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@etherealVAL_ The sauce is just wrong wtf. Where are the bonito flakesThe most demotivating thing is seeing my friends who are giving their absolute most, fail. When I know that I don’t…
Heyyy @rocazor @etherealVAL_ I know velo kinda I just know I’m gonna be annoyed cause I don’t remember how to do things I used to do @rocazor @puppyccinoo I’d sell your keyboard back to you for $300 @Mister_Support Life not that ez all g tho @1vasperal @VanguardChamps Hope they have another one soon frThank you for an amazing weekend! 🙌
Retweeted by QOR Blankets → VMS LAN @Rudeclaw @omgitspotter @LiN_fps @Etothac @rocazor @branted707 @phoFPS @Boostio @ReformedVal @EvilGeniuses Gl for the future ❤️ @thekyuo So sick @phoFPS Getting judged from 20 feet away while not being able to aim >>>> @witmer What the fuck @TheNames_Turtle My biggest struggle is that I’m unphotogenic LOL @RoompaTV @Nightblood_gg @VanguardChamps Cool to meet you guys :) @Shanks_TTV Lfg @NudleVal @KovaaKs Next LAN @Vanityxz I’m slim thick and ur slim dick @NudleVal @KovaaKs If u wanna hang I live here, soOoo @HitBox_Hiros @ahad Hitbox pulls @TheNames_Turtle Will have to ask you to take some photos for me next time :) @EvilGeniuses @FYBVal @VanguardChamps Got it next time :)Best weekend of my life I think/$2@2’kwend @3oh1_val @NightVbn @NudleVal @1vasperal @TroIIman_ Really cool meeting you guys :) safe travelsQor Purple is playing in Neso Winter Qualifiers 4 @Challengermode! Send them some #QORWIN vibes 💜💜 @angilttv
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@Helios_Val What @Helios_Val All g @lumafps This is so gross @witnessqq Cant talk about it lolFeeling super shit rn lol @itsmarouS lol ikr literally egos for no reason when I’m just trying to be nice @Flybynight271 @VanguardChamps @EvilGeniuses @rocazor @phoFPS @branted707 @ReformedVal #LIVEEVILIdk why some people r so rude like at LAN stop being a weirdo lol @Mister_Support I can PayPal youDepressed I didn’t get lan pictures taken @VanguardChamps @EvilGeniuses @GameArenaCBUS LFGGG @Mister_Support Real @Erin_OG14 @Boostio LOL it was for a friend they’re a big fan @frostyZK Uhhh we’ll be at venue in like 30 if you can wait @frostyZK We have one tho if u want @frostyZK Did someone steal your mouseFinal day of the Valorant Midwest Showdown! Finals begin at 1 pm est and feature the rematch between @EvilGeniuses
Retweeted by QOR Blankets → VMS LAN @Mister_Support You don’t want to come to LAN @HitBox_Hiros Out to kill today? @lizz_sup @__mkkl__ @teamsecret The difference is that he’s not an asshole about what they choose to do on stage. S… @eVoL_FPS What time u playing @witnessqq Who’s that guyManifesting more cute LAN pictures like this pls LMFAO @Klawsontv @vexxeyvlr @TroIIman_ Nt @Klawsontv @vexxeyvlr @TroIIman_ MB I’m fine @vexxeyvlr @TroIIman_ @Klawsontv Nah I’m jumping tonight @Klawsontv BYE BYE BYE @Klawsontv @macKVAL_ TRUE @zekeiVAL Cause we’re not fucking close at all idk @zekeiVAL Fuckinf shit drama with people who have egos that shouldn’t @dashDevv @VanguardChamps @ohaaiii Ur crazy @lumafps I have bpd as well and I can sympathize with finding it hard to get over relationships. Hope you can find some sort of peace <3 @0Ktinaa Cosmic Divide was using teamspeak today at LAN @zerg @EvilGeniuses @VanguardChamps you guys played great @bunnievi hello whenvalorant carry bf and gf that rewards him with ass pics
Retweeted by QOR Blankets → VMS LAN @VanguardChamps @EvilGeniuses @FYBVal LETS FUCKING GO
@diaamondTV W @diaamondTV Will you be there tommorow? I didn’t make it out of groups but I’m coming to watch tmmrw. Would be so cool to meet you :) @diaamondTV WAIT UR AT LAN? @DaeganVal Tonight maybe? @hk4ri LMFAOOOOO @hk4ri Stop being down bad LMFAOO @DaeganVal NHA BUT IT SOUNDS SO FUN THO NO? LIKW WE HAVE TO DO IT @DaeganVal Yeah like where one person holds the mouse and one person does the keyboard @VanguardChamps Good luck to everyone :)I asked @Boostio if I could buy the jersey off his body but he said no, my life is overno one hmu
Retweeted by QOR Blankets → VMS LANForgot to update but we got knocked out of groups. Ggs to Showstoppers, @CosmicDivideGG, and RIT Orange. Disappoint… @1vasperal Games were hard and if anything I should be disappointed. You shit on me all game, next LAN you got it :) @1kotaaa Word @zerg REAL @TroIIman_ @frostyZK Nice playing against you :) @scratchFPS I don’t think it was us none of us would do that :(, sorry though @scratchFPS I didn’t sign out rip. @scratchFPS Oh shit @witnessqq @VLRdotgg @THESPIKEGG Yeah @witnessqq @VLRdotgg @THESPIKEGG Lol @witnessqq @VLRdotgg @THESPIKEGG Don’t pleaseYeah we fuck, and we’re all 6’4
@hk4ri No only me @hk4ri LOLLL @hk4ri Me bitch @Helios_Val Mb:) we starting soon gfuel with the team @1vasperal Goodluck :) @Mister_Support @tencefps What imma do to u @sryiexist Hot @koofstar @TradeLikeProsGG @Nightblood_gg Gl @macKVAL_ @Nightblood_gg Gl :)Boob shirt @fIuffyzx @hannahhngyn @etherealVAL_ ITS A FUCKING CITY WHERE THE BIGGEST MIDWEST LAN IS BEING HELD JESUS WTF
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