @benhosley Uhhhh bad news.If you’re lucky enough to have a local Jewish delicatessen offering takeout/delivery please consider supporting the…
Retweeted by Blank Check Podcast @AaronDamron @Swedgeland adding to this thread just want to point out Ang has good taste.