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sunnymac @bloodmoneysunny Wales, United Kingdom

Inside. Proud Welshy. I do the raps and make the beats :)

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@DirtyDikeSMB Exactly mate it never stops it’s the full circle of paranoia @DirtyDikeSMB Covid is a distraction from the Chemtrails that’s why we have to stay inside so we don’t see them
New beat went up yesterday check it out if u haven’t yet :) proper nice one 🌻🌻🌻
@Callum_D1 Needs to happenI wonder what a new pro era project would be like now? @theCHANNEL62 @IAMLEVIHINSON @ifoundelijah @CampSova So sick"Voicemail" directed by @IAMLEVIHINSON shot by @ifoundelijah edited and colored by me from the album "Cliff Nel…
Retweeted by sunnymacI’ll sell someone this beat exclusively for £35 today :) hit me up 🌻❤️
Retweeted by sunnymacITS FINALLY HERE!!! This project has taken its time to come together but I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned…
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Comin with that new new on a Saturday eve 🌻❤️ is yours 🤲🏻🧡
Retweeted by sunnymac @randombrownkid @randombrownkid_ Nicolas Cage didn’t say 1 word that whole trailer 😂gas
Retweeted by sunnymac @randombrownkid_ Always wait til u hear what I got in the vaultthis one makes me wanna rioottttt is a great lil tape i made on a long ass bus ride as btw if u misssed it @LC_WNS Killed it a whole damn year ago @randombrownkid_ Luv u @bloodmoneysunny this can be said about everything u make tbf
Retweeted by sunnymacthis is insane btw
2021 best songs are Prod. By @bloodmoneysunny
Retweeted by sunnymacSupport introverted rappers cuz they be talking to NOBODY. Just making music in the crib 😂
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@cassiejparris ✋✋✋
New beat on my channel ! This shit sounding like I gotta finish my quests in Skyrim or something… @saneohh Thank uWe tryna let this one go today it could be urs for just £30! Hit my dm’s if ur interested :) 🌻❤️ @SENSEIAPEX I want lord apex as a playable tekken character @PodcastDemand Well duh he changed everything for better or worse is up to you to decide @PodcastDemand Soulja Boy:(Maybe someone will want this today :)
Damn 1 of my beats hit 1k views for the first time in ages thanks :)🌻❤️ @randombrownkid Thank u lad 2 year old beat they grow up so fast 🥺 make my day :)🌻 @randombrownkid_ be careful @wuuaht Thank u my plan will soon fall into place it takes a well thought out scheme and a lifetime of dedication t… @wuuaht My programmed mission from birth has been to infiltrate the type beat community on YouTube and assassinate… @yungkipr Stardawg forces me to make beats I literally have no say after one tokePremium beatsI’ll sell someone this beat exclusively for £35 today :) hit me up 🌻❤️ a second... @Everton are top of the league?!?!?!?! you know i had to pen some bars for this momentous occasion…
Retweeted by sunnymacSelling verses as well if you want em 😏
Retweeted by sunnymacyo i got like £50 to my name someone buy a beat 😂😂😂
Retweeted by sunnymacDear all producers, I just dropped a mini lil drum kit made by yours truly. 8 kicks, 8 snares and 8 hi hats with a…
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new beat with my new tag :) asked this girl where she was from and she said “all over” then listed Kent and Cambridge bruv 😂😂😂Invisible Man Video out now tune with @halhaywood42 tap in!
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@tkdwnbeats U won’t regret it ;)
@JayCinema_ X WilfMerson An Album "What you need, aint what you want" this a long time coming fs art by mindb…
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wilf was actually part of so many of my favourite projects of the year !!! kid is too good
Retweeted by sunnymac @yungkipr U promised me ur rock collection I saw that !! >:( @yungkipr Start writing ur willthe beats from sunny & friends too are gonna sound like a scrambled communication from outerspace
Everton need a good winger not Sami khedira 🙃 @CLBRKS Hahahah it’s definitely time to put the phone down and become a galactic human @CLBRKS @demahjiae I’m glad we agreeThat quavers sponsorship deal hittin be a synthesised affair for the next one 👀😎 @demahjiae Unless it’s badlands chugs barring up @PremiumVoy You make me sickGoated
Retweeted by sunnymaci think i just got my new producer tag thank u @souljaboy :)
@babyfaceglibs Gotta get u & Q on oneThese lads always putting on a show in my garden’m talking bout the animal btwBirds are so underrated they just be constantly banging out the tunes @Jack_Roche97 And mine
this beat was supposed to be on sunny & friends at one point but the track never came to fruition :/ @CLBRKS Best tweet I’ve seen all yearmatey knows I don’t have a job fs
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@bloodmoneysunny Ayee imma have to level up rq
Retweeted by sunnymac @ko7u5 U already know u got a pass into the next round :) @halhaywood42 Obviously u got a spot @wuuaht Bro u know ur welcome on any beat I make I been tryna get that drippy verse for years ❤️ @lightisrhythm You got itMight make another sunny & friends fuck itCwtch me thru the phone 💕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿📱 romantic one :)
@JSTYL3ZS We just gotta get loud enough til the wall fall downme trying to promote my music to sunny & friends today !
@switchlanepapi need to hear westside gun on a sunnymac beat one daymade dis beat yesterday after sadly listening to the villain all day :/ NEEDS TO BE A MF DOOM MASK EMOJI
just keep ur eye out like aye aye cap’n @TrustUnlimited The worstBro I been looking at this MF DOOM post for like 20 minutes trying to understandDon’t let it be that unreleased 👀👀“My green sticky icky like some slime and a piston” is hands down the best bar I’ve ever written 😂Can’t wait til I’m as good as 9th wonder and knxwledge
“ah yes the sample has nice full sound but is that a hint of youtube i’m getting?”
Retweeted by sunnymacbro if the beat fire it’s fire who cares
Retweeted by sunnymac @eyeriseller I always make it up but sending em to an overdrive bus always helps @bloodmoneysunny is the best rapper to ever come out of wales
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