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🇵🇪 Latinx Game Designer Author of Pasión de las Pasiones Host of @stophackandroll and @proteancity GM of #LatinXplosion #PasionRPG (he/him)

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@andylion92 @magicalgirlkyra @LGBTDPod Nice! :D Looking forward to seeing how it looks in practice (and of course, LGBT&D hijynx!)I'm REALLY excited to see @magicalgirlkyra play The Gladiator on @LGBTDPod! There are still 15 FREE Community Copi…
@NicolasHornyak @Animenite97 @FaceJamPod Cool! I'll queue it up next! @LukeOConnorable Haha! I keep logging on just long enough to go chat with Sherb! I've got like three requests sitti… @andyberdan Yeah, I'm torn between which would be easier! I've definitely got too many ideas to do everything at once I'd like to! @andyberdan Thank you! I have legitimately no clue what it would look like for me to do cooking content. I want to… @andyberdan That's a really slick idea. I'm going to consider that one closely. @andyberdan Ooooooo... Shit, that's REALLY interesting... Salt Fat Acid Heat and Brandon.Oh my God, @CiaoSamin's new podcast about cooking in quarantine is SO GOOD. It's joyful, warm, and takes beans seri… @Animenite97 @FaceJamPod Interesting! I'll give it a go! @adanarama @raceandfood That sounds AMAZING. Thank you, instant subscribe!Oh dang! Talk about timing! @CiaoSamin just started a podcast! @KettleandClock @LeviathanFiles @AndTheMeltdowns That's amazing! I'm so glad we helped out with your design! Someti…, first step of getting into cooking content, got a suggestion to listen to @Gastropodcast and found that my co… @MelFray Nice! Food science is a HUGE interest of mine. Thank you! :)What if I made a hard pivot to cooking content? Anyone have any favorite cooking podcasts?
@TomHarrison19 @MonkipiQuinn @ShariaUncle @AnimeSickos Perfect. Gonna get on that. @MonkipiQuinn @TomHarrison19 @ShariaUncle @AnimeSickos I mean sounds like I need to look into it more seriously. Is… @TomHarrison19 @MonkipiQuinn @ShariaUncle @AnimeSickos Oh no I love roguelikes and have been considering Slay the Spire... @LeviathanFiles Every day. @Theprimesauce @gingerreckoning I pretty much never fish! This has actually increased my fishing rate! @WisePapaGrant @LuchaLibris Aaaah! I'll have to check this out VOD! @temporalhiccup I've never given him a bug! I've only given him fruit! I'm gonna give him an atlas moth! @temporalhiccup (I haven't given him the backpack yet, he wasn't accepting gifts from me yet today. May just mail it to him...) @temporalhiccup Sherb is AMAZING. I love him so much. He's just so sweet and cute! His door is sticky from eating… @TomHarrison19 These are GORGEOUS!People may be hating in the #animalcrossing bunny day event, but I have 3 egg backpacks for me, my wife, and Sherb. 💙
@gingerreckoning Hell yeah let's friend up! I'm about to hop on a recording, but I'll add you right after! :) @gingerreckoning This may be silly, but ARE there recipes? @gingerreckoning Cherry blossom stuff sounds great! I don't have any cherry blossom DIYs, but I've been collecting the blossoms! @gingerreckoning And it makes me SO excited for an eventual Halloween event! @gingerreckoning I like that there's more things to dig up, I like getting more fun weird DIYs, and I like events!… @gingerreckoning I do! @spellboundmage That may be the way to go! @LukeOConnorable Egg Wreaths for my Real Friends Egg Wrath for my Sham Friends. @LukeOConnorable WAIT I CAN GIVE THEM WREATHS?! WREATHS FOR EVERYONE (that i like)Can you hang up photos you take in #animalcrossing? I want to take a selfie with Zipper before the event and hang it on my wall. @hog_zone im dressed like an egg and ive got an egg bed and egg balloons and an egg wreath and an egg clock and am gonna have an egg crown.My favorite thing is tiny, adorable jock villagers talking about their huge abs all day
Retweeted by Brandon Leon-Gambetta...i really like the bunny day #animalcrossing event.
When you say you're working on gathering your thoughts for an apology that should have been made public already, yo…
Retweeted by Brandon Leon-Gambetta @KeichiOkami Ugh, that's horrific. I'm very sorry that happened. That sounds like a situation that absolutely no am…
Retweeted by Brandon Leon-GambettaIs that helpful for #proteaprilchallenge? Jaja! clarify, I'm starting season 3)Also, Cesar from On My Block is the perfect actor for Ramón on @ProteanCity.Starting On My Block and I'm VERY stressed out. 🔪🗡️ @CDGuanzon I'd LOVE to see something being fully numberless! I've seen a couple of games where card interpretation is used without numbers! @CDGuanzon I'm always curious how much numberless systems are actually numberless, in the same way that I joke that… 3 of the #proteaprilchallenge Alina Mars aka: Arcana Played by @herlockholmes1 💜
Retweeted by Brandon Leon-Gambetta @Pullingaclaudia Well, now we're Twitter mutuals, so we will catch up! :D @shoepixie @CDGuanzon Haha! Not to worry, I did! 😎👉🏽👉🏽 @shoepixie @CDGuanzon Eh, it's mostly old nonsense. I'm happy just not having him in contact with me! @Pullingaclaudia That's how I put it together, but wanted to be sure! Nice! Law school, damn! I've been well! Livi… @Pullingaclaudia Sorry, I tweeted your name in that! Not full name, obvs, but first! I figured out! How have you been? @Pullingaclaudia Haha! For real? That's so wild! World is so freaking small! @gautham_t @Pullingaclaudia Its really uncomfortable even without trauma, potentially triggering with.Day 2 of #proteaprilchallenge The Uncrackable Crawdad
Retweeted by Brandon Leon-Gambetta @thecatonthewall @ProteanCity It's freaking rad and I want to get swole in it! We should talk about how you would want to handle art stuff! @PraxisDescends I'm just angry. This is an awful way for anyone to act, but especially when you're one of the bigge… @thecatonthewall Okay, but wait, this should be @ProteanCity merch. Tank tops that put the Daddy in Craw-Dad.
@thielavision @blu_thunda Certainly not without serious discussion with your players. @shoepixie @CDGuanzon No, no. This is someone who I think is a dick and has acted against me in the past, but viole… @hanbandit @AlexTullyLives Mine may be on bread, I don't see how I could get it to stay on the Spears I have. @AlexTullyLives @hanbandit I'm baffled. Like I can't even taste-picture. If I can work out how to do it with the pi… @hanbandit @AlexTullyLives This is BLOWING my mind. I can't imagine it at ALL. I think I only have Pickle Spears an… @BoldBebo Haha! I've got a baby who loves playing with my phone, so that could ALSO be it @BoldBebo Ugh, I've seen you call that out before! It's such a specific, malicious thing to do. (Also, wtf Twitte… for real, that's enough internet for today or I'm gonna start sending "HEY I SEE YOU" DMs and I don't have the time for that.)You know what isn't cool? Using alternate accounts to check out what people who have blocked you are saying. Just r… if you see people running around to defend him by posting his Hidden Secret Apology on critical threads, ask y… @MonkipiQuinn Yo, I was angry and disgusted. This is stomach turned. Ugh. @YourSuccubusBae @skinnyghost It's LITERALLY the "I had a bad experience playing games" D&D story. It's not a surpr… @MonkipiQuinn Ugh, this is another layer I didn't even know. @LuchaLibris Oh my gosh, this sounds awesome. @EmpressPlush It is deeply upsetting. I'm just anger and disgust and want for this to not just be normalized. @blu_thunda Adam Koebel had a scene in his last stream where he had an NPC sexually assault a player character. Pla…'m seeing SO much praise for him being civil and for people having civil discussion. If his apology is the BEST a… I say don't do the work for him, I mean all the people in his tweets saying "oh wow thank you for this apology… @Polish_Ogre @skinnyghost Absolutely. I've done things that safety tools helped mitigate. I've failed to use safety…, hey, let's not forget that content creators have a responsibility to their audience. If you're doing a stream… @TheDarkFiddler @skinnyghost Exactly. It's not an edge case. It's the case. @noizangel Yup yup yup yup yup!So please, please, please. I know he's an indie darling. I know he's got 50k followers. I know he's got a blue chec…'s an apology out now, burried in a thread where he was confronted. It's not posted on his own feed. It'll cir… isn't a safety tool failing. This is blatantly ignoring the needs and wishes of his players and his audience.… of us in the public eye can do more to make it clear how to keep a safe table. Designers, game masters, streame… time I do lines and veils at a table, the first thing that comes up is "no sexual violence." It's usually fol… @LeviathanFiles HELL YEAH. I LOVED that. What a weird cultural moment. That was the most raucous theater event I've ever experienced. @LeviathanFiles I weirdly did too. Someone brought rubber snakes and threw them in the theater at appropriate moments.
Okay, turns out, I'm in the wrong here. With the exception of the multiple listeners bit, @Spotify has all of these… @SpotifyCares Dang, you know what, I need to eat crow. Those are features Spotify has now.One more, for me to be able to listen to a podcast while my wife listens to music in the other room. I will swap t… promised! Here's the seasonal skelly hoodies, design based loosely on @snowlattes art~ Enjoy! #AnimalCrossing
Retweeted by Brandon Leon-Gambetta @TheHardMove Hope you rolled a 10+ or at least didn't need to give up too much! @TheHardMove That's one of my favorite moves of all time!Me right now:, I just hit 2,000 followers! Thank you indie ttrpg community and beyond for your support! I hope to keep bringing quality PbtA content! @SirenaBesos @AlexTullyLives @PbtPlayers I saw that and almost came back to be like, "Wait, is PbtP specifically targeting me?" @SirenaBesos @AlexTullyLives @PbtPlayers Ooo, PbtP is new to me! Subscribed!