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@JoeyTheSuperJew @itsWaddles_ you shouldve seen me I still havent beat it but I walked around for hours @JoeyTheSuperJew @itsWaddles_ this mf gonna be more lost than me when he plays visage LOL @drizter1 I’m only on episode 3 so I haven’t heard the others yet LOL @drizter1 OP 1 bangs @timmyshakes @kyedae My fault @Asunaa @kyedae This is why you’re the goat @neekolul Hi neekolul @kyedae Who’s Tim and what did he bite 😂😂
Issue was I wasn’t using Pure analog I’m hitting dimes nowHOW THE FUCK DO U HIT IN MLB THE SHOW DUDE @Oreologist @itsandreabotez @JoeyTheSuperJew @itsWaddles_ @OnTheFlyTwitch Ok so u are making it for the stream @Class @Valkyrae Maybe I will join the talent showNo stream tonight sowwy medicine and my workout is making me tired af rn and won’t have the energy to make good con… @notedub @JoeyTheSuperJew HAHAHAHAHAH @JoeyTheSuperJew VISAGE PLEASE
🚨BANG NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO🚨 THIS GAME MAKES NO SENSE (Jump King Stream Highlights 🎞️edited by @FknReamey 👇Watch, L…
Retweeted by Blankzy @JoeyTheSuperJew I wish it was forever @Wis_Alt LOL🚨BANG NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO🚨 THIS GAME MAKES NO SENSE (Jump King Stream Highlights 🎞️edited by @FknReamey 👇Watch, L… @Daymeeein @dev0rama_ @exJackiee holy ratio @Nathanmofo I hurt my hand so bad doing this bro i regret it LOLHe's almost there :) @Blankzy__
Retweeted by Blankzyone more timeNOT GETTING OFF UNTILL I BEAT THIS DUMBASS JUMP KING GAME BRO I SWEAR @LazasBautista @Josh_Tries Or whatever tf it’s called @LazasBautista @Josh_Tries Y’all got the dashpash for a reason @Josh_Tries Y’all too broke for me 😭 @Yuhuuur Do u want to speedrun the die maschine Easter eggWinter was coming for 7 fucking years and then disappeared in 15 minutes. Nobody fucking cares anymore. If you can…
Retweeted by Blankzy @Yuhuuur All I did was ask a questionSigh requesting againBAPESTA AOT THEMED SHOES GIVEAWAY retweet and follow to enter ending 21/04/21 good luck ✨
Retweeted by BlankzyTaking a shower then going live gonna play more jump king I will beat it today
@22lexi_ @reaIlyshort dub tbh @reaIlyshort What kinda god phone do u have omg @Wis_Alt otf NOW @Wis_Alt warzone with me lambo and ross get on @dev0rama_ @exJackiee dat mf like da leaning tower of pizza @Wis_Alt @dev0rama_ @exJackiee LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @Daymeeein @dev0rama_ @exJackiee LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO @dev0rama_ @exJackiee jackie hit the smooth criminal in this pic
Retweeted by Blankzy @jacksondahl What’s # 4’s @ 👀 @Josh_Tries Tell may to unblock me LMAOI AM FUCKING LIVE WITH A MASSIVE SURPRISE, GET THE FOOK IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Blankzy @Josh_Tries Add me back or kitten will be angry @Josh_Tries WHO TF BLOCKED ME @Josh_Tries So t y gonna add me? @Josh_Tries requesting add back to twitter users @jcupisinnocent @LazasBautista @timmyshakes I don’t think Medusa would want to go into a jar for jakkuXD and cryptic @LazasBautista @Yuhuuur @Wis_Alt @CrypticNoHoes Thanks I try @Yuhuuur @Wis_Alt @CrypticNoHoes @LazasBautista It’s a book? @Wis_Alt @CrypticNoHoes @LazasBautista OHH THAT SERIES IS SO MID @OffbrandMilkbag @LazasBautista Cryptic gonna eat this up @Wis_Alt @CrypticNoHoes @LazasBautista Who the fuck is Percy Jackson @CrypticNoHoes @LazasBautista That will not work bro @Blankzy__ @CrypticNoHoes MAN THINKS HES KASEKI BRO HES AN IDIOT
Retweeted by Blankzy @LazasBautista @CrypticNoHoes HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @Yuhuuur My fault crewmate @LazasBautista @CrypticNoHoes LMFAOOOOOOOOO @Yuhuuur Oh my bad I didn’t know @CrypticNoHoes @LazasBautista You think u have the time to put a bitch that can turn u into stone just by FUCKING L… @Yuhuuur Is medusa not a Greek god? @LazasBautista Cryptic and jakku are morons bro LMAOThere’s no way twitter users are arguing whether or not a Greek god can fit into a jarTHE 500TH RETURN STREAM, TOMORROW AT 4PM EST I HAVE A BIG BIG SURPRISE TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL SO PLEASE BE THERE 👀
Retweeted by Blankzy @sebastianjii LMFAOOOOOOThank you so much
Retweeted by Blankzy @endeylive I can’t believe dream would say thisWhat the fuck
Retweeted by Blankzy @lcruuzl IX was all I played @pupb0icarti @Wis_Alt @Layymooon so u crank right? @Wis_Alt @pupb0icarti @Layymooon hop on fortnite @Wis_Alt @pupb0icarti @Layymooon cranker for sure @itsWaddles_ ARENU ACTUALLY GONNA CONSISTENTLY STREAM THIS TIME LMFAOOOOO
@itsWaddles_ Flop+ RATIOOOO @Chriiztopha @amaanderz noti @Layymooon @jozhiscrazy DUDE @Froste Nice coc @itsWaddles_ @crackwithdrawal @Layymooon LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO @Layymooon DUDE HES AWFUL @Layymooon holy shit @Wis_Alt peepoart @Yuhuuur bro its a good map but its too easy and that makes it boring as fuckif u disagree ur fucking wrong @Josh_Tries @CrypticNoHoes @Yuhuuur @madisonpettis You are @brookeab @TwitterSupport This is disgusting I’m sorry you have to go through this still what a loserEditor has been found omg I’m pogging I’m excited to bring my stream content to YT and hope to grow more With tha… @100Thieves @Avalanche100T @kyedae OMG LETS GOOOOOOOOWelcome @Kyedae! Kyedae is our first VALORANT streamer and international creator. We love her bright & positive pe…
Retweeted by Blankzy @JakeSucky @LudwigAhgren Ludwig the goat @TheTopViking my goat lfgggg u look good @FknReamey @TheSamsman DMs @SamManIoI @Boltsiola @CrypticNoHoes @Boltsiola @CrypticNoHoes starting off with negative bank account cause i like a challenge
Retweeted by Blankzy @xAidanZul LMFAOOOOOO @Froste @timmyshakes @LazasBautista Need itHey I’m Looking for a editor to do stream highlight videos for me cuz I can’t edit for shit LOL if anyone is inte… @DarienBMG
Retweeted by Blankzy @jordanfisher You’re still so handsome