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@mhrowe Sold!Anyone got thoughts on Peter Watts? In particular, BLINDSIGHT? I know it’s a Tor Essential now. And the description is amazing. @pauljessup That’s your neck of the woods, right? I need to get there one day. Now I have to make a book trip. @pauljessup Always impressed with the availability of SF paperbacks in this area of state. @pauljessup Buckeye Books is also gone. Now in that area it’s just Snowball Books in Barberton. I live close to Ma… @pauljessup Bookseller, Inc. on the corner of Hawkins and Market. By a Swenson’s!Walked into a B&N today with the up and down escalators and was taken immediately back to high school. Also calle… do I think that I’ll have time to read all these books that I buy?
@JohnPTaylor30 Carl Wilson! Oh lord. What a shitshow. @JohnPTaylor30 What did they say?! @benloory Awww. Do you wanna not talk about it?Good news! My 4yo likes The Melvins!
@SquiDaveo Hah. Bitcoin. Bird militias. I’ll write a version. You write one. @SquiDaveo Keep us updated. @ChrisDnns How hard is it to get a series of letters right? Like, can someone give her a fucking note card? I mean-… @eudaemonist Which Derrida? Fish em out with some choice terminology and see if they take the bait.So much of my writing is mental vaporware.
If you want to ruin a thing that isn't an apple slice or a piece of bread, put peanut butter on it. @lydiakiesling Intuited from epigraph to GS you dug Larkin. One time, in western Ireland, I was in a packed pub lis… opened on this day in 1985 and changed everything. Forever grateful to Stuart for giving my career life…
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀 @nemoran3 I really wanted you to say that it was on VHS. And for a moment, I was really thrilled in a strange, yet comforting way.
@JamesTateHill They hung in. And now ppl are flocking back to brick and mortar. Mine is always busy. Even in the pandemic. @JamesTateHill I live in NE Ohio and it's the only reliable bookstore around me. Their discount "club" is the same…
I'm not even lying. When I read shit like this, I feel like, if all of us who aren't of Indigenous lineage were for… @arrroberts *obligatory response* It'll make a splash in theaters!(Yes, this was inspired by Sloane Crosley's tweet.)Why doesn't every seat in an airplane automatically have a parachute built in, so if it gets sucked out of a plane…
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀Anyone else reading KSR’s THE MINISTRY FOR THE FUTURE? Thoughts? I need to talk about it with someone.
It smells like the left wing of the day of judgment
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀Moreover, the Coen Bros. should do a Chthulu Mythos film.I'd like to propose that BARTON FINK is a Stephen King film.My Cousin Vinny more like My Cousin Vinny’s Hot Fiancée
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀 @xiankiefer I eagerly await your transformation into the Transcendent Form.
NB: i thought the cock’n’balls was more like the Space X Dragon. So no naughtiness detected.What has to be the most inoffensive graffiti found in a tunnel in rural NE Ohio., trying to rope a reader in at the start of every short story I write."Wisdom" is a networked effect of human consciousness and totally exogenous.Y tho?Every wood grain pattern when looked at askance appears as if it's a face screaming in pain. This is fact.Be the reason why your local woods are haunted
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀
@benedict_rs Please tell me you plan on writing this story... @RPMirabella @writesloud Maybe wear pumps in the selfies??? Just tryin' to help out....The delicate space between... a merely witty tweet… @RPMirabella @Scott_Heim Can you take zero steps? @pauljessup Still haven't cranched in years... @pauljessup @JohnSchoffstall Perhaps a Preston Sturges vehicle? A young Clark Gable or William Powell?1. commitment to pretend you’re not mentally stable 2. (right after yr father’s funeral, having everyone, then, th… now that HAMLET can be read as a great homage to seemingly impossible project management? @ferrifrigida Happy Birthday! Doing anything "fun" today?Then and now! (exactly 40 years in between: 1978 - 2018) 🎃😯🔪 @ncastlez #halloween #michaelmyers #theshape
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀 @JohnPTaylor30 I love this. I’m going to adopt a similar plan! @JohnPTaylor30 I, too, spend such an inordinate amount of time on this. A title covers something like an initial se… @DanielTorday In Ohio we’re required to offer APA as an option now. Soon we’ll be all APA.
@TheLincoln SATTANamerica is like a weird fascist calvinball
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀me: struggling with self doubt as I try to understand what writing novels evens means during a collapse while other…
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀 @mattkeeley Yeah, Davenport is my personal comparison, not having read the Davidson you mention. Connell is just gr… days I look up how old a favorite author was when they published their first novel. Pleasantly surprised by… @mattkeeley Start with WHITE LANTERN. @mattkeeley They are. Read all of them. He's another mind like Guy Davenport. Takes you to places you didn't know e… told a student once that titling essays in such a banal way was like going to the store and buying all your food… far, I have precisely one thing to teach college writers: GIVE YOUR ESSAYS AN INTERESTING TITLE, FOR LOKI'S SAK… is, we should be giving more of a shit every day the way we have in the past few months.It would probably be good for us to stop pretending like shit matters every fourth fucking year, huh?Arnold Lobel's horror illustrations
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀“I can’t do that, Dave.”👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 @benloory @otherppl If that goes thru, can I borrow $10?
@benedict_rs **nodding earnestly**
Reading student essays and come across a sentence that, as I start it, I go, "This is trying to pull the wool over… think we'd get a lot further if each of us quit thinking we were exceptions to the rules.When someone says they don't believe in climate change
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀It's getting up to 7K words. Hmm.Ppl who know I've been working on a story about a room where everyone goes who've been eaten by a dragon will be li… remembered that my 4yo has an imaginary dog named Farts, and he feeds him canned goods from the pantry.
@VincentGuerra Well, I would be curious to see what they’re “new” plan is. Publishing needs to quit basing their biz model on gambling. @RPMirabella @KatheKoja Jesus, Rich. I’m sorry to hear that! Do you need anything? @VincentGuerra Are they just literally stupid or is it hubris? @kellysue @catvalente I second her choice. Also “The School,” “Nothing: An Explanation,” and “The Dolt.” Buy the… in book publishing know why/how a book is chosen to go into a mass market paperback? Some genres that wouldn…
@lydiakiesling @willyblackmore That's like winning the lottery. Asking for news and not getting any? What a gd dream. @ogonnayaaa Hahahaha. I used to have The Wild Iris when I lived in STL, and occasionally I would open it up and sti… @DanielTorday @michaelschaub Spontaneous Umlaut Education :: A Novel by Daniel Torday. @ianbonaparte 🤮 but only cause you said "bellybutton"☹️ @mdbell79 @Aaron__Burch That opening riff is like hot yummy sludge into yr earholes. Dean DeLeo = most underrated guitarist of 90s. @Aaron__Burch Purrrrrrrrrple.RL Stine gave me a place to be when the world sucked as a kid. That place was effing terrifying, and I'm the better… @PNCBank_Help I cannot access the new app. I've been trying for weeks but it says "THIS SERVICE IS MOMENTARILY AVAILABLE" @ogonnayaaa I have none! I get up so obscenely early and walk to get coffee. On the way home, I checked the Nobel t… I step away from the computer for, like, 0.2 seconds and not have some avalanche of news tumble down the shitpi… Gluck wins the Nobel in literature!god just bring the Nickelodeon slime bucket out for time violations
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀Pence’s spirit animal is a styrofoam cup.
Retweeted by 🎃 Kyle Winklurking Horror 💀 @historicbeaman 🎶Fly me to the moon...!🎶 @ECthetwit Buzz buzz buzz....I’VE RUN OUT OF INTEREST. GO VOTE. (PENCE IS EAGER TO HAVE HIS DIAPER CHANGED) @MattyTingles I thought it was a baby outside my windows!