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The Queue: Extravagant today, all times Central: 9:00 PM-12 AM - Patch 8.3/Shadowlands foreshadowing in WoW with @liopleurodonic, Volskaya Industries, and the Cold War of Overwatch Watch Episode 125: The Case for Night Elf Paladins transmog do you only use for special occasions? 101: Everything you need to know about classes*As long as the servers behave.Surprise! @MitchFizzl will be going live with @Warcraft3 over in Twitch very soon! Catch the action at…
Thank you everyone who joined us for today's podcast recording! Make sure to tune in at 8:30-10:30 central for Hamm… ilevel do you need for Ny'alotha LFR?'re going live! @MatthewWRossi and @LodurZJ will be going live with the Blizzard Watch Podcast Pre-show in just about 10 minutes. B… WoW players experience constant crashes in patch 8.3 with no real fix in sight - but there is a workaround… live! Galakrond's Awakening single-player adventure concludes Hearthstone's year-long narrative… 3: Reforged: Everything we know so far Queue: FLOWER CROWNS in Five Seconds: A quick guide to killing every boss in Ny'alotha wing 1 today, all times Central: 2:30-4:00 PM - Blizzard Watch Podcast with @LodurZJ and @MatthewWRossi 8:30-10:3… for Azeroth's final race for world first kicks off today in Ny'alotha's your favorite mount and how do you choose what to ride?
When is the Diablo 3 Patch 2.6.8 PTR starting? Soon!'re still going and in quickplay games, getting tips! Come watch! you have DPS questions, come and drop them into chat! LIVE LIVE LIVE's back in session and that means it's time to learn how to DPS in Overwatch with @appleciderwitch and… changes to WoW Classic's Alterac Valley open the floodgates for more? Queue: Bitey McStabface quest and in-game cinematic reveal Night Elf victory at Darkshore this week, all times CST: Mon.: 3 - 5 PM - Overwatch Tues.: 2:30-4:00 PM - Blizzard Watch Podcast 8:30 -…'s the best point in an expansion to add new zones?
Another chill Friday night to play some Diablo with @LizP. Let's hang out and just enjoy the evening.
Off Topic: How to deal with a missing player in your D&D game transmog flower crowns are permanent in this year's Lunar Festival holiday! Here's how to get yours.… Queue is not playing Warcraft today Watch Episode 252: The Hot Pants Transmog Dilemma hotfixes Infinite Stars and other Corrupted Item traits to bring their damage down The the buckets of water you can find around Mistfall Village are intended to help put out the nearby fires. T… do you do after you accomplish your goals? Alterac Valley goes from #NoChanges to #SomeChanges
Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan responds to hero bans, promises a new system next week Overwatch stream today! Make sure to follow our Twitter and our Twitch to catch the next one and all our awesome… of Warcraft evolves, and our expectations should along with it Queue: The other side of Azeroth to handle the Season 4 Mythic+ Affix, Awakened to Northrend Hearthstone Tavern Brawl takes the League of Explorers to Galakrond today, all times Central: 3-5 PM - Overwatch Competitive with @appleciderwitch Follow and turn on notifi… do you really like about World of Warcraft's patch 8.3?'re starting off with a few runs through the Stormwind Horrific Vision, and then we're playing with the Paladin P…
Are the servers up? the servers up? BlizzardWatch Podcast is going live! Join us us for the Blizzard Watch Podcast in 15 minutes! to beat Diablo 3 Challenge Rift 135: Rathma's Necromancer Queue: Wrathion? I hardly know Ion. is Unearthed Arcana in D&D 5e? today, all times Central: 2:30-4:00 PM - Blizzard Watch Podcast with @LodurZJ and @MatthewWRossi 9-11:00… news! It looks like Uldum and Vale dailies now award 125 reputation (up from 75) and 250 Coalescing Visions (up from 50)!Lore Watch Episode 124: Should Mogu be an Allied Race? do you think a World of Warcraft expansion should end? Galakrond's Awakening on the @BlizzardWatch channel. Starting now! #GalakrondsAwakening
Retweeted by Blizzard WatchHow to get the Shadowbarb Drone, your very own Aqir mount
New Ny'alotha cinematic shows how Wrathion plays into the raid live! Galakrond's Awakening single-player adventure concludes Hearthstone's year-long narrative… for K’thir minions? They can be found in the blue area! 🖤🐙💜 Queue: Great Worm From Beyond Blizzard Watch Podcast was moved this week to Wednesday, so it still be streamed tomorrow at 2:30 PM Central.Streams today, all times Central: 8:30-10:30 PM - Hammer Time Hearthstone with @HonorsHammer ! Follow and turn on… ready to invade Ny'alotha in a new 12 boss raid, opening today do you want out of a Diablo 4 beta?
We're still going!'s almost time for more Overwatch education - this week we're focusing on DPS! Come join @appleciderwitch and… this with change to podcast stream time/day for this week! this week, all times CST: Mon.: 3 - 5 PM - Overwatch Tues.: 8:30 - 10:30 PM - Hearthstone Wed.: 2:30-4:00… Topic: How to get your party back on track as a DM Queue: It's been one week Your Lore: The Secret End Boss of Battle for Azeroth is it okay to gank other players?
Are the servers up? the servers up? is back to the grind in Diablo 3! Let's get some paragon levels under this DH's belt. sure what Mythic+ you need to do this week to get a specific key in Season 4? Blizzard has clarified that keys…
Patch 8.3 Auction House bug means your auctions sell, but you never get the gold Queue: Befriending rats Watch Episode 251: Should Blizzard get into Tabletop Games? terminology you'll need to know to win today, all times Central: 9-11 PM - Diablo III, Season 19 Leveling with @LizExMachina Follow and turn on… is Squeakers the best store mount ever? @globalsmitty You should get it, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going out immediately. Per Blizz: "If you’re curr…
Visions of N'zoth has three new adorable Alpaca mounts - but how will you become best friends with them?… @annafunk @chilblane @ScarletDrkGames Oops. I have corrected this miscarriage of justice. First FLYING rat!Correction! The Squeakers is WoW’s first FLYING rat mount. He’ll definitely still melt your heart.Gallery: Overwatch Lunar New Year 2020 skins are here! the Trickster, WoW's first rat mount, is yours with a six month subscription (and he'll melt your heart w… live, still going! patch stuff also went in, flex queue and there's a new CTF mode...'s the Lunar New Year event in Overwatch and we're going to look at all the new goodies and play some games with… Queue: Second wind today, all times Central: 1 PM CST (or when servers go live) - Overwatch Lunar New Year and patch content… someone tell me who the remaining playable classes in Diablo 4 are's your hands-on experience of patch 8.3 been like?