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“Bless me Father, I ate a lizard.”

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@BestCrazyUncle @colinflaherty "So what if we lower violent gun crime in NYC by 90%, so what? What happens after? Y… @stillgray He's walked back nearly all the arguments he made in the Blind Watchmaker. Namely, if he knows if design… @geelte @Holbornlolz Is this a joke?
@ImNoRoleModel Oh, get over your victim bullshit. Everyone would call the white couple rednecks it she bought him a… @ANDREW1ALBERTT Absolutely not. That's insane. @JeremyDBoreing You really are an unbearable person, Jeremy. Klavan is the only person at Daily Wire with a shred of integrity and class. @benshapiro You're the Jewish version of Nick. Accept it, Ben. @Xiaxue You were way cuter before. I'm being serious.
@GabbieKDrice @HillaryClinton White men are the only barrier between the savagery of a third world, and the Western… @OrwellNGoode What a fucking joke. The Olympics no more. @rickbayne1 @GabbieKDrice @HillaryClinton I've consulted white men, and, we've decided to let you go. @NatSecLisa Snakes love snakes. @ScottMGreer Oh, that profile is rough. I shouldn't have clicked on it. @Cernovich Nick did nothing wrong. Everyone should be entitled to ask questions and investigate where they deem fit…
@timsoret No one is serious about climate change. That's kind of the point. Vapid, meaningless virtue signaling.
@neontaster Parasite was otherworldly, brilliant. I've yet to hear a criticism of the wealthy family. The parasites… @neontaster The critique of tiered society were auxiliary to the performances, set pieces and cinematography. That'… @BaberRaza1 @primalpoly This is what it always boils down to. People hate cops, and want to restrict their power. @hvyMetalnvestor @textortexxel @primalpoly Every foot you step outside of your house leads to a place that reduces your rights. @hvyMetalnvestor @primalpoly More than happy to be stopped and frisked. I have nothing to hide, and if that's the s… @desiraethinking @primalpoly So it works but... Feelings? Individual rights are subject to change given the circum… @primalpoly @Cernovich Of course. It's beyond insane to argue we shouldn't. High crime areas are rampant with viole… @csmurray82 @stillgray Racial dating sites, religious dating sites, dietary dating sites, etc. It's nothing new. If…
@th3graduate @PtTiagoAlexPt @SamHarrisOrg Because all of the above is bullshit. @SamHarrisOrg What an absolute gaslight. Trying to associate the medical psychedelic research community with the ep… @TheAliceSmith It's always meant non-whites only. That's literally what it means - fewer white people, as white peo…
@Cernovich I'll always respond with: every civilization should be judged by how it treats the children.
@lporiginalg Oh, I didn't know we could just walk away from climate change. Problem... solved? @BenK_veritas @Sakharov Sakharov, no doubt. @sigsauerinc @Cernovich XDS 3.3" 9mm @Urbanus_Crusade The real problem is a amalgamation of assets: race, culture and human conditions like envy, malice and ungratefulness.
@Styx666Official You aren't allowed to criticize black people. @Iochbessmonsta @W00dyBlack @joemtheoddball @CrazyNormie They police never told him not to pursue, that was a dispa… @CrazyNormie "I can't argue with your points so I'll just call you a Nazi" is the sub 80 IQ take for the ages.
@Styx666Official It's their entire brand. It's their argument for every single political push. More immigration, hi… @stillgray Lovecraftian lore is about helplessness, being a flesh pawn beholden to the mercy of the elder gods. This is total nonsense. @thothammer @ramzpaul Which is a non-discussion in a healthy culture, which, we have had for quite some time. "Mass… @ramzpaul This whole idea of "who can produce more babies to win the demographics race" is one of the most narrow m…
@codyclarke 1.) Predator 2.) The Thing 3.) An American Werewolf in London 4.) Tremors @Guyhoneymoon @ZubyMusic England has stood as a unified country since 927, the European Union was founded in 1993.… @stillgray I'm all tabletop, baby. The Steam version looks great though, and if anything it'd teach you most of the… @stillgray Gloomhaven. @happyhippy2015 @MayorofLondon @SebDance Sadiq has no power. Britain is out of the EU. Cry harder you globalist cuckolds.
@Styx666Official Cash. No question. It would have been Bowie, but time has shown him to be a degenerate. @lporiginalg These glow in the dark mother... @timsoret As for the coronavirus? It's the least of our worries. I think that was what you were demonstrating in yo… @timsoret Can our culture survive without one of the three pillars that erected it? That is the real question. That… @timsoret If religion is a consequence of evolution, nothing but atoms dancing in the void, mutations that beget ou… @timsoret It ceases to become a question of if Judeo-Christianity is provable... and turns into a question of if we… @timsoret We often see third-world cultures, ridden in disease and poverty... with higher levels of societal satisf… @timsoret Depression is correlated with a lack of meaning. Science hasn't provided answers for well being, only abs…
@sarahhooleyhoo @Cernovich Living in Seattle? This is a story I keep hearing. Life long Democrats who are tired of… @Cernovich Katie didn't do anything wrong. @MShapland You truly are a giant sack of ape shit. @Jim1Staggs @Cernovich Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev. @dreamy121 @Cernovich Most parents spank their kids because they want to instill the fact that reality has physical… @RedStatedad @Cernovich Oh, I think you misunderstood. I'm not saying I agree with what he did, or that it made him… @PrussianRoots @Cernovich They aren't mutually exclusive. You can be a towering giant of a man, successful, dominan… @Cernovich Definitely a man from a different era. One of the greatest men I've ever known, and, one of the most dam… @Cernovich But, that's my problem. When I have a hard day at work, or I'm struggling elsewhere, etc. Yes, it drips… @Cernovich I agree though, mostly, that spanking is wrong. Not because spanking or discipline is wrong, rather, the… @Cernovich My grandfather was a seasoned Veteran, built every home he ever lived in, including the one he died in,…
@Styx666Official - been rocking Solsbury Hill all morning. 👏 @PoliticalKathy Why are you picking this dog to die on? @StefanMolyneux Spot on. We're in the midst of the history that will eventually be considered the lead up to the n… @RepAdamSchiff That poem means nothing. We're in a changing world, and this nonsense of come-one-come-all has done…
@GPrime85 @AbacusMike I follow you because: You're a phenomenal painter, you appear fair-minded and mentally sound. That's enough for me. @GPrime85 @AbacusMike The less time you focus on this stuff? The better. I'd bet the vast majority of your fans (my… @JontyPage1 @Jam_sponge “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the mos… @Jam_sponge Ah, yes. It's the "hellsite", not you. Your moral posturing, the holier-than-thou soapbox no one asked… @LivesTalisman Fatherhood. I always nod at new fathers. @checkmatestate If it really is destructive... Vote against the people forcing us to deal with it. Put your money where your mind is. @Styx666Official 13D reporting in. @AholiabBezaleel @modernman__ @StefanMolyneux Wow... Are you really this stupid? @Jam_sponge Wow, you turned out to be absolutely dreadful. Shame, I just found your channel and was enjoying it. @AholiabBezaleel @StefanMolyneux Which takes us full circle back to the original point - if the land is the only th… @AholiabBezaleel @StefanMolyneux So, they received benefits from mother earth? Good to know, I'll take it. As for a… @hillbilleter @StefanMolyneux "This happened" equating to "It's how it happened" is a logical jump for idiots.
@pixels_dice Absolutely amazing. @chrislhayes It's incredible how much self-awareness the left lacks. Absolutely incredible. @hillbilleter @StefanMolyneux Oh... Yeah. That's what happened. 👌 @StefanMolyneux Immigration is a legal term. Tell me, Bernie. What country were the European pioneers immigrating t… @KJSCV @nytimes 😂👌 @stillgray I'd have a serious talk with all parties involved. @stillgray @WhiteMageJenny Yuki is a contender... No doubt about it. But, Uematsu is the greatest of all time. @rawnutthunn @StefanMolyneux @DrunkenPeasants It's absolutely amazing to me that this lie is still widely spread. @SamHarrisOrg @ezraklein The irony? The politics of @ezraklein are precisely why the left has lost the center. Sens… @WhiteMageJenny *amazing theme song that'll go down in history as one of the best original game compositions of all time @WhiteMageJenny Absolutely abysmal take and you should be ashamed. @timsoret Most people think it's a criticism of social structures and distribution of wealth. Ironic, given that th… @timsoret Best film I've seen in a decade. Rather than dismiss capitalism, and find ugliness in class systems, I fe…
@perlmutations Hey... Lil' Donnie. WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT!? @Styx666Official Also, we should disband both The Knicks and Lakers so this mistake is never made again. @AlisonMorrisNOW You didn't do anything wrong, Alison. @ComfortablySmug Top 15 Totally Not-Excellent Celebrity Deaths In Helicopters (a Kobe Bryant Memorial). @6ikoV @Cernovich You can't even speak with an ounce of class, let alone intelligence. Shame on you, and good riddance. @6ikoV @Cernovich It wasn't a Freudian slip, Sherlock. I understand you're a perpetual victim, but, for the sake of… @lporiginalg We should do an African period drama and make it an all-white cast. @6ikoV @Cernovich Ironically, it's the opposite. What she was trying to say has meaning, and the fumble had none.