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REAL LIFE: a novel (2020, @riverheadbooks) FILTHY ANIMALS: stories (2021)

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@dchiasso ❄️😔❄️I'm trying to get used up and discardedI felt something.I-- @dchiasso ✈️I did not open the draft the other day when I needed to, so instead, pray that I open it today. @tressiemcphd [ascends] @esmewang They read her book, chapter, AND verse. Amazing.The Atlantic factcheckers falling for plays right out of the first season of MTV’s Catfish.Most embarrassing thing about this is that the self-published Squash parent memoir was not a fabrication.See, first of all. These are people who track their kids' macros from the WOMB. Surely you did not think you were g… Atlantic: Did you lie. Sloane: No. The Atlantic: Did you lie or not? Sloane: Okay, a little bit, but your re… don't let friends do journalism. No. Simply no.This is why I don't do journalism. This is why I would never and could never and will never. Absolutely not. Y'all… @SiyandaWrites 😭 Death by public fact checking, I am SCREAMING.I have read the Washington Post blog about the article and woweeeeee. A screamer. @alexanderchee 😈Oh wow, I love this. What august company. 🥵 @SiyandaWrites That correction totally warped my sense of reality!!! @alexanderchee Oh yessssTHE DRAMA of this correction. 😳 @DeanBakopoulos hell yeah @ReaganGomez The POWER of this.Can one of you ask the anti-air conditioning ghost sheet lady. She knows what the kids are doing down at the multiplex.Why are all of these vaguely tubercular Iowa boys wearing safety vests. Is this one of those meme thingsI some people in masks but a lot of people in MASKS, if you know what I mean. 👀Instead, I’mma brew my wool a cup of tea and let it sit on the porch.I got halfway there but then some undergrad boys started yelling and fighting so I am going home. I forgot it’s Hal… @deannaraybourn The utter chaos of it all @ASargusKlein Hell yeahAnyway, it's time to take my wool and chore coat on their evening walk to the river while I stream the new Fleet Foxes album.👀 it's happening 👀 @bk_review 👀Real ones will remember time the ghost boyfriend showed up on Bly Manor, all I could think about was Professor Tomoe from Sailor Moon.
Rebecca Jessel is a bird and honestly, she was totally unnecessary. Into the Red Room with her. @iSmashFizzle SHE DID. @ericyvesgarcia Yes, I know this! I have read many books about her. @firewordsparklr And they had the NERVE to do her wrong. NEVER AGAIN.Today I found out that Shonda Rhimes wrote The Princess Diaries 2. Her...MIND. reissue
Retweeted by Brandynn TeighlorValois chaos does not get talked about enough in English. It must be said. @Jo_Livingstone I haven’t! @jeannakadlec Have you read Rival Queens? It’s about Marguerite AND Catherine. It’s so good!!!And if you’re looking for Valois chaos, this one is also good. @dm_clover H A T E D. Truly!!!I really liked Leonie Frieda's Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France hope one day to hate someone as thoroughly as Catherine de' Medici hated Diane de Poitiers.Nobody wants to talk about how Diane literally poisoned HERSELF with her "beauty" treatments. She regularly ingeste… @bioanth_rags I know I did!And, like, okay, she had an elaborate network of spies and was constantly using information to make and break allia… gets a lot of flack for being "evil" and "a schemer" and an "occultist" and "a poisoner" just because she… was a favorite of Catherine's husband, and Catherine HATED her and coveted Chenonceau for herself, but the Ki… I think about how Catherine de' Medici stripped Château de Chenonceau from Diane de Poitiers and made he… the rain #realism #savrasov
Retweeted by Brandynn Teighlor😈🔪 @GraceLP It's percolating in the back, it's true. Haha.i love her have also seen the table of contents, which made me un petit emosh because I have always wanted to write a book o… @TheLincoln 👀 @sil_yah I too...would like to know.And: those of you knew to Thot Singer Sargent, this is lovely: @justjuliawhelan @sdpowell1 I mean, not surprising. But also 👀I have seen the title page of Filthy Animals, and it is very good. @zer0jack And all of the gay.After Hours Sargent is 👀 @looking4evah It's like, Uhhhh, welll, I mean...but like...the lewks tho. @looking4evah SAME. @MelvinBackman @Variety Oh yes, this was the first thing I saw this morning and I am LIVING.Talk about underselling it, lmfaoooThis paragraph 💀’s that shit I like @supermattachine 👀 I didn’t know he said things about Trans people. He is going into the garbagio. @alexanderchee @nicolesjchung Well. Love is a transcendent force. I will abide. @carmenmmachado She fucking DELIVERS. @RocketPoem Phyllis Nagy @djolder for me opening this draft. @nicolesjchung I am absolutely gonna smash RT and like and also will read all of the words in it. @monica_keane @scribblylibby Catholics do love a good rumble about doctrine and dogma.The color coordination in this photo is next level. But also 🥺 thank you. @taglishes dsalkhdjaslkdhasdas @mrbenjaminlaw Thank you, Benjamin! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!It's night time which means my Baptist trauma is in full effect., I joke because it's either laugh or cry when you watch someone you love break their brain trying to figure… used to be about that noise. Wild times.Honestly, this Pope is bringing back the world-shaking drama yesteryear Popes, and I'm into it.People got upset because the Pope told them to stop throwing their gay children out of the house, and they are read… Pope really woke up like, "Gays? Hell yeah." And people were UPSET. Whew. Amazing.Monet told Sargent to see him outside with this painting, whew.The way...she ate this up.
Now every time someone tries to talk to me in public about voting, I'm just going to say, "Sorry, it's above me now."My ballot was received. Hell yeah, democracy. @dstfelix 😖👀 @tressiemcphd i am losing my mind dsklhdlaskhdlakhdsaGet a grip. Dweebs.Some of y'all would be on here trying to drag Martin Luther for nailing up his little pamphlet. "UHM, HOW MUCH WAS…