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blaustoise @blaustoise Los Angeles, CA

game dev, streamer | strategist/researcher on r&d at riot games, former researcher at playstation | twitch partner

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WAM @ArnarHrafn @Altombre @Hiko @Altombre @Hiko DUDE RIGHT???OMFG @Hiko DID YOU JUST KNIFE THAT DUDE WTF??? @100Thieves @Hiko @JoshNissan @diceyzx @Asunaa @nitr0 LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOIs League of Legends a team game or actually a solo game? Discussion with @Squad5lol about how teamplay in League… @Valkyrae (1) we love to see the gains (2) @syanne77 is the 🐐'd traineryo Among Us streamers, if you run a discord for your viewers, I HIGHLY recommend the Impostor Bot (@impostor__bot)… @PuffballsUnited @peterparkTV @scarra lmao that’s NOT what #3436 codename ‘Project Mercury’ is @itshafu I felt this one @starsmitten_
@ZhugeEX I found my calling. On the real though, super excited to see how this game performs there. One of the be… @RiotAugust @peterparkTV wait i’m nutty now tho?? @peenerpark DUDE I GET SO ANXIOUS AND SEF CONSCIOUS PLAYING WITH NEW GROUPS @Hai yes
early morning stream & among us w @m0xyOW, @itshafu, @5uppps, & more @G2Perkz I- @starsmitten_ hey 🥺👉👈 @Hiko boba date k thanks @GenG critical in some games, overrated or even detrimental in others
@Riscxlol @ArnarHrafn oh it's a rollercoaster tho @IWDominateLoL marugame? @Average_Jonas @PlayVALORANT LOLwas able to decode @PlayVALORANT’s tweet. super stoked we’re doing this @itshafu @5uppps I could try some mornings and aim for a pre-work stream 👀back on the VAL grind @TwitchRivals @itshafu
@Zedd @wiffygriffy what's the necklace tho 👀 @Slasher HOOOOOO BOIIIIIIII @VondillTV @Suntouch_ @InnerslothDevs hard ult to use imo @Fwiz 🙏 @Mortdog Mort just tryna pay the TFT team for playing TFT while making TFT so he can get paid for making TFT and th… @ZeronisART Another end of an era. You're one of if not THE MOST talented artists in games. Period. I genuinely b… someone's champion main in LoL to expose them as the Impostor in Among Us... ft. @VondillTV @Suntouch_ Also… @portilho leave some style for the rest of us SHEESH @mortdog about to be the next bezos SHEESHI’m a game dev, so streamers should pay me I’m a streamer, so I’ll have to pay the game devs I’m a game dev, so I… @DisguisedToast certified bangeryo @Yassuo @Sanchovies @Voyboy pay up boys @justinbieber hey @starsmitten_ I’m down. I’ll do it during meetings as long as you don’t mind overhearing us discuss the other games we’re working onmood
@pokimanelol CONGRATS POKI 🥳🥳🥳🥳 @Mendo @PlayVALORANT ha you think I read?? @Mendo @PlayVALORANT Mendo.streaming among us w new community emotes @FaZeUpdate @GFuelEnergy @Deansocool @Class @5uppps @muselk @GoBoomTV LMAO @Deansocool
@amonguslfg @AznDumbum this is dope @Yetiapocalypse @DJellyPeanut @MOONMOON_OW LMAO THE YELL FROM DOWN THE HALL @rengarplayer @lolcurlz If I worked for Among Us, I would strongly advise them to NOT implement an elo system or co…'S FOR FUN THIS IS FUN FOR ME I KNOW IT'S A CASUAL SOCIAL GAME I DID THIS FOR FUN PLEASE NO FLAME @ForestWithin LMAO you got me right before I did the 2nd tweet to follow-up on it. ALSO IT'S MY JOB TO THINK ABOU… think Among Us is best as a more casual/social game w friends, BUT it's still fun to do thought experiments + con… are good winrates in Among Us? In this video I break down crew, impostor, & overall winrates, based off of t… @RiotAzael SHEESH @RiotAzael Boston wants to know your location @Evergreenily OKAY DUDE
GIANT SCP LOBBY GAMES @syanne77 I would say treadmills are overrated. given its LA, I wouldn’t mind a jog or a walk outside, but that’s r… @DJellyPeanut @AOC VOUCH @Trainwreckstv @AOC here’s the problem with your logic (but VOUCH) @AOC @hasanthehun W @hasanthehun @AOC YESSSS @AOC gotta be @hasanthehun for one of them @AOC I’m in @pokimanelol @AOC YES @peterparkTV @scarra @AOC @DisguisedToast double vouchhere’s to one more year of HE DON’T MISS HBD @WARDELL416 🥳 @loltyler1 congrats king @WARDELL416 GET OUT OF MY HEADfake gamer. clearly has never played League of Legends if they don’t hate summoner’s rift @FayeMata @Wanderlustluca @Yajuu_ holy this is amazing @starsmitten_ @QuarterJade @peterparkTV @ItzMasayoshi 🥶🥶🥶🥶 @peterparkTV @QuarterJade @ItzMasayoshi YUP. it's not "if", it's "when" @peterparkTV @ItzMasayoshi dude YES this 10000x John is actually such an amazing streamer, and also just like... ki… @ultraalbi01 do u know if they sell shungite masks? @Cowsep you know it @Foxdroplol boost me pls @peterparkTV honestly you and @ItzMasayoshi inspire me a bunch as streamers. I rarely have time to watch streams fo… fuck i just hit 1000 subs on twitch a;dfokljasd;flkajsdf;alskdjfas;ldfkjasd;flkajsdf;alskjdfas;dlfkjasdf;lkjas…
@DJellyPeanut @MDALetsPlay @MDAorg Nutters are a GOATED community. Good shit @DJellyPeanut & crew @xChocoBars bu hao @ShyvanaMid you’re on to somethingMasks don’t protect you from COVID but they protect you from the 5G radiation waves so that’s why I wear one
among us & valorant all day warrior has a cool ring to it thoBRB, gonna murder my friends IRL and then lie to my other friends about it @RickFox @PlayVALORANT @aimlab get this man on a routine
@sonii DUDE THIS IS SICK THE CREAM IS AN INSTA COP @ItzMasayoshi I feel this. I had to explain to twitch user 'mammablaustoise' what pog is💚😊💚"I wanted to say: this is a character that knows they're in a video game, and I can make her much more "game-y". An… @fuslie THANK YOU LESLIEEEEEE @Greekgodx @CorinnaKopf yo greek thanks for the game pitches, the Riot Games executives loved them, crazy that you…
My best year yet Made amazing new friends over games/discord Started dating a girl out of my league Got to work… @ItzMasayoshi LEAVE THE LEAGUE CLIENT ALONE JOHN