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ik a lot about Naruto and boruto like enough to be impressive.deltas my queen.

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Can’t believe borutos almost half way done in 2021I just made some stop watching boruto after they asked what’s going on in the manga @2sideAnime what’s your psn or Xbox name @2sideAnime dm me @2sideAnime Sup goat @ICHIGOtheKakuja @LRKronos Same but I started over 3 times @LRKronos @ICHIGOtheKakuja Day 1 and stopped playing 3 times @DionelThe @FernandoAmamiya @Bio_Roxas That’s cool asf @AdamHall150 @jDantastic Dude you gotta be 10-12 years old or be a man child to still be playing that game @KrowakiTv Ok bitch We’ll play that game @KrowakiTv @SsbMike @saikoIsMadaras8 @KrowakiTv @_rinnegone Sorry saiko @The25thBam_ No @KrowakiTv @_rinnegone @saikoIsMadaras8 Shut up you racist ass motherfucker you said it’s ok if white people die on… @Amarzbar1 L @Amarzbar1 Bleach>= @DokkanAssets @DokkanAssets Father son kamehameha @_rinnegone @saikoIsMadaras8 The song is about the same topic
@saikoIsMadaras8 Nope , that’s y born this way by lady Gaga was made @NarutoShipTweet @animevibeeee 59:10 just under momoshiki vs Naruto and sasuke boro fights 60/10 and isshiki fight 65/10 @NarutoShipTweet Can’t wait to see the crying Tomorrow @chizuru_uwu Goddamn girl @sungeku @JayKnY @BDAKingKillua Your more toxic then me @Jjuzu_ @nankiller77 Is it cannon @nankiller77 No @SLOplays Yea I have every pack except the first 3 @SLOplays And downloaded it @SLOplays I bought itNot clickbait or mods #dbxv2 transformation and ui goku removal teaser @slucciii @2sideAnime Dude I found a glitch in xenoverse @SLOplays i found this glitch in xenoverse 2 goku not there glitch of kaguya and toneri being unsealed for borutos sake or in general? #BorutoChapter59 #BORUTO @rkid_fry @ChattyNword My list is light>=Aizen>madara>pain @ChattyNword Light>=Aizen>=madara>=pain > everybody else @NarutoShipTweet @jonathan7930 Looks like he could care less what they do (read the manga) @NarutoShipTweet @jonathan7930 Looks like he doesn’t take them seriously
@MeasurementsFTW Damn right not even my type but I’d still smash yourichi @PridefuISin Boruto @SatsuOW @slenderblak @PridefuISin @SataniicAva Well I’m a fan of boruto mha and bc lol @endarlike Girl your so goated 😘#BORUTO in Manga style from #TokyoGhoul // took around 9hrs - #Boruto203 #Boruto204 #momoshiki #NARUTO share?
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@iLohki @otakutweetsk Damn right @blazing_eyed Godamn he blocked me too @PrinceVegeta126 You mean borushiki @ICHIGOtheKakuja anti hero boruto pls @ICHIGOtheKakuja It would be a waste maybe eida will tell boruto the dark history of the uzumaki and everything about the world @SsbMike Wait when did 11 release @light_spectro @Uzumaki23432894 No not even it would be low-mid difficulty because of juubi madara @Uzumaki23432894 Yes because sasuke beats madara six paths 3 eyes with high difficulty and Naruto shits on hashirama @SatsuOW @slenderblak @PridefuISin @SataniicAva We just gonna forget about the goat and asta @PridefuISin No gtfo luffy asta and both it are way better @ICHIGOtheKakuja do you think we’ll ever get more back story on the uzumaki namikaze and Hatake clans , maybe thru eida @uchihaanara That sucks bro @YonkoYaki @saikoIsMadaras8 @Ayc013 @remsoulmate @astrotoofer @immortal_hamad @Xenocub1 @10Msufyan @yosoyIuna @talivogfx Haikyuu jojo @saikoIsMadaras8 @YonkoYaki @Ayc013 @remsoulmate @astrotoofer @immortal_hamad @Xenocub1 @10Msufyan @yosoyIuna @TrapZxldyck Bleach> Naruto >one piece @TensaiBlaze @TrapZxldyck That’s a lie @RedLightning_69 Death dick @RedLightning_69 One dick @KrowakiTv That’s racist @KrowakiTv Fuck you
@steveblockman Nah sora #Sora4Smash @mrpyo1 @GermanStrands @TheGGApp your really excited about deathstranding directors cut ,fucking walking sim Kojima… @GermanStrands 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😄😄😀😃😄🤣🤣🤣😅🤣🤣 your really excited about deathstranding directors cut ,fucking walking sim Koji… morning everyone! ☀️
Retweeted by Ichigo cw:op 🔻🔺🔺🔻It’s temporary guys There’s no way I’m gonna change my avi I’m hyping Jigen until Sunday 😁
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@XavierLamarWar2 @Maxpain144 It wouldn’t even affect him anyway he’ll just absorb it like momoshiki did @justauser_a @Maxpain144 Extremely well my ass he didnt land a single hit @justauser_a @Maxpain144 Extremely well 💀💀💀💀 @BombBlastDance @Maxpain144 Ain’t gonna do anything!! @OtakuLachie I watch them a few times but I can’t watch them over and over again
@NamsNoNice @cypherontwit @NarutwtLs She’d last more but she wouldn’t do any damage to himIf I’m being honest I hope boruto kills kawaki post time skip fuck that guy. @cypherontwit @NarutwtLs 💀💀💀💀💀 to see her get one shot @2sideAnime Did they really add konohamaru to the short Naruto vs jigen fight? I’m 💀💀💀💀💀 @SlasheerrKing @10Msufyan Damn right
@david22408186 @PrinceVegeta126 @NarutoShipTweet Cap 🧢
Client // @narutokcm4 - 5hrs #NARUTO from #BORUTO in Manga style from #TokyoGhoul
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@CrutchCove @PrinceVegeta126 @NarutoShipTweet You got me there’re but I’m watching punk hazard op @iamichigo7 They can’t even beat pain lol let alone obito or madara @iamichigo7 @IamKilluaZ Hell nah @PrinceVegeta126 Oh ok @PrinceVegeta126 Did they change it , wasn’t it a rinnegan in the manga and not a rinnesharingan? @shiggynips12 I mean it looks that way it’s foreshadowed twice @BluegardenSk I mean when does she do anything noteworthy besides save shukaku in the anime @2sideAnime Happy damn near 2 year boruto manga anniversary for me @PrinceVegeta126 It’s looks kinda like kaioken order but darker @StanMitsuki I don’t, I don’t see a chuunin vest @uzumakisramen Imagine crying over anime @IdFuckRachel I’m in the timeskip lol in the anime @Miguelpiki13 They are already in it I believe delta fight was the start or maybe chapter 35 @_rinnegone Was he in the manga yet, that don’t look like boro if it is @CrutchCove @PrinceVegeta126 @NarutoShipTweet I didn’t like it in comparison to the following arc or previous cuz a…