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Bley (raffle in pinned) @Bleychimera (As soon as new pc) Neos VR

Aspiring gamedev Meh artist (2D and kind of 3D) I program things sometimes I stream as a hobbie CET ESP/ENG Any pronouns Always open to talk Also bird

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@fnafdoodle Oooooohhhh allrighty @not_foxo That's... my situation too No one would buy my commisions, my raffle got almost no traction, I couldn't… @fnafdoodle Allrighty... but what's an artistic nickname? @not_foxo I don't feel ready neither... but I just try to do it And you probably can sell commissions or make a raffle @not_foxo But no artist ever feels like they can @not_foxo What a mood @fnafdoodle Should I participate? @snakehugz I... I don't know It is hard to not feel like you are far behind everyone else at some skilldrawing models randomcode @LibriBeforeDark oh! @Firepal3D tomorrow... maybe... Idk dependsI guess I can call this model WASTE OF A WEEKEND thanks myself for tearing me down @Firepal3D Solirax... Yeah... I move letters around @Firepal3D AAAA I need to do that @LibriBeforeDark wait, there are brushes for dots? @Firepal3D Sorilax is Neos so it is Frooxius's engine @Firepal3D make one and join one Join Sorilax and make a small indie studio aka Double work @Firepal3D the word is CAN but... I just want to be a gamedev wich they value more a portfolio... but you also need… @Firepal3D eventhough I can Fuck, I probably could be a doctor if I worked my ass off Idk @Firepal3D I still strongly believe that I won't do college @Firepal3D I can only start conversations with how is everything going Because I can't talk about compiling, normal… @Firepal3D But "my future" "depends" on thisHe has 3 expressions now :) He doesn't really match the style im going for but I still like it
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned)Why even with all of that I don't do anything? Is it because I don't care? Because I'm not even nervous or sad... whatI'm spiriling out of control and I'm not doing anything about it I know the why, the what and how But I'm still no…
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned)He has 3 expressions now :) He doesn't really match the style im going for but I still like it絵の資料見て笑われました なんでですか、可愛いじゃないですか
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned) @LuckyMC22 Valve sigue siendo una muy buena compañía Que sea malo en su juego no significa que no me gusten @LuckyMC22 porque no me gusta sorse 1Fianlly, normals (that need nome tweaking but normals non the less) fricking love Valve don't @ me
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned) @snakehugz nah
@DraskMacaw .... tbh same We need more of both But kass is kass and I love him @DraskMacaw BUT Teba = Kass imo @DraskMacaw Teba >> Revali @RavenLover4 @DraskMacaw Same @DraskMacaw no idea @DraskMacaw hmmm ravioli @LuckyMC22 que para algo tenemos sanidad pública @LuckyMC22 ve al medico xdHere is my take on #CarlJohnson from #GTASanAndreas. I tried to achieve a realistic look and at the same time make…
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned)okay, now that I FINALLY got the shapekeys and the modifiers, I'm gonna make the uv @not_foxo idk I'm blocked by at least 200 pplsoon I'll do the uv thing @DraskMacaw @DonnieTheAvian I can make infinite frames thanks to some noise stuff aka 10000 you - infinite meAllright so I'm making a raffle because... I want to The winner gets an experimental fullbody (it'll be colored)…
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned) @DraskMacaw @DonnieTheAvian You are gonna be in clothes and comfy >:) @DonnieTheAvian @DraskMacaw Bley is almost always naked now that I think about that... So Drask won technically @DraskMacaw I'll make you wear pants so that your statement is fake @DraskMacaw I'll make you wear pants >:C @DraskMacaw Wait kass does?Two very different Ritos, banding together to save Hyrule.
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned) @DonnieTheAvian @DraskMacaw so does Bley @DonnieTheAvian @DraskMacaw Still Falco does wear @DraskMacaw Hmmmm, these do wear tho: Kass Revali @Firepal3D GOD, YES @DraskMacaw I've just noticed full body and anthro is nice @DraskMacaw Idk man, that is horny has a messy topology on the hands, but hey I learnet a lot with this Now, wings normals in vr are percieved more realistically? @DraskMacaw @danny_gryphon Wdym I wear clothes @DraskMacaw @danny_gryphon why not
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned) @Ducklesworth's some more examples of models I have made for those curious of my other work. Nearly all of them made this ye…
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned) @Firepal3D Eh I guessIt was already fixed So I did this for nothing @snakehugz Sometimes
@DonnieTheAvian @DraskMacaw oh! @DraskMacaw wha- @not_foxo Classes almost never prove your real skill, so it is fine I think, C++ it's like c# on steroids @not_foxo In my case I can understand code and what does x thing do But it takes a lot of time for me to fully unde… @not_foxo Thanks, but honestly this is not as smart as it seems. I just search for what changed in the physics and…'s thing
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned)Comparing the scripts...'ll need some... code BOY is time to fix physicsthis is me walkin in the #godotengine club with incomplete dFdx()/dFdx()/fwidth() GLES2 extension enabling for anti…
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned)I am so fricking proud of thisThanks @Firepal3D Without you I probably wouldn't be doing 3d art or using git. It means a lot to meI WON'T drink coffe ever again unless I REALLY NEED that boostToday's thing DID IT! *kinda* I MADE A GODOT FPS CONTROLLER THAT DOESNT SLIDE WOHOOO @OL_Thomas_ @Firepal3D ... that... explains some japanese stuff... yikes @snakehugz Your self-doubt is a serious problem and I think you should go to see a therapist since you seem to need… @Firepal3D @OL_Thomas_ Even if you have the age if someone old tries to make sexual advances, is still pedophilia w… @Firepal3D @OL_Thomas_ I... what @Firepal3D @OL_Thomas_ It is the same in Spain ... what is it in France? @snakehugz @SeptemberTopaz hewwo @Qrux5 @DraskMacaw Yas
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned)foomd
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned) @DraskMacaw I am on my tier, nice @Its_Ghiaccio @DonnieTheAvian @DraskMacaw noice🙌🏼
Retweeted by Bley (raffle in pinned) @rainy0130 @SharOverHere_ Yeah @SharOverHere_ I thought I was bad for having 200 ppl blocking me what