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@TheMob #AskMob Mako and Ava why are yall so ass at valorant? @Yuhuuur @fucksherwin ??? @fucksherwin Hard to compare since Both of them are insanely racist @Mako @oFabz I can take him I’m a cracked out sub zero @Mako Thanks mako! @TheTopViking It don’t matter if I see him in a nuketown lobby he’s done for @CeeDeeSZN @BWAMatt @CryptiicNoOne CRYPTIC!?!? @Mako Heyyyy @TheTopViking For what @BWAMatt @CryptiicNoOne What was the tweet @cuartocore @JCFCofficiaI Yea I doYessir 2 had potential but cryptic Ruined itTop 10 songs on the @JCFCofficiaI second album 1 Grippin interlude 2 Mamacita 3 Talkin shit 4 Skeet 5 New New 6 F… MAN CRYPTICS VERSE SUCKED LMAOOOOOOO. @thegingerbatt carries JCFCListening to the @JCFCofficiaI album for the first time tap in @JuIioq LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLMFAOOOOOOOO @Blankzy_
Retweeted by BlankzyLIVE Among Us proximity chat with people @OnTheFlyTwitch plans their streams
@rosstoefur Show it meat @Boy1drr @Josh_Tries @OnTheFlyTwitch Name all 5 of them @Boy1drr @Josh_Tries @OnTheFlyTwitch I have yet to see u talk to a female! @Josh_Tries @OnTheFlyTwitch Everyone lmaoing is the most ironic thing ever!!!!!!I use to get so pumped on CoD back in the day to shit on “Christmas noobs” is what we called it. Pretty sure SBMM ruined that.
Retweeted by Blankzy @Clayster They grillin you LMAOOO @Josh_Tries @OnTheFlyTwitch Nope he just like me tho @OnTheFlyTwitch Jackiees dad can pull so many bitches none of that went down to him I guess that’s crazy @SamManlol @Boltsiola 1k replies LMFAOOOO point blank kills challenges are so fun to go for! @TreyarchThe way these mfs end every jujutsu episode man @JefferyxBball @Boltsiola Act broke to stay rich you won’t understand
Retweeted by Blankzyget to work on the gunfight tourney @OnTheFlyTwitch man Sherwin down BAD @Leo__ffs @CryptiicNoOne @Josh_Tries @daiptix @JoeyTheSuperJew @Yuhuuur And you? @CryptiicNoOne So whenever ur in a lobby with Josh daip and prince? season 1 update better add medals and camo unlocks showing in hardcore @Treyarch @shivisdumb go shiv go shiv @Huntrelol Virgins @RealShadesMcGee Too late for whatI’ll listen to it on stream tomorrow!New JCFC album out? @LostInTheWorldl Shake ya ass @mrpotatohaed @JoeyTheSuperJew @CryptiicNoOne I’m rich and have a gf? @mrpotatohaed @JoeyTheSuperJew @CryptiicNoOne Joey has had like 70 tinder streams and is still single, anyone saying cryptic just lying
@fucksherwin I thought I was the only one 😭 @Leo__ffs LMAOOOOOOO @CSGO Broken fang? What about fixedtooth? 😹😹 @LazasBautista @oFabz When do u get home so we can watch @LazasBautista @oFabz I read the first two words and dipped LMFAOOOOO @Josh_Tries This sucks @Josh_Tries U down bad @CryptiicNoOne @CorinnaKopf What about ur call of duty career @RealShadesMcGee @KingEmail0 @HotFreestyle Get a job @Josh_Tries ? @Josh_Tries ? @JoeyTheSuperJew its a funny joke joey @JoeyTheSuperJew LOL @HotFreestyle Sorry JCFC album dropping gonna listen to that first @cuartocore JCFC 1 is better than this new one @CyberpunkGame Can’t y’all just lock the game and keep everyone that had it early in the main menu instead of “kind… @Layymooon The fella who is mentioned on ur album 300 times for no reason! @Layymooon 250The pump shotgun carries Fortnite the games boring without it @SamManlol @Chriztopha_ @Boltsiola @Grahamalott @ItsST4T1K @Grahamalott I live in their head rent free! @Grahamalott This shit worse than the JCFC albumDamn I might just be stupid
Retweeted by Blankzy @SkreetMan lick itI JUST HAD THE MOST WILD RUN MAN WTF’m miserable was a bad idea Playing Cold War zombies trying to make it to round 20 without hetting hit now… no way they made a fortnite place after you @Huntrelol🔴LIVE🔴 Taking my talents back to Fortnite @JoeyTheSuperJew ehhh @JoeyTheSuperJew Do you have enough for rent this month bro u spent way too much on cards man LMAOOShould I stream this new Fortnite season @LazasBautista We were gonna suck anyways it’s fine! @IamTrevorMay LETS GOOOOOOO
@Pos3idonnnn I wishthis is taken out of context and untrue! @Leo__ffs im being setup @Leo__ffs this isnt me @JCFCofficiaI "spam L on this" 🤓 @daiptix @Josh_Tries @notedub @Yuhuuur @LazasBautista @iHaveNoHoe @JoeyTheSuperJew @okleslie @dagostlno @ripxRain u… @JCFCofficiaI nothing but mid @xLambo_ And people call me the loserHey @verified u guys forgot about me @Leo__ffs HAHAHAHAHA @100Tjdawg WHATHappy birthday to the goat miss you juice wants to be my gf and we can make tik toks like this hello hi heyyyyyy @Leo__ffs @Grahamalott @god WHY DO U HAVE THIS SAVED @oFabz His new album was kinda nice I won’t lie @CryptiicNoOne @Froste This shit better than mine