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Happiness is a choice ;Prince William’s fangirl 1st,😍😍 HRH Catherine ,Duchess of Cambridge Extremely shy person with fear of public speaking Private GP

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I would like to say thank you to all those who #StayAtHome ... you mightn’t realise how much your compliance to…
FACT: #COVID19 is NOT airborne. The #coronavirus is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infecte…
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“Don't worry for what you can't change. Rest when you can so you'll be ready for tomorrows battle.” -Richelle Mead…
“It's normal to shy away from illness and death. It's natural to gravitate toward laughter and life.” -Ellyn Bache,…
Thank you everyone for your incredible messages of support and encouragement.♥️ Many of you asked what it was like…
Retweeted by Blissfully_me @katiesroyallove one of the usual tactic I used is emotional blackmail. Explain your emotional reaction of seeing…
No matter how long I worked in healthcare sector,it never get any easier seeing your patient dying and there’s noth… @katiesroyallove Take care and wishing you and your love ones in good health during this trying times...
Prince George‘s Card for Mother’s Day!!! Oh ... be still my 💓
@KateMeghanMoji @RoyaleVision Thanks.. we’re all in this together ! @KateMeghanMoji @RoyaleVision Luckily our district health officials are a bit of paranoid planner and already antic…
Prince William in a hat ... oh yes!! finished my shift, it’s a slight reprieve to read some positive throwbacks of the BRF... thanks @RoyaleVision is who #PrinceWilliam is, caring, humble, down to earth, selfless & dignified. As a rescue helicopter pilot…
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Thank you 🙏🏼
Retweeted by Blissfully_meTo countries who are under lockdown and #SocialDistancing .Please be patient. Our medical professionals are sacrif…
@PrizedPrincess And they still think all this is some sort of competition when clearly the other ones forfeited the…
Yes! Something good at least to look forward to #StayAtHome
I’ve been busy at work and I’m wishing everyone here in this platform a good health and positive attitudes in the c…
We all must do our part to ensure #HealthWorkers' safety: -manufacturers: boost supplies of personal protective equ…
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hair goals 🥰
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@HanumHusen @for_astrology @harpersbazaarus @scobie As for no statement from the BRF during the negative reporting… @HanumHusen @for_astrology @harpersbazaarus @scobie The statement about the Botox and hair was released because the… @isaguor Thanks for your dedication with this. I can only manage to read about a quarter of the article.. Hope othe… admit I only read 1/4 of the Sussex reporter article... thank you to our beloved @isaguor for reading thru it and… @isaguor Isa, do you know about this ?👇👇👇
As per usual, how the Cambridges roll... More Action, No Drama . Brava #royalfoundation for giving Veterans second… , with the current high incidence of #COVID19 in the UK, I guess there’ll be more private engagements for the C… @secretofellie I love her in bright yellow ... actually I love almost all the outfits during that tour . @KateMeghanMoji A sad affair for all involved.But I think the BRF will just ignore this. let this blow over since I don’t think it’s true . @KateMeghanMoji I think no one wants to be involved in this especially the BRF on whether to agree or deny the stor… is the only time I’m gonna retweet about the latest development . Personally, this explanation is the same sen… of my favourite Catherine’s top ... not involving in their drama, I actually respecting their wishes to step away from royal life.. OUT MEANS OUT..…, Prince William celebrating the contributions by individuals in healthcare department…
I wonder if there’ll be another King’s Cup Regatta this year? #TeamCatherine has to redeem themselves from last year .
@isaguor Yap... his eyes moves from looking at her eyes to her lips... @KateMeghanMoji Oh , yeah I can see that happening as well. We all know how chatty Catherine can be but William de… @KateMeghanMoji when his eyes focuses on Catherine’s lips , it’s as though he wants to kiss her at that very moment...I dunno why I find this to be so adorable... that’s amazing of Cornwall looking lovely today too is a gorgeous hat! Love this ! Now I need to justify the reason for me to purchase this ... 😬😬😬😬 hat just an extra level of drama ... I LOVE IT and Prince William in red tie to match wifey 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰’t wait for the new series to start #series6 #therepairshop James Middleton with doggies...😍😍😍😍 Can’t wait for his wedding day ! I bet he’ll incorporate his doggies duri… think we need to #KeepCalmandCambridgeOn as per usual ... the Commonwealth Service deserves its respect and remains drama free .Happy #CommonwealthDay ! @duchesskatemid Boss baby ! less than 2 months , he’ll be 2 yrs old already ... @PrizedPrincess That’s the spirit ☺️ Tiaras .. more tiaras @PrizedPrincess I still want her in coat dresses tho. Maybe Catherine could splurge on jewelleries or a new tiara… @TheDalgleish @ChicDelights8 @Koki08201 @RoyalReporter Here’s the article for further reading if you’re interested:… @TheDalgleish @ChicDelights8 @Koki08201 @RoyalReporter I’m sorry to interrupt but please don’t associate similar sc… well at least I have the Commonwealth service and the reception at BP to look forward to by the end of the day ....☺️
Just a bit of side note ... @KensingtonRoyal , there’s a video for you👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Bravo Sophie, Countess of Wessex #InternationalWomensDay @isaguor I second that too...Or how awesome Princess Anne for her unfaltering support to the Queen and showing respect to women in uniform , pas… , a tremendous job done by Countess of Wessex on issues regarding Gender-Based Violence .… this #InternationalWomensDay , I’m highlighting the work done by Duchess of Cornwall on issues regarding Domest… will stand tall and proud for my country and its people. You can always lean on me. #KeepCalmandCambridgeon @isaguor @kirty_dwh @TeamCambridge2 I love dad dancing Prince William too (even tho, Prince George wasn’t born yet when he did this 🤣😉😉) @kirty_dwh @TeamCambridge2 Same.... I love this uniform so much ... I’m unable to find a photo of him alone in this… may not agree with some of views , but my takeaway from this article is how strong Catherine is to stay beside Wi… @DailyMailUK The trip was a huge success. They do so well in sensitive areas, Pakistan, William in Israel and the O…
Retweeted by Blissfully_me3:2:1 - 3 memorable days to extend a warm Irish welcome #RoyalVisitIreland. 2 neighboring countries 🇮🇪🇬🇧 acknowledg…
Retweeted by Blissfully_meA crowning moment for William outside the King’s Head in Galway ⁦@uckh⁩ #RoyalVisitIreland #galway
Retweeted by Blissfully_me @TeamCambridge2 That’s a hottie one too ... prefer to focus on the Cambridges today . Thank you 😊. Specifically, Prince William of Hotness . I still think ev…
@isaguor This situation feels like fireworks... they light the fire , give the most spectacular show everyone ever… won’t wait for anyone. The countdown is still in place. Less than a month, everything will slips away . “Noth… thanks for coming. What a great visit @KensingtonRoyal #RoyalVisitIreland
Retweeted by Blissfully_meWonderful to see the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the Irish Republic go so well earlier this week.After v…
Retweeted by Blissfully_me @royalobsessed_ Can’t wait for another royal tour this year by the Cambridges (hopefully with the kiddies) once the… @PrizedPrincess It is sad to see someone who is passionate about the environment being caught in the middle of something as petty as that..😔 @KensingtonRoyal Glad to see another well executed visit in Ireland . The itineraries are on point, highlighting th… pub in Galway, following the #RoyalVisitIreland 🤣
Retweeted by Blissfully_meWishing a great weekend to the Cambridges! Most likely they’re spending precious time together, away from drama and… Camilla gives powerful speech on domestic abuse ahead of Women’s Day #EveryonesProblem
Retweeted by Blissfully_meAs she left South Sudan I thanked HRH for her visit. To support all women who have been victims of the conflict her…
Retweeted by Blissfully_meThis is a thread about the young lady who converse with HRH Duchess of Cambridge about climate change . Sad to hear…
Princess Royal Honours Wartime Heroine At London Paddington Station
Retweeted by Blissfully_meAnd I had a look at how the Duke and #DuchessofCambridge followed in Her Majesty's footsteps on #RoyalVisitIreland:
Retweeted by Blissfully_meFitting for #worldbookday, it was our pleasure to gift Their Royal Highnesses with an early copy of the #Galway2020
Retweeted by Blissfully_methis 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 #everyonesproblem"Civic Engagement+higher education" in full swing+big chat on volunteering, impact of community engagement.…
Retweeted by Blissfully_me#everyonesproblem ... a great initiative that needs to be highlighted’t it baffling that those who dresses conservatively/modestly are ridiculed for being boring and unfashionable?… @KateMCambridge The maroon headband during Christmas walk 2018..Tom ag tabhairt Ceád Míle Fáilte do Kate agus William inné ag Tigh Cóilí. Tom Kenny giving the Duke and Duchess of…
Retweeted by Blissfully_meWell done to all the 2 Brigade elements that contributed to the recent visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -…
Retweeted by Blissfully_me @RoyalFamily @KensingtonRoyal HRH Duchess Kate thank you for your humanity & how you interacted with the physically…
Retweeted by Blissfully_meSeeing all these images, it makes me smile .. #RoyalVisitIreland .. @21_royall Absolutely right. 😉Me in the post-Cambridges visit/ tour withdrawal syndrome .... my teenage years,I was enamoured with the glittering lives of celebrities. Later on ,as I matured into adulthood… is what makes me happy as Prince William’s fangirl. It’s seeing Prince William having a laugh/giggle with Cath…