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Bangalore’s very own celebration of reading and writing. India’s largest independent and community-funded literature fest. 📚

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Today at 5pm | Paddy Upton & Harsha Bhogle | Of Cricketers and Coaching | On @bic_blr Zoom and…
Exciting #WorldLit session this Saturday, 27 Jun, 5pm. @PaddyUpton1 in conversation with @bhogleharsha about the bo…
ICYMI, add this to your podcast list for the week! #WorldLit
In case you missed this fun session, catch the video here - @shinieantony @BIC_BlrToday at 3pm! On Zoom and YouTube catch @AnthonyHorowitz in conversation with @ParoAnand. Register here -…
Happening tomorrow! Register here -
Register at: WorldLit with the delightfully entertaining @AnthonyHorowitz in an AMA with fearless writer @ParoAnand. R… WorldLit. Our digital literary platform bringing to you livestream sessions, video interviews and podc…
Until next year, keep reading and stay lit! #blrlitfestIf you haven’t been able to come to the festival, no sweat. All sessions will be on YouTube very soon. #blrlitfestWe thank every one of our authors, speakers and guests for making the festival an exciting place for literature! We… Thayir Sadam Project wrapping up the 8th edition of #blrlitfest. It was such a delight and honour to have broug… @ChitrangadaC giving examples of how the push for development is breaking ecologically fragile landscapes.… @ChitrangadaC, Madhav Gadgil, @NavrozDubash and Tim Flannery talking about climate change with @kartik_shanker mo… @Ram_Guha introducing the panelists of the final session of #blrlitfest @Lisaraniray talking about her book "Close to the bone" with @mraozing in the final session for #yayati at… @keshavaguha talking about his book "Accidental Magic" with @Shrabonti at the #blrlitfest @mraozing @amitabhabagchi @Hashestweets Deepak Unnikrishnan and Karthika Nair.‘Men writing women’ at the #blrlitfest."Reducing consumption is not the answer to reduce waste but better waste management is" — @AnkurBisen1 #wasted #blrlitfest @hussainhaidry recites his poem Hindustani Mussalman to many claps. You must watch the video of this session on vid… can create jobs! "The resource recovery industry around waste can create lot of jobs" — @AnkurBisen1 on how t…“‘What are you first?’ is a question that shouldn’t be asked. It’s not about the answer. It’s about the question, t…“Muslim is as diverse as Hindus — caste-wise, language-wise,” says Abdullah Khan. “I was born in Indore, MP. My mot…"Urban planning is the hidden path for better sanitation," says @AnkurBisen1 #wasted #blrlitfestHem Borker asks the audience where the word stereotype comes from. “Stereotypes by their very natural are not mould… @AnkurBisen1 talking about India's sanitation and waste management problem with Manreet Sodhi Someshwar at… @andaleebwajid, Hem Borker, Hussain Haidry and Abdullah Khan talking about being a Hindustani Mussalman. #blrlitfest“I don’t call those who walk into my office a patient. I call them a client. I don’t want to look at it from the an…“No one said this would be easy. But I promise you it is exciting” — Jerry Pinto.“If you’re not taking risks, you should be thinking hard about being a writer at all,” — Jerry Pinto to a packed ho… engaged in activity in @bookosmia's session "A Twist in the Tale" #clf at #blrlitfest listening to @talwarabhishek's story with rapt attention #clf at #blrlitfest India Almanack cricketer of the year @mayankcricket launching the book "Wisden India Almanack 2019 & 20"… Ugra and @nandankamath launching the book "Go! India's Sporting Transformation" here at the #blrlitfest“I’ve written a funny book,” says Mohan Das, “so why not appear funny!” — We get all kinds of pitches at #litmart"Curiosity on how athletes perform at the highest level and experience are the things that spark a story" — Sharda… subjects. Promotion ideas. Easily adapted into a movie. Authors at #litmart pitching more than just a sto…"Letting go of my fear of failure changed things for me," says @mayankcricket on his comeback. #blrlitfest curious Bangalore listening to young first-time writers pitch their books to national publishing houses!… and publishers listening to book pitches from #LitMart finalists at the #blrlitfest — Himanjali Sankar, Ros… sure loves its cricket! The turnout for the Writing Sports session. #blrlitfest writer Sharda Ugra, cricketer @mayankcricket, retired cricket umpire and author @simontaufel69 in conversati… @CChristineFair talking about what’s it like Inside The LeT. #blrlitfest Mitra accepting the AG-BLF award for fiction on behalf of V. K. Shukla, @tjoseph0010 for non-fiction, Dr. H.… Stories, Erasing Them. Arundhathi Subramaniam in conversation with Jerry Pinto at Day 2 of #BlrLitFest 2019…
Retweeted by Bangalore Lit FestThe @AttaGalatta bookstore at the #blrlitfest Gill in conversation with Jahnavi Barua and Paramjit Bakhshi, on Belonging and Unbelonging in North-East In… about reading various literatures of various languages — @ShiroKoinange with Sanjukta Dasgupta at the…"Doing a villian's role is like cleansing and much like laughter therapy," says @GulshanGroverGG on getting back to… @GulshanGroverGG taking the audience questions in his own style! #blrlitfest"Bad Man" @GulshanGroverGG with Roshini Dadlani at the #blrlitfest story of Veera Abhimanyu! #blrlitfest #CLF‘Girls to the rescue’ with @sowmya_rajen at the #blrlitfest! #CLF Rao de Haas taking the kids through a journey of Raga and Tala at C|L|F at #blrlitfest @MihirDTweets talking about his book "The Untold Flipkart Story" with Pankaj Mishra at the #RedCouch #blrlitfest winning authors Arundhathi Subramaniam and Jerry Pinto on "Telling Stories" #blrlitfest and understanding heritage will help us appreciate it more — Meera Iyer on how heritage walks will help pre… @HariniNagendra with Meera Iyer on "Discovering Bengaluru" on now at #RedCouch at #blrlitfest #nammabengaluru @theBekku and @iannmcdonald kicking off day 2 sessions at the #yayati stage of #blrlitfest"Good umpiring, like good management and leadership is all about solving problems before they occur," says @simontaufel69 at the #blrlitfest @simontaufel69 drawing parallels between umpiring in cricket and entrepreneurship and life. #blrlitfest @simontaufel69 in conversation with @VaibhavP21 — "Line of Sight", the first session of day 2 at #blrlitfest, bright and early on the day 2 of #blrlitfest. Our sessions are starting now, do come! morning, everyone! Welcome to Day 2 of the #blrlitfest. There have been a couple of unexpected changes to the…
@DalrympleWill Sorry you can't make it @DalrympleWill. We'll be sure to see you at a future edition of the Festival.
Retweeted by Bangalore Lit Fest @DalrympleWill Sorry you can't make it @DalrympleWill. We'll be sure to see you at a future edition of the Festival.Packed audience listening to @devduttmyth's Yoga vs Bhoga at Tughlaq at #blrlitfest and micro-technology will help tackle the problem of rapid urbanization says @iannmcdonald #blrlitfest @iannmcdonald and @yudhanjaya discussing about the technology trends shaping our tomorrows at #blrlitfest year, another #LitFest but @bangaloreliteraturefestival will always remain special. @blrlitfest @shineatony
Retweeted by Bangalore Lit FestRise of #automation in #India is a reality that must be recognised. It is impacting every aspect of our lives & wor…
Retweeted by Bangalore Lit Fest"There's a lot of space and several levels of escalations between limited war and full-fledged war," says… @CChristineFair and @atahasnain53 talks about "Limited Conflicts Under the Nuclear Umbrella" with @vargheseKgeorge a fabulous turnout for my session @BlrLitFest Thank you guys !! And thanks @VaniMahesh1 for the lovely inter…
Retweeted by Bangalore Lit Fest"Keep talking about the thing you want to be known for," says @beastoftraal on personal branding. #blrlitfest @beastoftraal talking to @_tharkuri on the need for a structured approach to build personal branding through social…'s @vikramsampath at #blrlitfest signing the book for the winner of #BLFQuiz that happened on Instagram a few w… Niraja Gopal Jayal in conversation with @Ram_Guha on Indian Citizenship at The Red Couch now at #blrlitfest Subramanian in conversation with Bilal Siddiqui on 'Bestsellers- Thrillers to Bank On' at BLF 2019. @BlrLitFest
Retweeted by Bangalore Lit Fest"Rejection is very common. You need to be relentless in your pursuit of writing and rewriting," says @divya_anand o…"Anything you need to do to make your book stick out, go ahead and do it" - @divya_anand on what an author need to…“Khooni Vaisakhi is special because my grandfather was trapped during the Jalianwala Bagh massacre. Survived and th…
Retweeted by Bangalore Lit Fest @divya_anand talking to @_tharkuri about her #litmart pitching experience and her journey in getting her first book… Mahesh in conversation with @preetishenoy now at Tughlaq at #blrlitfest's @beastoftraal sharing his experience on personal branding on social media for aspiring authors at the… @srinathraghava3 in conversation with Ornit on Indian elections. Shani wins the Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay NIF Book Prize 2019! Here's Ornit with the members of the jury… my way to @BlrLitFest ! Join me for my session at 5.00 pm ! @WestlandBooks @Srishtipub
Retweeted by Bangalore Lit FestFull house at the "Rudiments of Music" session with Rzhude David and Flute Butto, now on at Yayati at #blrlitfest.… your way #Bangalore @BlrLitFest @mraozing
Retweeted by Bangalore Lit FestThere's a bouncy castle, nap area, children's book store and many more things for kids to enjoy at the #blrlitfest having fun at C | L | F at #blrlitfest. There are many fun sessions today and tomorrow for kids. Do come."Every individual has an adventure within him/her waiting to be had. They must consciously step out of their comfor…"No Nation for Women - Narratives of Violence" with @alexandar_ashok, Manjari Chaturvedi, Priyanka Dubey and Tania…'re also reporting live from the event. You can read the blog posts here - #blrlitfest #liveFor live updates from the #blrlitfest and interviews with your favorite authors, follow us on Instagram at blrlitfestAnd here’s the cover reveal of our upcoming title, The Gangster’s Gita, at the @BlrLitFest 2019. #BLF2019.
Retweeted by Bangalore Lit FestUdayan Mukherjee in conversation with @ArunaNambiar on how he characterized Neville Wadia, the protagonist of "A De…