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When you have a dream you have covid and you wake up with a sore throat. @fearopoly @FunWithHorror am so excited to participate in this tomorrow! Be sure to tune in and enjoy the chaos! @fearopoly @FunWithHorror 1. Didn’t say I was “going lesbian.” I’m pansexual and always have been. 2. Women defin… @_ShauryaChawla No worries! Someone else figured it out. @matth84 Oh my god YES! Thank you! That was driving me nuts. @breannimator Oh I haven’t seen that one yet! @_ShauryaChawla I haven’t seen either of those things.I need assistance. Recently I watched either a movie or a show that ended with “Dead of Night” by Orville Peck, but… @brandon4KUHD @disneyplus I remember hearing they were planning to do it a while ago so you never know. I’m cautiou…, please don’t do this @disneyplus. She is a horrible human being and doesn’t deserve more time in the spo… @pythonpatsy @karleeboon13 Oh I’ve known for a very very long time, haha. But yes I think for a lot of people you’re right. @karleeboon13 *annoyance @karleeboon13 Honestly I think it has a lot to do with my announce towards cis white men on twitter and the literal… @theneverseenkid We’re doing Black Christmas later this month. @JamieAWrites @BystandersFilm I have reviewed many films where this is the case. Nothing wrong with it!YOU’RE NEXT - @FunWithHorror I think it’s partly because I’m fed up with straight men and partly because the women in TikTok are.... amazing. @GaylyDreadful I hope you enjoy it!! Love this film so much. I wish we had gotten the sequel Cracen planned. @gorycoryhorror My BA is in archaeology and on day 1 in archaeology 101 the professor did an entire lecture on how… feel like I have become more queer in 2020. Is that a thing? I’ve always been pan and I’m married to a man, but w…
@gorycoryhorror Still a better archaeology film than the Indiana Jones franchise. 😂 @HouseofGlib @RahulKohli13 She could definitely pull it off. @7LotusLoverL It was so fun! Those kids felt like a real group of friends.I’m genuinely excited for this. I hope they pick either a totally unknown actor to play Van Helsing or give us some… @DaxEbaben @Flairforthegold I think it only worked when it was a cassette. 😂 @DaxEbaben He would absolutely love that.I hate whiskey but I want this. @MidniteOil55 Different dog is the stinky one. Although Ouija’s breath is terrible and I tell him all the time.Hopper is at the groomers getting a bath for his stinky ass so that means it’s time for quality one-on-one cuddles… @DerekSykes17 Oh it’s not her that I would have a problem with necessarily. It’s that they used her to replace a be… @SuperYakiStuff I will honestly probably cave and watch it at some point just because of this man: now I’m sad we never got to see it. Although only if Rachel Weisz had been in it. I still have never seen the… @breannimator I’m dying! 😂Ok I absolutely loved this. Those kids are delightful. I want a sequel or a series of them fighting different monst… watching Vampires vs the Bronx and I’m maybe 10 minutes in and I already love these kids! They’re killing me.It changed all the time, but probably the first three. @thereal1stjoker A Crimson Peak AP by Daniel Danger. @pythonpatsy Wow you do really look alike in these pics! @MattHombreLobo Oh yeah I had tweeted the other day about splurging in a Crimson Peak print o had wanted for years… found out I’m getting a bonus from work and now I don’t feel guilty about the expensive movie poster I bought!!
My mental state right now is balling while watching the finale of The Great British Baking Show. @smashtraves Respectfully: @vivarockbella @Jfcdoomblade This is my new favorite meme.A couple of kitties to warm your feed. @HouseofGlib @MaconBlair I feel like, if anything, Blair will be the one to make a great story out of it!I feel like @MaconBlair and Peter Dinklage are going to be a great pair. Love both of their work. (Also now I REAL… happy for Elliot!! 🖤🖤🖤 @civilgorepod Haha no I looked it up and that was just published last year. @goreporium No it’s a little kid’s picture book. @CroweAlistair That sounds awesome, but definitely not it. This was like a little kid’s book with pictures in it. F… @SamRoseWatson I don’t. I was pretty young when I had it. @FunWithHorror @FunWithHorror I do like gialli! I will definitely have to check it out.Random book help needed: When I was a kid in the 90’s I had a book about a girl named Molly. The only thing I remem… @dog_rates @Kaitlyn017 @HungryDanimal @FunWithHorror I keep meaning to watch House and for some reason I always forget. Definitely not put off at all by weird or subtitles. @FunWithHorror No the only one I own so far is Portrait of a Lady on Fire! And honestly of those three I’ve only seen Videodrome. 😬 @bulletproofQpid I’ve associated narwhals with Christmas ever since Elf. @Jfcdoomblade @AxelleCarolyn I watched it for the first time earlier this year and it’s fantastic. @bulletproofQpid I think they’re new designs. The narwhal is a limited run of 250. @Jfcdoomblade If I hadn’t just bought a $400 poster I might have caved and bought it. 😂 @Jfcdoomblade Daaaaamn! That is a nice collection. I want the Godzilla one so badly! @Jfcdoomblade The only one I own so far is Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Bought it over the summer (I think) and just… @Jfcdoomblade They were sold out when I tried to buy them in the last sale so I’m excited to get them this time! Al… @Jfcdoomblade Your wish is my command! or may not have just bought some more Criterion Blu-ray’s while they’re on sale at B&N... @Jfcdoomblade Oh damn that could have been a blast.AnnaLee dolls are the most festive nightmare fuel. @ryansmith1983 @neff_goldblum @HmJileswrites @abhorrently_urs @langis941 @Horror_Disciple @SupGirl @lofivampire @pythonpatsy @monstrous_femme I will forever be obsessed with the Fanatico ones. Thank you all again! 🖤 @Jfcdoomblade I already have a migraine and this just made it worse. thank you to the wonderful ladies of @monstrous_femme for the sweet note and awesome stickers! Can’t wait to p… @ryanlarson Can’t I bring my 4 animals?
@brandon4KUHD Honestly both. I have several completed stories that I would be happy to get published individually,… @GaylyDreadful @Immortal_Graves @certifiedforgot @ScarredPodcast If you ever need an alternate to fill in for someone, hmu!I have one short story pitch in that I’m still waiting to hear back from the publication, but with how long it’s ta… @thewaitisogre This is quality content. I may have squealed in delight as soon as I clicked in the pic. @GaylyDreadful This was always my favorite growing up. I even had a rat named Sir Ratigan in high school. @ryanlarson We have to play together!Sometimes, going back to work after a few days off feels like a knife to the gut. @DerekSykes17 If it was someone I knew I would call them out in it. It’s always random white dudes on the internet. @DerekSykes17 Hahaha no you’re fine!Me trying to not go full ape shit on men who comment stupid shit on my tweets: @Jfcdoomblade @DerekSykes17 I’m just learning all sorts of things tonight. 😂 @Jfcdoomblade @DerekSykes17 I didn’t know this! That’s awesome. I’m very interested to see what he does with a HELLRAISER series. @gimmedempeetz I’ve watched it many times and own the soundtrack on vinyl. I know a ton of people in the horror community who love it too. @Jfcdoomblade Wow I don’t know how I missed this. I think he will be great, but man GDT would be been perfect with… @EmpGonzo @RealGDT They’re definitely similar, but I think the overall message is kind of the opposite between the two. @Jfcdoomblade Wait what?! I have not heard about this!Oh my god I just imagined what a NIGHTBREED remake/reimagining by @RealGDT would be like and I would sell my soul to make it happen. @bannsidhe @ETC37 Oh weird. I just read up on Wikipedia and I’ve only ever seen the director/Cabal but ending. @ETC37 Well only one version is free through Prime so 🤷🏼‍♀️ @Jfcdoomblade @ebonrook_film @b_rollbanshee Love!! @ETC37 TheatricalShowing Dan NIGHTBREED! @moral_decision Pretty sure there was nothing supernatural going on when that frat boy raped Riley.
@cturnip I was on Amazon!Second, anyone who knows me knows Labyrinth is my favorite film of all time. I recently discovered the novelization…