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@optiuh @SamManlol dont this is his entrance man..... @maids @JohnV3t its trash -4/10 @SamManlol LMFAOOOOthis is twitter user @optiuh's house not minerate this house out of 10 @100Thieves GOD DAMN This is so much better than y’alls last drop @LazasBautista Chika the goat @LazasBautista Nah I ain’t Watchin this show no more @LazasBautista Watchin kaguya sama wydThis guy obviously never played zombies @LazasBautista Yoooo @MyFavsTrash @Froste Holy shit dude it’s 9am @xLambo_ 4I really gotta wait till October to watch more haikyuu man damn @LazasBautista LMFAOOOOOOO dude you should’ve asked him if he needed help @VinnyCantFight @LazasBautista Not me Im built different @LazasBautista Present (that’s me in the pic lol) @AbbyTheMS 2K 🔜👀 @Avxry Man of the year @Oreologist @TheSamsman ?? @Yuhuuur Isnt it ur discord @FadezGG @Yuhuuur I’m the best tarkov player on the TL @dr2xter @Yuhuuur Make it tarkov god 🔥🔥 @Yuhuuur you will perish for this role u gave me @imane I mean I’m a guy but u can still follow me ahahaha @ProRebornYT Those top 4 prob gonna stay the top 4 for a long time @optiuh @LazasBautista @xoxabstract No I did not stop slandering my name @LazasBautista @xoxabstract @optiuh That just isn’t true I said I was getting off to go watch it and he said it out loud @xoxabstract @optiuh @LazasBautista @Oreologist nah too obviuous @LazasBautista I like the one u have rn @itsWaddles_ I need to stop @deeplmaoo @optiuh I said it in vc and he laughed @oFabz @optiuh opti in the thread no ladies in hereChelsea? what happened to Chelblind? @AIexTBA2 that was me talking onlyNetherite? what happened to netherleft @LazasBautista @CrypticNo @koordell ??? @SamsTheMisfit Nah I think I have my prime so Ima use it on himWho got me with a gifted @AbbyTheMS It’s finally happeningLive in an hour.
Retweeted by Blankzy @KeviSkillz DEADASS? LETS GOOOO @imisstide Ifht manI need to start streaming again smh I’m a bum @itsWaddles_ @FaZeSway Two guys walking on the street then they randomly kiss
@Avalanche100T Saw breezy tweet this and it’s facts most fun was The year this video was made @FaZeSway @itsWaddles_ me and u lol @Attach We live to see it good shit @CFC_Ant Swept faze just to get swept by NY LMFAOOOO @KeviSkillz Sorry bout that Kevi my teams just goated @AccuracyLA @Attach @ZooMaa @Temp @MackMelts MY GOATS WE FINALLY WON LETS GOOO @Josh_Tries DUDE IM IN AWE LMFAOOOOWE CAME, WE SAW AND WE DEFENDED NEW YORK. LET'S GO! #NYSL #CDL2020 PS - NY Style > Deep Dish
Retweeted by Blankzy @Josh_Tries LOL @Temp My goatKINGS OF NEW YORK: @Subliners are victorious at their own Home Series! @Temp @AccuracyLA @Attach @ZooMaa
Retweeted by BlankzyMfs be abusing the FAL in cod but won’t settle down and FALl in love with their girl when she loves you @ijdawg998 Bet shippuden is top 3 anime for me @ijdawg998 I will give u my Crunchyroll acc I go when u finish and get to shippuden, shippuden is better than the original @ijdawg998 About damn time @CrypticNo Is there an issueMfs equip support kill streaks like a UAV. We get it bro U A Virgin 😭😭 @scahhr This ones ass @Oreologist !?!?!?VTOL jet? what happened to VShort Jet 🤣what happened with prestinnis mic?The NEW premiere date for the second-cour of Haikyu!! Season 4 (Haikyu!! TO THE TOP) has been officially announced…
Retweeted by Blankzy @mrpotatohaed @wtfshaay LOL @Treyarch yall better drop a beta as soon as u announce this game dawgwhy do games have to be so boring rn man @LazasBautista ...... @itsWaddles_ sending cock pic rn @itsWaddles_ is that really ur phone number @MyFavsTrash I’d sacrifice Shay or samman @xLambo_ @LazasBautista Yea it’s my Second fav anime @LazasBautista I’m almost caught up I slept on it man @BisonPog @optiuh @Connugh LMFAOOOOO @SesoHQ @thundoerfist Holy clean @optiuh Ok so what @optiuh CockMax was robbed LMFAOBro what @BisonPog Oh @optiuh @OffbrandMilkbag @hudsonwisler @optiuh Nice photoshop @optiuh @hudsonwisler @optiuh GO HUDSON GO @optiuh I’m gonna block you @wtfshaay How tf u so good at thisUF gets glasses call that UFC @dr2xter @wtfshaay I had like 13k and deleted almostall of em like a month ago it’s kinda nice especially since I d… I thought we was ab to witness a murder that ref is on something @LazyBautista I forgot ur name is Francisco tbh LMAOOO I will only call you laza @Chromee__ @Avalanche100T I still think that fall damage there is ridiculous @Avalanche100T I rage quit a 10 mans two days ago and slam my desk almost every time I play I’m better off sticking to cod @Avalanche100T Game is cheeks it’s bad for your health @wtfshaay Summer is far superior to winter
@Diesel2199 @Oreologist He didn’t send me a vid