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Bighink @BlGHINK Michigan, USA

| I don’t know what’s going on | 6'6" | Snapchat~ Bighink22

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@Iexieyuh What the fuck is that @lyssiu Yeah you weren’t lying.... you do got a fat assGoodnight dick wipes full I’ll regain tomorrow @Viperous AssHaven’t drank in almost 3 weeks. I’m definitely getting drunk tomorrow @crunchytitty Bring it pussy
Goodnight tweeter @Class Hi classy🤝 @Class @Willb3250 Will b the pro poker player @C9AIex appreciate it though. Also didnt know I didnt follow you back so hold thatPro Points @C9AIex lol @Storm9O @slomohhh @7Fraud What is he gonna pull some anime shit on us. So scared of a kid whos a weeb. LMAOOOO @7Fraud @ResetTheGod Lmao the fact that you were going to lose and called in streaks was legit THE BIGGEST SCUMBAG… @7Fraud congrats scumbagBIGGEST SCUMBAG MOVE IVE EVER SEEN
@MxjdTV @backbone @Brandinosaurrr @DayJreamingI AM GIVING AWAY 3 @backbone CONTROLLERS!! YOU WILL HAVE 3 CHANCES TO WIN🥳 TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: - Follow…
Retweeted by BighinkHope I’m not late but I could really use some help to catch up on my car payment. $bighink22 #KEEMSTAR @slomohhh Lmao at least I give callouts, half you mfers. Don’t say shitI’ll quit chewing when I get a girlfriend.Finally out of debt. God is good @absccent Fuck em call in. I would, as long as you don’t get fired. @absccent That’s bullshit. Hope it goes by quick brother. @absccent Rip, hopefully it’s double timeThanksgivings gotta be the most underrated holiday. Good food and time with the family. Not to mention a 4 day weekend. @Iexieyuh If you need one I’d possibly be down @Josh_Tries Absolutely fucking pissed onCan’t wait to move out of this shitty ass state @Jayecane You got me then $bighink22 @Iexieyuh No it’s NNN @CarpetFTW @Abuud098 @MeLlamoSoopa @Class @FaZeSway I’m an operator for a excavation company. @Abuud098 @CarpetFTW @MeLlamoSoopa @Class @FaZeSway Broke people in my mentions😴 @MeLlamoSoopa @Class @FaZeSway Well I bet you didn’t know he bought the PS5 he broke from a scalper. So still don’t worry about it boo @MeLlamoSoopa @Class @FaZeSway Sorry your broke and can’t afford a PS5. Don’t worry about what he does with his shit💅🏼 @camzIive I got 2 jerseys @I3randino @YourEmbracee LMAO BRANDON EAT A DICK @YourEmbracee It’s not live yet. @lyssiu Texas 1000%I love the Sid juice💜
THEN WHY THE FUCK AM I SINGLE support the team baby @longneckedbeck Tik tok be reminding me how single I am everyday. @Class @FaZeSway I’m glad they liked your tweet 😐 @FaZeSway If you like this tweet, you like little kids @jakkuxd Quit talking about yourself like that @Schovee Happy birthday brother @crunchytitty my fav type @KellyCantTweet @Class
WHAT DID HE SAY LMAOOOOO @Class @Froste @CouRageJD @JoeyTheSuperJew @Valkyrae LMAOOOOOGoodnight man. @Class No @ripxRain I believe soCant wait to cop this new full send merch @EarJordan 💜4v4 snd tourney w/ @slomohhh @DayJreaming @rap_lyrical @Iexieyuh @Iexieyuh lmao Ive kinda just accepted it at this point @Iexieyuh bro i think the last time I had a gf was like 8th gradeIf you’re team is going to scrim and you take 30 mins to start the fucking game just to get absolutely shit on please stick to pubs. @FastMagzz @NGE_League @ScrimFinder Hmmm @Iexieyuh FINALLY 2 PRETTY BESTFRIENDS
@lyssiu @lyssiu I really have your name tatted on my ass. I stg @Beastlly_ maybe I hate pubsThis you @VeNoMVP ? this kid is shit at Cold War. Fucking scumbag @CMG_Esports your website is filled with a bunch of bitch ass pussies who cant accept an L. It's ok they'll cry to… dont squash no beef, I was taught to handle everything @Beastlly_ i mean i dont even play pubs @Beastlly_ play hardcore or fire team @daiptix @kidfromnyc no we can run 3's @daiptix @kidfromnyc daip i got 3 rn if you wanna run a wager @thekategambino never leave me again @thekategambino OMG I MISSED YOU ❤️
@AlmightyBach @slomohhh No it was wavey 😂A short story
Retweeted by Bighink @slomohhh LMAOOOO @AlmightyBach @Viperous @TristanGHill Nah only if she had a fat ass 💯Don’t get me wrong I love spending my fridays at the golf course.... Except today I’m working at one. 😐 @RLawGG Love to see the growth. Keep that shit up rob @vohlii Sup @xoxabstract I’ll just take a PS5 please @AlmightyBach GGs bro, will definitely scrim again @DayJreaming Thanks for staying up tho bb😘First respawn scrims went well.
@100Tjdawg Oh word, things we love to see. @xLyleSells @Froste The best is when he goes at BTS stans @100Tjdawg Yes a for sure cop🔥 @100Tjdawg Yes, I love the color way tooI swear only girls with a boyfriend text me. Where the single ones at?? @kateszn HiAnyone need a stay at home husband. I can cook, clean, and watch the kids while you work @gretchenwhitmer when she promised to fix our roads 😊 @slomohhh Absolutely fried them @Class Sorry I haven’t been active a lot in the community, been working my ass of as of late. Love you tho brother 💜Being heartbroken is so last year.